Clash of Clans Goblin: How to Utilize the Unit in Your Army

While Goblin health and attack aren’t great, they’re a worthwhile addition to any army because of their speed and affordable price

Clash of Clans Goblin

Many people throughout the world have enjoyed playing the mobile game Clash of Clans. Creating and sending out an army to do battle with other players and attack your own base is a crucial part of the game.

This post will examine the Goblin, one of the playable units, and discuss the best ways to put it to use in your army.

Clash of Clans Goblin: Overview

The Goblin is a lightweight, quick unit that is great for raiding enemy outposts for resources and plunder. While their health and attack aren’t great, they’re a worthwhile addition to any army because of their speed and affordable price.

Advantages & disadvantages of Goblins

If you’ve played any RPG or read any fantasy books with goblins, then you probably know their strengths and weaknesses. They are a good option for raiding and robbing enemy bases due to their speed and inexpensive cost. They are also very good at drawing enemy attention away from their own defenses so that other units can attack and destroy stronger structures. However, a well-defended base will quickly eliminate them because of their low hit points and attack stat.

Goblins are most effective when used in tandem with other units that can help take advantage of their weaknesses. For strategy, combining Goblins with Giants or Wall Breakers might yield positive results. The Giants can smash the defenses as the Goblins scavenge for resources inside the base. Combining Goblins with other quick units, such as Minions or Dragons, might be a useful strategy for raiding and plundering.

Best uses of Clash of Clans Goblin

Goblins are fantastic looters. Create an opening to the Storage and Mines and Collectors by breaking down walls. After the Goblins have depleted the resources, you can use Barbarians, Giants, or any other higher-health troops to divert attention away from the Mortars and Wizard Towers. The splash-damage protection should be eliminated first.

You may build a strong army by utilizing multiple units, each with its own strengths and limitations. Keep in mind to shield them from enemy defenses, and you’ll be able to quickly gain the upper hand in battle.

More about Clash of Clans Goblin

Goblins are fantastic at setting off traps, especially Bombs because they can escape the blast zone quickly enough. Having a large number of Bombs at standard locations is a huge aid in the Single Player Campaign.

Goblin hordes can be created as their quick and powerful attacks can level many structures. When all of the resource buildings have been destroyed, they will attack anything.

Closing thoughts

As discussed, Clash of Clans Goblin love the resources and can surely help you pump up your storage if you use this green monster strategically.

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