Clash of Clans Treasury: The Ultimate Resource Storage

An essential part of the game since it is used to store excess resources and protect bonus loot.

When it comes to hiding resources, there’s no more secure place in Home Village than Clan Castle’s Treasury. Here’s everything you need to know about the Clash of Clans Treasury.

This post will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of Clash of Clans Treasury
  • Why the Treasury is important
  • Strategies to keep treasury full all the time
  • Capacity and protection details
  • Collecting the Stored treasury

About Clash of Clans Treasury

The Clan Castle’s Treasury is an important part of the game because it’s where players can keep their additional resources of Elixir, Gold, and Dark Elixir safe from looters.

The Importance of the Treasury

The Treasury provides a safe place to store resources that aren’t urgently needed away for upkeep or construction. It only keeps resources won in Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues, as well as those won via special events and the daily 5-star challenges. The bonus items won in Clan Wars, Clan Games, and Star Bonuses can all be stored in the Treasury.

Strategies to fill your Treasury

In order to increase their Treasury, players can adopt a variety of tactics. Extra resources can be gained through many means, such as participating in and winning wars, raiding the Treasury of enemy clans, and completing daily 5-star tasks. Another option is to play frequently and consistently, which will boost their resource income as a whole.

Capacity and protection

The size of the player’s Clash of Clans Treasury is dependent on their Town Hall level and the Clan Perks of their clan. If an assailant totally destroys the Clan Castle, just three percent of the loot kept in the Treasury will be stolen. If the Clan Castle hasn’t been completely demolished, then no one can steal anything from the Treasury.

Collecting stored loot

By selecting “Treasury,” players can view their collected loot and collect it at their convenience. Any and all resources will be gathered at once, and there will be no way to undo this. If the Treasury’s loot exceeds the storage space, the extra will be left in the Treasury.

Star bonus

Players that have earned a total of five stars through participation in multiplayer battles will receive an additional bonus to loot once every 24 hours. The Treasury is where you’ll find the loot star bonus. Stars obtained from Clan Wars do not count towards the Star Bonus. Moreover, a second Star Bonus is unlocked if not all five stars are earned in a single day. However, only two Star Bonuses can be achieved in one day.


The Clash of Clans Treasury is an essential part of the game since it is used to store excess resources and protect bonus loot. Players can improve their gaming experience by filling their Treasury with stars earned through regular play, winning battles, and receiving other in-game rewards.

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