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Roblox’s Arsenal, often referred to as the Call of Duty of Roblox, offers players a vast library of guns, melee weapons, skins, and taunts to use and cause chaos within the game. One of the most exciting aspects of the Arsenal experience is the ability to fully transform the look of your avatar with skins. These skins range from realistic to fantasy, allowing players to play as a variety of characters. Additionally, players can add and use unique taunts to interact with teammates, enemies, and friends.

Below, you will read:

  • How to unlock new items in Arsenal
  • Active codes for Arsenal Roblox
  • Expired codes for Arsenal Roblox

How do players unlock these cool weapons, skins, and taunts? The answer is simple – codes! This article contains a list of codes for Arsenal that are up-to-date. These codes offer all kinds of free goodies and cosmetics, from currency boosts to voices. By using these codes, players can gain an edge in the game and customize their experience to their liking.

List of active codes for Arsenal Roblox

Some of the codes currently available include:

  • goodnight – Teleport to the Snowy Bridge
  • POG – You get 1,200 bucks
  • Bandites – Voice of the Bandites announcer
  • BLOXY – You get free bucks
  • E – You get E calling card
  • fate – Teleportation to Fate
  • wake up – Uncertain of its function

It’s worth noting that these codes are often time-sensitive, so be sure to redeem them as soon as possible before they expire. To redeem a code, simply go to the “Menu” button in the top right corner of the main screen, and then select “Codes.” Type in the code you wish to redeem and hit “Enter” to claim your reward.

Expired codes for Arsenal Roblox

These codes are no longer functional:

  • NEVERBROKEN – You get the beatable calling card
  • GARCELLO – You get Garcello Skin, Kill Effect, & Emote
  • dhmubruh – You get GrindSet calling card
  • THE BANANA MAN – You get Free rewards
  • the 2021 spooky code – You get Herobrine Delinquent skin
  • TROLLFACE – You get 10 in-game bucks
  • NEWMILO (WOMAN) – You get Rabblerouser skin with the Milo unusual
  • SCALLYWAG – You get Pirate skin with the Milo unusual
  • MIGHTYBANDITES21 – You get the Boi skin with the Milo unusual
  • Gullible – You get 1 in-game buck
  • BALLISTICBSIDE – You get Reference Delinquent skin
  • GULL1BLE – You get Infinite Dark Hub ban
  • BR0K3 – You get Segg with Drip skin
  • CharityACT5K – You get AClinquent skin
  • UnusualBias – You get Suspicious Stranger skin
  • AprilFoolsPog – You get 10,000 in-game bucks
  • oopsL8 – You get Festive Ghastelle and Phantina skins
  • NEWMILO – You get Delinquent skin with the Milo unusual

Want to enjoy the wide range of weapons, skins, and taunts that Roblox’s Arsenal offers players? It’s easy. Use any of the active codes above.

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