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Learn about the controversy surrounding Reuben Sim, a YouTube content creator banned from Roblox for leading a cybermob that terrorized the platform.

Learn more about Youtuber Ruben and Roblox

Slightly more than a year ago, a court based in Oakland banned a YouTube content creator nicknamed Reuben Sim. This came after Roblox corporations filed a claim against Reuben accusing him of leading a cybermob that terrorized this gaming platform.

Since then, the Roblox community has been abuzz with conversations about Reuben Sim and his now-defunct YouTube channel.

Here you will learn;

  • Who Reuben Sim is, and why Roblox banned him
  • What Roblox entails

Why did Roblox ban Reuben Sim?

Reuben Sim’s YouTube channel was a popular destination for gamers and other content creators. His videos featured tutorials on playing games and also gave newsworthy discussions on different people. This made him a favorite among the gaming community who could relate to his entertaining yet informative videos.

Unfortunately, things went awry when reports started to surface that Reuben Sim was using his popularity to lead a cybermob against the virtual world of Roblox. Reports claimed that Sim and his mob had been targeting players and even game developers with harassment, as well as hacking their accounts and releasing confidential data publicly.

Initially, Roblox wanted a 1.6 million dollar compensation, but later the amount was lowered to 150,000 dollars.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online multiplayer gaming platform where users can play various virtual games and interact with other players in the community. It also allows users to create their games, which makes it a popular destination for aspiring game developers.

Furthermore, the platform also has a social media element, which allows players to share their experiences with friends and family.

Reuben Sim’s YouTube channel review

Before he was banned from the virtual world of Roblox, Reuben Sim was a popular content creator on YouTube. His channel had more than 770k subscribers, and his videos were often featured on gaming-related websites.

According to Polygon, Reuben Sim had a reputation for sexual harassment and racism, and was homophobic. The worst part was he always found his way to use other people’s accounts to post offensive content.

For example, he would post Roblox employees’ photos with false claims that they were gay or their nude photos to make it look like the employees posted them.

He also used his YouTube channel to encourage others to join his cybermob and participate in the harassment of players, game developers, and Roblox staff members. This led to a sharp decline in player numbers and increased reports of cyberbullying on the platform.


Although Roblox may seem like a virtual playground, it can be dangerous if content creators such as Reuben Sim are allowed to continue their activities unchecked. This case is an example of why it’s essential for platforms and users alike to take a stand against harassment and cyberbullying.

Luckily, Roblox Corporation has put up measures to protect its players and staff members from further harm. Therefore, don’t let fear stop you from joining the Roblox community and having a great time.

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