Cyberpunk 2077: Find Anna Hamill, Woman of La Mancha Guide

Need some quick help to find Anna Hamill on one of Regina Jones’ Gun For Hire gigs? Here’s everything that you need to know.

The more that you level-up and earn Street Cred in Cyberpunk 2077, the more people will come to you with jobs. One of the earliest people to come to you with a gig is Regina Jones and the task to find Anna Hamill.

A Gun For Hire mission, the ‘Woman of La Mancha’ centres around you working out where to find Anna Hamill and then deciding whether or not to flatline her or get her to quit her job.

Here’s everything that you need to know to find Anna Hamill in the Kobuki market, and the various ways that you can complete the gig.

How to get the Woman of La Mancha gig

To trigger the Woman of La Mancha gig, you only need to work your way through some early story to reach Street Cred Tier 1. Regina Jones will phone you up and send you the details.

To then activate the mission, either press Left on the d-pad to track the Gun For Hire gig, or activate it manually through your Journal in the game menu.

Once you’ve activated the gig, you’ll be directed to the Kabuki market, and told to find Anna Hamill. Jones has an additional request: as the target is only a hit due to her doing her job as a police officer, Jones requests that you don’t flatline her, if possible.

How to find Anna Hamill in Cyberpunk 2077

There are several ways to work out where to find Anna Hamill in the Kabuki market, from talking to the people in the area to doing some parkour.

If you take the route of using informants, you’ll want to find the local prostitute, Robert the ripperdoc, or Imad. The ripperdoc isn’t the most immediately helpful, while the prostitute will demand €$600 for information, and you can choose to either threaten or pay Imad €$600.

You’ll be directed to the Kabuki market hotel, which is easily visible around the outside of the market stalls, with its glowing neon signs outside and arcade machines inside.

It is possible to skip the stage of asking people around the market to find Anna Hamill, however, by just making your way into the hotel.

You can get up to Anna’s room by jumping on top of the market stalls, making your way to the one opposite Mac N’ Cheezus, and then hopping to the nearby wall on the right. From there, scale the wall, climb-up the air conditioning units (which will deal some damage, so be quick), and straight onto Anna’s balcony.

If you don’t mind footing a small fee, you can enter the hotel via the lower entrance, putting you back a mere €$151. From there, go up two floors until you find Room 303. To enter, you’ll need to test your Technical Ability, which needs to be Level 6 to open the door.

Once you’ve opened the door using your Technical Ability, or climbed onto her room’s balcony, you will have found Anna Hamill.

How to convince Anna Hamill to quit her job

As you slowly approach the target, she’ll pull a gun on you. If you want to convince Anna Hamill to quit her job, you have to freeze and be ready to react quickly to the conversation options. Keep moving or select the conversation too slowly, and she will attack, forcing you to flatline the target.

You just need to be reassuring and honest in the conversation. These are the options that you need to pick to convince Anna Hamill to quit her job:  

  • “Here to warn you.”
  • “Just wanna help you.”
  • “Your buddies at the NCPD.”

After that, she’ll request that you leave – in less polite terms – and once you’ve left the Kabuki market area, you’ll get the job completion call from Jones.

Rewards for completing Woman of La Mancha

With the Woman of La Mancha mission complete, once you step out of the area, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • €$3,700
  • Street Cred increase

There you have it: you now know the cost-effective and more expensive methods of finding Anna Hamill as well as how to avoid flatlining the target.

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