Project Wight Shelved: Darkborn Development comes to a Halt

Darkborn, the game in which you play as a monster and eat Vikings, has effectively been cancelled.

Image Source: The Outsiders, via Twitter

Many games have been delayed throughout early 2020: some to extend the development time, others due to the pandemic.

The end of April has also brought in an all-but complete cancellation of an upcoming game.

The Outsiders have announced that Darkborn, formerly known as Archenemy and Project Wight, has been put on hold indefinitely.

The shelving of Darkborn comes a year after some very promising gameplay footage was released. Now, it seems, the game has been scrapped.

Darkborn (Project Wight) looked to be a promising game

Way back in 2017, the demo sneak-peek video of Project Wight was released – which you can see above.

It featured the point-of-view perspective of a young creature watching its parent get tortured by Vikings. It takes place in an alternate history where you play as the sneaky creature.

The idea of the game looked to be to hide in the shadows while still young, survive, and then exact vengeance on the humans who have pushed your species to near-extinction.

Once grown, you could play as a fast, more powerful creature that can glide and terrify the insidious Vikings.

In April 2019, Project Wight was officially unveiled as Darkborn, via an extensive gameplay reveal.

In this video, you get a look at the creatures that you would have inhabited in Darkborn. Strange and gothic-looking, the player also received guidance from an ethereal voice.

The gameplay shows that you encounter an adult version of your kind, receiving gifts from your tortured kin. Then, you get to attack and kill a Viking, even as a young one.

Many followers of Project Wight and, subsequently, Darkborn were very excited for the game, especially as its development looked to be going well.

The gameplay looked fun, gory, and the perspective of the game was unique; but now, Darkborn is all-but finished.

The Outsiders stop development on Darkborn

As detailed in the announcement above, the team has decided “to halt development on the project.”

Having been in development for four years, the game had many followers, especially after last year’s impressive gameplay footage reveal.

The announcement also states that even though the developers are closing Darkborn, they have been working on something else which they’ll be able to share soon.

The new game from The Outsiders is yet to be revealed.

Everything looked to be going in the right direction for Darkborn, with the setting and gameplay catching the imaginations of many gamers who have always wanted to play as the monster.

While the developers do mention that they might return to Darkborn, fans should temper their hopes.



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