Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles: All Memory Fragments Locations

This is your guide to the 53 Memory Fragments unlockable in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles.

One of the endearing features in Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles is the ability to relive moments from the anime – those not played during main story missions or battles – by finding Memory Fragments. Beyond adding further context to the story, there are achievements tied to viewing Memory Fragments.

You obtain “Déjà Vu” for viewing one, “Reminisce” for viewing 25, and “Never Forget” for viewing 50. For “No Panel Unturned” – earned by unlocking every panel of a single reward board – you’ll need to view Memory Fragments within a chapter to unlock its reward panel, unless you spend Kimetsu Points (KP).

Below, you will find a chapter-by-chapter guide on how many Memory Fragments are contained within each chapter, a brief synopsis of each memory, and how many can be found while exploring per chapter. Each memory is numbered by how they are displayed in the Memory Fragments menu.

Prologue Memory Fragments (Total: 8)

  • 1: “An Ordinary Morning” (The daily life of the Kamado family)
  • 3: “Mr. Saburo” (Saburo stops Tanjiro from walking home late at night)
  • 4: “A Horrific Discovery” (Tanjiro heads home, only to face the cruel reality awaiting him)
  • 5: “Demon Slayer Swordsman (A swordsman appears in front of Tanjiro)
  • 6: “Desperate Struggle” (Tanjiro struggles against Water Hashira Giyu; unlocked by completing Chapter Six)
  • 7: “A Bond Between Siblings” (Nezuko protects her brother; unlocked by completing Chapter Six)
  • 12: “The Final Task” (Urokodaki gives Tanjiro his final task)
  • 13: “A Strange Pair” (A boy and girl wearing fox masks help Tanjiro)

There is one Memory Fragment found through exploring, found just south of Urokodaki’s house before you hit your destination point.

Chapter One Memory Fragments (Total: 6)

  • 8: “A Cave Scene” (Nezuko digs a hole to avoid sunlight)
  • 9: “Demon in the Temple” (Tanjiro encounters a demon)
  • 10: “Meeting the Trainer” (Urokodaki gives Tanjiro an ultimatum)
  • 11: “Training Begins” (Tanjiro must travel down the mountain before daybreak)
  • 14: “A Demon Slayer of the Keio Period” (A demon with a deep-seated grudge against Urokodaki)
  • 15: “Hold My Hand” (Hand Demon recalls his once forgotten past)

There are two Memory Fragments found during the Final Selection on Mt. Fujikasane.

Chapter Two Memory Fragments (Total: 2)

  • 2: “Events in Town” (Tanjiro uses his nose to assist residents)
  • 16: “The Black Swamp” (Girls are disappearing every night)

There are two Memory Fragments found during exploration in Northwest Town. On your first trip through, there is one in front of you, slightly to the left. On your second time through, there is one located at the southeastern corner.

Chapter Three Memory Fragments (Total: 3)

  • 17: “Unforgiveable” (Udon vendor becomes livid at Tanjiro)
  • 18: “The Alleyway Massacre” (Muzan Kibutsuji gets violent)
  • 19: “The Assassins” (Muzan’s demons track Tanjiro)

There is one Memory Fragment found during exploration in Asakusa. During your third time through Asakusa (following Yushiro), there is one in the middle of the lower portion of the map that will take some maneuvering to collect.

Chapter Four Memory Fragments (Total: 3)

  • 20: “Removed” (Kyogai is removed from the Twelve Kizuki, or Twelve Demon Moons)
  • 21: “Crushed Pride” (Criticism drives Kyogai to hatred)
  • 22: “A Kind, Gentle Sound” (Zenitsu protects Tanjiro’s box from Inosuke)

There is oneMemory Fragment found during your journey through the Drum Mansion. After using Inosuke and regaining control of Tanjiro, you can find the memory in a room to the left just before your destination point. It will be the tenth map of the Drum Mansion, counting each transport as a new map. The tenth is also the last one before fighting Kyogai, the Drum Demon.

Chapter Five Memory Fragments (Total: 7)

  • 23: “Zenitsu and his Sparrow” (Zenitsu is left behind with his sparrow)
  • 24: “An Irritated Senior Apprentice” (Zenitsu recalls his feud)
  • 25: “My Pretend Family” (Rui loses his temper with Sister Spider Demon)
  • 26: “The Insect Hashira” (The Insect Hashira appears)
  • 27: “Murata’s Close Call” (Murata is saved by Insect Hashira Shinobu Kocho)
  • 28: “Something Important” (Rui remembers being human)
  • 29: “An Ideal Family” (Rui regrets his sins)

There is one Memory Fragment found during exploration on Mt. Natagumo. When you first enter, the map is obstructed by a cloud, but will reveal more as you explore. The memory is located just before the destination in a little nook.

Chapter Six Memory Fragments (Total: 6)

Where most of the events of Chapter Six take place.

  • 30: “Urokodaki’s Letter” (Urokodaki’s letter is read aloud at Demon Slayer Corps HQ)
  • 31: “A Provocation Denied” (Wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa presents his blood to Nezuko)
  • 32: “The Master’s Voice” (Kagaya Ubuyashiki makes his appearance)
  • 33: “Reunion at the Butterfly Mansion” (Tanjiro reunites with Zenitsu and Inosuke)
  • 34: “Rengoku Goes to Battle” (The Flame Hashira leaves for his mission)
  • 35: “Goddess of Compassion” (Zenitsu discusses Kocho Shinobu)

There are fourMemory Fragments found during your time at the Butterfly Mansion. Immediately upon gaining control of Tanjiro, collect the one in front of him.

Upon exiting outside, there are three: one in the little square formed by the buildings in the middle; one on the back of the smaller building by the big courtyard; and one in the northeast corner away from where Zenitsu and Inosuke are sitting.

Note that while it’s the shortest chapter, it has the second-most Memory Fragments to collect while exploring. If you miss them, you can replay the scene.

Chapter Seven Memory Fragments (Total: 11)

  • 36: “Zenitsu’s Fist of Anger” (Zenitsu rejoins rehab training)
  • 37: “Behind the Smile” (Shinobu discusses her past with Tanjiro)
  • 38: “She Who Could Do Nothing” (Kanao is rescued by the Kocho sisters)
  • 39: “Haganezuka Arrives” (Haganezuka delivers Tanjiro’s new sword, and something more)
  • 40: “Broken Blades” (Inosuke traumatizes everyone present)
  • 41: “A Hard-Earned Victory” (Tanjiro masters Total Concentration: Constant)
  • 42: “The Purge” (Muzan purges the lower ranks of the Twelve Kizuki)
  • 43: “A Surprise Reunion” (Tanjiro runs into Genya Shinazugawa)
  • 44: “Aoi’s Thoughts” (Tanjiro thanks Aoi for her help)
  • 45: “A Heart’s Voice” (Tanjiro encourages Kanao to follow her heart)
  • 46: “Giyu Returns” (Tanjiro speaks to Giyu)

There are nineMemory Fragments found while once again exploring the Butterfly Mansion. There are two outside immediately upon regaining control, with one in the southwest corner and one directly north (by the stones and rope).

After completing the gourd mini-game, there is one Memory Fragment to collect in the same room as the teacup mini-game. After winning the mini-game, there is one in the hallway just outside of Tanjiro’s room.

Back outside, there are five to grab. One is south by the laundry being hung; another is on the northeast side at the front of the smaller building, with another at the back of the building. For the last two, go to the back of the large courtyard to the west, and then to the back of the shed to the northwest.

Chapter Eight Memory Fragments (Total: 7)

  • 47: “Clinging to a Dream” (Enmu enlists the help of humans)
  • 48: “Shining Souls” (Tanjiro’s subconscious stuns his intruder)
  • 49: “Heavenly Feelings” (Zenitsu’s sweet if not ridiculous dream)
  • 50: “Cave Survey Team” (Inosuke’s even more ridiculous dream)
  • 51: “The Shears Psycho” (Zenitsu makes his subconscious intruder tremble in fear)
  • 52: “True King of the Mountain” (Inosuke scares off his subconscious intruder)
  • 53: “Only Smoke Remains” (news of a Hashira’s death spreads to the other)

There aren’t anyMemory Fragments available while exploring the Mugen Train.

There you have it, your guide to collecting all of the Memory Fragments in The Hinokami Ubuyashiki. If you find that you are missing some but have finished Story mode, you will have missed some while exploring, so be sure to go back and replay those levels.

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