Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles: Best Characters to Use and Full Roster Guide

Your complete guide to the best characters and full roster.

Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles takes you on a journey through the events of the Mugen Train arc, mainly pitting you as Tanjiro against the various foes he faced. There is also an exploration aspect to the game as well as being able to relive other aspects of the story through Memory Fragments.

With 12 characters – 18 with the Academy characters – the selection has just enough variety for a first game. However, not all characters are created the same, and just like in the story, they all have their notable traits predicated on their breathing style.

Keep in mind that in the beginning, only Tanjiro and Nezuko are available (unless you have the Academy characters). The other characters become unlocked by playing through Story Mode. The final two characters – Kyojuro Rengoku and Hinokami Tanjiro – are unlocked upon completing Story Mode.

The characters will be listed below in order of best character to use to worst. While this is entirely subjective and ultimately comes down to your style of play, the criteria included ability to chain combos with skills, overall strength and speed, and any notable attack or characteristic. Academy Characters will not be included in the rankings.

Best characters in Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles

We have ranked the best characters in the game.

1. Tanjiro Kamado – Water Breathing

  • Skill 1 (Triangle/Y): Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin
  • Skill 2 (Tilt L + Triangle/Y): Second Form: Water Wheel
  • Skill 3 (R1 + Triangle, RB + Y): Sixth Form: Whirlpool
  • Ultimate Art (R2/RT): Tenth Form: Constant Flux

The main character of the manga, anime, and video game, it should be no surprise that Tanjiro ranks highly, though first may be a bit of one. Maybe it is due to the amount you must use him in Story Mode, becoming very familiar with his attacks and tendencies, but he has the best combination of speed, power, and ability to chain combos with skills.

As mentioned in the Training Guide, you can easily land a 28 or 29-hit combo with Tanjiro, and his attacks pack a punch. Landing that 29-hit combo could take out close to a fifth of the opponent’s health bar. Water Breathing – which he shares with several in-game characters – provides for beautiful, flowing animations when utilizing his skills and Ultimate Art.

2. Kyojuro Rengoku (Hashira/Pillar) – Flame Breathing

  • Skill 1 (Triangle/Y): Fifth Form: Flame Tiger
  • Skill 2 (Tilt L + Triangle/Y): Third Form: Blazing Universe
  • Skill 3 (R1 + Triangle, RB + Y): Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun
  • Ultimate Art (R2/RT): Ninth Form: Esoteric Art – Rengoku

A fan favorite, the always bright-eyed Rengoku might be the strongest character in terms of pure damage in the game. His Flame Breathing techniques are powerful, and his Ultimate Art named after his family’s surname might visually be the most destructive Ultimate Art.

The difficulty with Rengoku is that because his skills are so strong, they are not conducive to chaining together. Further, only Skill 2 is conducive to combos, but you must time your air dash precisely to continue the combo in midair.

Still, if you can master that combined with his overall strengths as a Hashira, you should find yourself winning far more often than losing.

3. Giyu Tomioka (Hashira/Pillar) – Water Breathing

  • Skill 1 (Triangle/Y): Tenth Form: Constant Flux
  • Skill 2 (Tilt L + Triangle/Y): Second Form: Water Wheel
  • Skill 3 (R1 + Triangle, RB + Y): Eleventh Form: Dead Calm
  • Ultimate Art (R2/RT): Eleventh Form: Dead Calm, Tidal Waves

The second of the three current Hashira available in the game, Tomioka is as steely as a character as he presents in the story. Water Hashira, Tomioka has a unique skill and – like Rengoku – his own form that acts as his Ultimate Art.

Giyu is one of the quicker characters in the game, even more so when he is in a boosted state. His Skill 3 is one of only three in the game that does not attack the opponent, at least not immediately. With Dead Calm, if you are attacked during the small duration the skill is in effect, you will immediately counterattack with a flurry of strikes. Unlike parrying, which only gives you an opening to counterattack after timing the parry right, Dead Calm does not need to be as precise in the timing and attacks for you.

If you prefer speed over power, then Tomioka may be your choice among the top four.

4. Hinokami Tanjiro – Fire Breathing

  • Skill 1 (Triangle/Y): Cross Slash
  • Skill 2 (Tilt L + Triangle/Y): Scorching Rush
  • Skill 3 (R1 + Triangle, RB + Y): Phoenix Flash
  • Ultimate Art (R2/RT): Hinokami Kagura: Clear Blue Sky

Hinokami Tanjiro is the version of Tanjiro that channels his father’s Hinokami Kagura and Fire Breathing, the first Breath to develop in fighting Muzan Kibutsuji’s demons. This version of Tanjiro trades some speed for more power, and with that power comes less opportunities for chaining combos.

His Phoenix Flash is interesting in that during the second or two in which the skill is executed, Tanjiro is invisible until the skill strikes or you manually strike quicker. However, it is a single strike. Once you understand how the first two skills are done, you will have a better idea of how best to chain them and when to air dash.

His Ultimate Art is as beautiful in its execution as it is destructive.

5. Shinobu Kocho (Hashira/Pillar) – Insect Breathing

  • Skill 1 (Triangle/Y): Sixfold Thrust
  • Skill 2 (Tilt L + Triangle/Y): Swift Thrust
  • Skill 3 (R1 + Triangle, RB + Y): Rising Thrust
  • Ultimate Art (R2/RT): Butterfly Dance: Caprice, Illusory Light

The fastest character in the game, Shinobu trades that for being tied with Makoto and Murata as the weakest in terms of pure damage. As a current Hashira, she has her own strengths.

Where she makes up for this is her ability to chain her light combo and Sixfold Thrust multiple times, resulting in up to 30-hit combos. Each of her skills are executed swiftly, and though they lack the destructive power of the other two Hashira, she makes up for it with Rising Thrust, an attack that will poison if hit. She is a master poisoner after all.

Her Ultimate Art is visually the most beautiful of all with the butterfly that appears striking to the eye.

6. Inosuke Hashibira – Beast Breathing

  • Skill 1 (Triangle/Y): First Fang: Pierce
  • Skill 2 (Tilt L + Triangle/Y): Fifth Fang: Crazy Cutting
  • Skill 3 (R1 + Triangle, RB + Y): Boar Rush
  • Ultimate Art (R2/RT): Third Fang: Devour Rush

One of Tanjiro’s erstwhile companions, Inosuke’s character in game is as gruff as his character in the story.

Inosuke is one of the faster players, combining strong skills that are mostly easily chainable. His Ultimate Art is rough, lacking any refinement, but fits perfectly with his character. It is so rough that the screen goes black-and-white to indicate the bloody aspect of his skill.

During the Drum Mansion endeavor, you are in control of Inosuke for a brief period. Just like his character, you run at full speed while using Inosuke, looking for a demon to fight. These little things help endear the game even more to those familiar with the story and characters.

7. Nezuko Kamado – Blood Demon Art

As a demon, Nezuko cannot battle on fields during the daytime
  • Skill 1 (Triangle/Y): Crazy Scratching
  • Skill 2 (Tilt L + Triangle/Y): Heel Bash
  • Skill 3 (R1 + Triangle, RB + Y): Flying Kick
  • Ultimate Art (R2/RT): Exploding Blood

The second protagonist and Tanjiro’s younger sister, Nezuko is a rare playable character in two ways: she is a demon and she does not have a Nichirin sword that all Demon Slayers possess. As such, she is also the only player who uses her body as her weapon and a Blood Demon Art for her Ultimate Art.

Even without a sword, Nezuko is a formidable character. She can project her claws with Skill 1 for multiple strikes, and her kicking attacks are powerful. Her Blood Demon Art: Exploding Blood is a bit, well, bloody, but visually is very destructive.

One note about Nezuko: if you use her in VS Mode or Practice, you cannot use Nezuko on battlefields that are set during the daytime. As a demon, the sunlight is fatal to her so keep this in mind when selecting your team and battlefield.

8. Sakonji Urokodaki (former Hashira/Pillar) – Water Breathing

  • Skill 1 (Triangle/Y): Eight Form: Waterfall Basin
  • Skill 2 (Tilt L + Triangle/Y): Second Form: Water Wheel
  • Skill 3 (R1 + Triangle, RB + Y): Master’s Wisdom
  • Ultimate Art (R2/RT): Eight Form: Waterfall Basin Destruction

The former Water Hashira and teacher to Sabito, Makomo, Tomioka, and Tanjiro – though you could argue Nezuko as well – Urokodaki is still a great choice to use in The Hinokami Chronicles.

Urokodaki is one of the smoothest movers in the game, pairing well as a Water Breather. Like Tomioka, he has a non-attacking third skill. With Master’s Wisdom, you can place up to three traps on the battlefield. While not a direct attack, should your opponent run into or land on one of these traps, they will suffer damage.

9. Sabito – Water Breathing

  • Skill 1 (Triangle/Y): Eight Form: Waterfall Basin
  • Skill 2 (Tilt L + Triangle/Y): Third Form: Flowing Dance, Shadows of Dawn
  • Skill 3 (R1 + Triangle, RB + Y): Sixth Form: Whirlpool
  • Ultimate Art (R2/RT): Flowing Dance

The departed Sabito is playable after he and Makomo essentially functioned as Tanjiro’s first teachers in helping him to slice the boulder after six months.

What is notable about Sabito, compared to the other Water Breathers, is that he has sharper, more angular movements. For example, when you compare his Waterfall Basin to Tanjiro’s or Urokodaki’s, Sabito not only leaps higher, but dives at the opponent from a sharper angle due to his increased height. Where Tanjiro leaps to the height of his opponent, Sabito is at the top of the screen as he turns to land the skill.

10. Zenitsu Agatsuma – Thunder Breathing

  • Skill 1 (Triangle/Y): First Form: Thunderclap and Flash, Prime
  • Skill 2 (Tilt L + Triangle/Y): First Form: Thunderclap and Flash
  • Skill 3 (R1 + Triangle, RB + Y): Air Spin
  • Ultimate Art (R2/RT): First Form: Thunderclap and Flash, Sixfold

Tanjiro’s other companion, you may find it interesting, and possibly befuddling, to find Zenitsu rated so low. While powerful when mastered, his placement really comes down to one factor: his inability to chain combos longer than 12 to 15 hits.

As noted in the story, the anxiety-ridden Zenitsu could only ever learn the First Form of Thunder Breathing. While he did master that skill, it is a direct, linear, one-strike skill. If you have five full skill bars, you can chain these together, but only for five hits. Air Spin helps by adding a few hits, but you will need to hit those before landing Skill 1 and then following up with Skill 2.

Like Inosuke, you gain control of Zenitsu in both the Drum Mansion and Natagumo Mountain. Just like his character disposition, you timidly walk through the area while jumping, cowering, and yelling for your life. Also in line with his character, Zenitsu enters battle unconscious as he is only able to fight in this state (this applies to his Academy character as well).

11. Makomo – Water Breathing

  • Skill 1 (Triangle/Y): First Form: Water Slash
  • Skill 2 (Tilt L + Triangle/Y): Second Form: Water Wheel
  • Skill 3 (R1 + Triangle, RB + Y):  Ninth Form: Water Flow, Flash
  • Ultimate Art (R2/RT): Ninth Form: Water Flow, Turbulent Effervescence

Like Shinobu, the departed Makomo is fast yet lacking the pure strength of many of the other characters. However, she is still formidable because of her quickness.

Makomo, the smallest character in the game, can chain the first two skills with her light combos well. Because of her speed, you should be able to land strikes quicker than your opponent even if thrown at the same time. Further, her Ultimate Art has a great name, and an animation to match.

12. Murata – Water Breathing

  • Skill 1 (Triangle/Y): First Form: Water Surface Slash
  • Skill 2 (Tilt L + Triangle/Y): Second Form: Water Wheel
  • Skill 3 (R1 + Triangle, RB + Y): Cheer
  • Ultimate Art (R2/RT): Pride of a Demon Slayer

By far the weakest character, Murata is the lone non-protagonist Demon Slayer to survive Natagumo Mountain. He is basically a joke character in the game, placed there for comedy relief.

The last person with a non-attacking Skill 3, Murata’s Cheer gradually refills the support gauge. If you just used a quick escape and both bars are depleted, this is a good way to quickly refill it; just avoid taking damage.

Speaking of comic relief, Murata’s Ultimate Art is just that: pure comedy. You might find it hard to keep in a chuckle after viewing it for the first time.

Full list of characters in The Hinokami Chronicles

There are 12 characters available in the game. Below is the full roster.

  • Tanjiro Kamado (Academy Tanjiro)
  • Nezuko Kamado (Academy Nezuko)
  • Sakonji Urokodaki
  • Makomo
  • Sabito
  • Zenitsu Agatsuma (Academy Zenitsu)
  • Inosuke Hashibira (Academy Inosuke)
  • Murata
  • Giyu Tomioka (Academy Giyu)
  • Shinobu Kocho (Academy Shinobu)
  • Kyojuro Rengoku
  • Hinokami Tanjro

The Academy characters take the six characters and place them in a school setting. Tanjiro’s ambition is to bake the best bread (Nezuko bites down on a baguette rather than bamboo) while Giyu is a strict disciplinarian, as examples.

Now you have an overview of each character, including their skills, traits, and more. Who will you choose as your strongest?

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