Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles: How to Get Kimetsu Points (KP) Fast

Looking for quick ways to build up your Kimetsu Points? This Hinokami Chronicles guide has got you covered.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles beautifully recreates the events of the anime within this mostly fighting game. There is also an open-world exploration aspect too, like in the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm series.

In The Hinokami Chronicles, the in-game currency, for lack of a better word, is Kimetsu Points (KP). KP are mainly used to unlock rewards on the Rewards page. Though most can be unlocked through playing through the Story Mode, some may require an S-Rank to unlock. So, some players may find it easier to purchase the rewards through KP.

Below, you’ll find all of the ways that you can find KP, including the fastest way to accumulate KP in The Hinokami Chronicles.

The fastest way to accumulate KP

Undoubtedly, the most efficient way to build your KP stock is through Ranked Matches, which are accessible through VS Mode. Ranked Matches pit you against another gamer in online battles, with the winner moving up the rankings.

For the first 150 ranked matches, in intervals of 50, you will earn 4,000 KP just for playing. From 200, you will earn 10,000 KP for every ten ranked matches thereafter, up to 400. From 200 to 400, that’s a total of 210,000 KP!

You will receive 100 KP for winning ten ranked matches and another 2,000 for winning 20. From there, you are rewarded for every 20 victories until 100. At 40, you are rewarded 4,000 KP, 6,000 KP at 60, 8,000 KP at 80, and 10,000 KP at 100 victories.

The offline path to get more KP

If you would rather not play online, you can still accumulate KP – albeit at a far slower pace – through VS Mode.

You will be rewarded with 50 KP the first time that you use an unlocked character in VS Mode (including Academy characters). Fortunately, using a character as your sidekick – even if they are never used – counts as a battle for that character. You will then be rewarded with 200 KP for playing 20 matches with a character in VS Mode.

On a similar path, you will unlock 200 KP for achieving ten victories with each character in Ranked Matches. Again, Ranked Matches are the quickest and most efficient way to build KP, but not everyone is adept at playing online.

Earning KP through Training

Training mode is a unique setting in which you can select one of the unlocked characters to be your trainer. Each provides you with ten rank challenges of increasing difficulty, with three tasks for each rank; the third task is usually, “Complete both tasks within a single battle.”

You will earn KP both for completing the rank challenge and clearing all three tasks within each rank challenge – at first, 50 for each. As each rank increases in difficulty, so too do the rewards.

This may be one of the more frustrating ways to build your stock of KP, but it should prove beneficial to you in terms of bettering your skills. Maybe go through training before heading to Ranked Matches to both refine your skills and stack up some more KP.

Story mode KP accumulation

The other way to collect KP is by playing Story mode. You will come across areas – like certain forests and towns – where you are able to roam around. On the map and on your screen, you will see yellow stars (map) and a yellow orb (screen). These represent KP.

To collect them, simply walk up to the marker and press X/A. Smaller orbs are worth 50 KP, while larger, swirling orbs are worth 150 KP. You will most likely find at least two KP orbs in areas where you have some mobility – your first encounter with the title’s villain happens in a narrow, crowded street without any KP in sight, for example.

So, those are the ways for you to get KP fast in The Hinokami Chronicles; remember to use your KP to unlock Rewards – some of which you can use to update your Slayer Profile.





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