Demon’s Tilt Controls Guide for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Tips for Beginners

We’ve got all the controls and tips for Demon’s Tilt.

Demon’s Tilt is a unique take on classic pinball, which is a single player arcade game that has gained massive popularity in recent times. The mystical occult theme with its eclectic audio and a three level spiritual cathedral pushes the genre to new heights. 

PC System Requirements for Demon’s Tilt

Before you set off to download the game on your PC, remember to check if it matches your system requirements. To help out, we’ve compiled the minimum and recommended system requirements.

Operating system (OS)710
Processor (CPU)Intel Core i5Intel Core i7
System memory (RAM)4 GB8 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD)1 GB1 GB 
Video card (GPU)Nvidia GeForce GTX 660AMD Radeon HD 7970DirectX 11 compatibleNvidia GeForce GTX 1080

Demon’s Tilt controls for PlayStation and Xbox

The controls are simple and you’ll be very familiar with them if you have played any other pinball games.

  • Launch the ball (“Welcome Paladin” Trophy Awarded): X / A
  • Left Flipper/ Bumper: L1 and L2 / LS and  LT
  • Right Flipper/ Bumper: R1 and R2 / RS and RT
  • Tilt the Table/Nudge the Ball: D Pad Keys (↑,↓,←,→)/Left Analog Stick 

Demon’s Tilt PC Controls 

  • Launch the ball (“Welcome Paladin” Trophy Awarded): Space
  • Left Flipper/ Bumper: Left Shift
  • Right Flipper/ Bumper: Right Shift
  • Tilt the Table Right: D
  • Tilt the Table Left: A
  • Nudge the Ball: N/A (Can be customised) 

Tips for Beginners

Below we have some tips to help you as you play through this non-stop action pinball hack and slash.

Choose your difficulty settings correctly

Demon’s Tilt comes in three difficulty settings. Picking the correct setting makes the difference between high scores and frustration. While harder modes are more difficult to handle, it also means more rewards in terms of jackpots and bonuses along with intense gameplay. The levels are as follows:

  • Normal – It is the classic mode that offers players a balanced gameplay experience.
  • Ex- Mode – Best for more experienced players as it involves the same table with shorter ends, which makes the ball harder to keep off of the ground. In addition, it also adds three bonus sub-tables to make the game more engaging.
  • Hardcore – This setting really pumps up the difficulty level with 1 ball mode enabled, making the game really tough.

Understand how scoring works

Demon’s Tilt offers three elements in its scoring. It is important to keep these elements in mind if you want to rack up a high score.

  • Multiplier – Multiplier is what helps boost your score in multiples. However, it is important to remember that there are three types of multipliers:
    • Base Multiplier – It comes from various sources such as forging the anvil, defeating bosses, and completing rituals as you progress through the game. However, this multiplier caps at 99x.
    • Global Multiplier – It is applied after the regular multiplier and bumps up the score massively. However, it is available only in Wizard Mode which is unlocked after completing all the rituals.
    • Jackpot Multiplier – As the name suggests, it is only applicable to jackpots. However, an advantage of the jackpot multiplier is that it increases after every third ritual you complete.
  • Scoring Events – The scores appear to float up from the position of the ball as little numbers, every time you hit the right spot. Technically, there are four tiers of scoring events: Normal, Jackpot, Super Jackpot, and Ultra Jackpot. So, if you want to improve your score exponentially, focus on these events over normal scoring events to build up your multipliers and rack up huge scores. To make it simpler, the scores are calculated in the following way:
  • Normal Score = Base Score * Multiplier Score * Global Multiplier
  • Jackpot Score = Base Score * Multiplier Score * Global Multiplier * Jackpot Multiplier
  • Combos – Combos are another way in which players are rewarded for their aggressive gameplay. While they encourage aggressive gaming, it is easy to be lured into a bad position while chasing a combo. So, play very carefully and drop a combo if necessary to save your ball and continue playing the game.
  • Bullet Conversion – While it is a normal scoring event, it deserves special mention due to its ability to pump up the base value of the Chimera Ultra Jackpot. So, if you ever see gold, polyhedral bullets among the regular bullets that enemies shoot, make sure to collect them to convert every other bullet on the board to a gold coin, which will then be collected by the claw on Tier 1 and help you improve the base value of the Ultra Jackpot.

Use cradle and nudging

  • Cradle – Allows you to hold and slow the ball using a lifted flipper and can be performed by holding the flipper button. It is an important trick as it helps you to shoot with improved accuracy. It can also be used to stop the ball when the game starts to get too intense.
  • Nudge – It is the act of nudging the ball in a given direction. It can change the trajectory of the ball and prove to be a great tool in your arsenal to gain big scores. You can nudge the ball in any direction using the D-pad keys or the left analog stick. There are several types of technique that use nudging, such as:
    • Cradle Nudge – Simply nudge the ball as soon as it hits the cradling flipper. It helps kill the momentum of a speeding ball and saves you from losing it while cradling it due to its excessive speed.
    • Curveball – Nudge the ball slowly right after you have hit it. It helps you curve the ball’s trajectory.
    • Back Shot – Nudge a ball backward right after you hit it with the base of the flipper while releasing a cradle. It can prove beneficial if you want to hit targets behind the flipper with ease.

Demon’s Tilt is a pretty interesting game for pinball fans and with its added mystical elements. While the screen can get busy at times, making it easy to lose track of the ball, it is still a nice take on classic pinball.





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