Diablo Immortal: Complete Controls Guide for PC with Tips for Beginners 

Here are the complete controls with tips for Diablo Immortal on PC.

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play MMO action role-playing game. The gameplay style is similar to Diablo III. It was made primarily for mobile devices, but was also released on PC. Diablo Immortal allows you to play with five different characters at a time. There are six character classes to choose from: Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, and Crusader. They all have different fighting styles to take into consideration based on your personal choice of combat.

Below you will find the complete controls guide and beginner tips for Diablo Immortal on PC and with a controller. Mobile devices use on-screen controls.  

All Diablo Immortal PC controls 

  • Move: Right Click 
  • Primary Attack: Space 
  • Skill 1:
  • Skill 2:
  • Skill 3:
  • Skill 4:
  • Potion:
  • Ultimate:
  • Cancel Skill:
  • Move Up:
  • Move Down:
  • Move Left:
  • Move Right:
  • Game Menu: ESC 
  • Warband Menu:
  • Paragon Menu:
  • Codex Menu:
  • World Map:
  • Skills Menu:
  • Quest Log:
  • Friends Menu: O  
  • Inventory:
  • Open Faction Menu:
  • Chat Window: Enter 
  • Voice Memo:
  • Cancel Voice Memo:

All Diablo Immortal Xbox One controller controls 

  • Primary Attack: Space 
  • Skill 1: LT 
  • Skill 2: LB
  • Skill 3: RB
  • Skill 4: RT
  • Potion:
  • Close: Y 
  • Ultimate:
  • Interact:
  • Movement: L
  • Auto Nav: D-Pad↑
  • Open Chat: D-Pad↓
  • Previous Chat Channel: LB (while Chat is open)
  • Next Chat Channel: RB (while Chat is open)
  • Chat Reply: A (while Chat is open)
  • Toggle Free Cursor: D-Pad→
  • Cursor Select: B 
  • Free Cursor Movement: L
  • Game Menu: Menu Button 
  • Open Inventory: Window Button 
  • Skill Aim: R

Below are game tips for Diablo Immortal geared toward beginners of the game and the series in general.

1. Keep distance from powerful bosses 

Diablo Immortal has some powerful bosses. Once you figure out the pattern of attacks, the fights become easier. One of the best strategies against bosses with massive health bars is to keep distance between them. Bull rushing bosses will lead to defeat or will make it difficult to manage health – which is its own issue (more below). 

Prior to powerful boss fights, ensure that you have at least two long-ranged skill attacks. Barbarian and Monk character classes do not have any long ranged attacks, but they have a few skills that are at least medium-range. Use a hit-and-run approach to keep your distance with those two character classes.  

2. Enter dungeons with a party

Dungeons in Diablo Immortal have a higher level of difficulty then normal gameplay. Although there are some dungeons that will only allow single player entry, most times it will ask you to join or request a party to assist. It is wise to bring help at least on your first playthrough.  

Dungeons have very powerful bosses and hordes of lower level enemies. Unless you are very seasoned in the game it would be extremely difficult to enter and leave solo. Loot is not shared with other members in your party so you get the best of both worlds: easier battles and plenty of loot.  

3. Use Potion and Health Orbs wisely

Potions and healing orbs are the two ways to replenish health in Diablo Immortal. Maximum health increases as you upgrade equipment and character levels. The caveat is that enemies also become more powerful as you progress through the game.  

Diablo Immortal gives you three potions at a time that will replenish 60 percent of a character’s maximum health. There is a cooldown time of 15 seconds between each use. Health orbs are dropped during battle and also replenish some of your health. Be careful not to collect the health orbs if you have full health already and prioritize using them before health potions

4. Create skill combos

Diablo Immortal has a hack-and-slash combat system like the previous titles in the series. Each character has an arsenal consisting of two primary attacks and 12 skills. You can only pick one primary attack and four skills at a time. Create your own combos by learning what different skills and attacks compliment each other. 

For instance, with the Wizard class, Arcane Wind and Scorch can be used in tandem to increase the damage they would do alone. Scorch leaves a burning trail that lasts for six seconds. Using Arcane Wind against enemies that are burning will increase its damage by 50 percent. Barbarian class characters have a Chained Spear skill that pulls enemies towards you that can be coupled with their Cleave skill. Experiment with each class to find the best combos for your style of gameplay.

5. Scrap unused loot

There is a massive amount of loot in Diablo Immortal. Most games have you scavenge chests or defeat bosses for access to loot, but in Diablo Immortal, even common enemies will drop loot. As your character levels up you acquire higher level items which can fill your inventory quickly.  

Visit the Blacksmith to scrap your unneeded inventory items. The blacksmith in return will give you crafting resources used for upgrading equipment or to transfer rank from old gear to new gear. Upgrades are very costly as they consume a ton of crafting resources and gold. There are blacksmiths in each region so make sure to stop by them to clear out inventory.  

Now that you have a controls guide and five beginner tips you can give yourself a head start when starting Diablo Immortal. Experiment with all character classes and find the best combination of skills, weapons, and equipment to suit you throughout your journey of the game.

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