Diablo Immortal: How To Level Up Fast

We’ve got tips to help you gain XP fast in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is an action role-playing game that features a progressive system of leveling up by earning XP. Diablo Immortal has a level cap of 60. Powering up your character unlocks new skills, weapons slots, and skill upgrades. Your character is provided with a Codex containing tasks that reward Battle Points, which in turn reward XP. Leveling up your character slows down once you reach the 30s.

Below are the five bests ways to earn XP and level up fast in Diablo Immortal.

1.   Play Through the Main Story 

Progressing through Diablo Immortal’s main story is the quickest way to level up. The majority of a character’s XP comes from killing monsters and completing quests. The main story forces you to explore new map areas and provides an endless supply of enemies to farm for XP. Side quests also provide XP, although they can pull you too far from the main story objectives, so keep them to a minimum while prioritizing speed. Boss fights also provide substantial XP for leveling up and are mostly included in the main story. Your character will reach level 30 quickly, but you will need to do more than just slaughter random enemies if you want to get to level 60 in the shortest time possible. 

2.   Conquer Elder and Challenge Rifts 

Elder Rifts are replayable dungeons that can be used to farm XP, and are unlocked once you reach the Palace Courtyard in Westmarch. The faster you complete the dungeon, the more rewards you gain. The difficulty level of enemies will be based on your character’s current level. Although crests increase the chance of earning rare items, they do not affect the amount of XP earned. Elder Rifts send swarms of bloodthirsty enemies at you on the way to the miniboss. Earn experience globes by targeting enemies that light up blue. A blue skull indicator will also appear on the minimap to identify what areas they are in. You’ll also find Challenge Rifts located next to the Elder Rift location, but unlike Elder Rifts, these are not determined by your character’s level, instead getting progressively difficult as you complete each rift level.  

3.   Complete Bounties To Earn XP 

Bounty hunting is another great way to obtain XP in Diablo Immortal. A Bounty Board is located at the Palace Courtyard in Westmarch. Bounties are mini-quests offered by the Quartermaster, and you can complete four at a time and eight in a day. There are two types of bounties you can choose from: open world bounties, which have blue borders, and dungeon bounties, which have green borders. If your sole purpose is to level up quickly, stick to the open world option as the dungeon bounties are more time-consuming. You can re-roll the offered bounties to land a more favorable challenge up to three times a day. Bounties can be completed solo or with a party. Bounties direct you to a specific location to kill dozens of a particular type of enemy. You will earn a bulk amount of XP from the Quartermaster for every four bounties you complete, as well as the XP earned in battle while completing the mini-quests.

4.   Unlock Battle Pass for XP 

The Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal is key to leveling up faster in the game. Each level will almost guarantee you a full level of XP. Completing bounties, Elder Rifts, dungeons, as well as killing enemies all contribute to earning battle points to reach new Battle Pass levels. There is a free and paid version of the Battle Pass. Although there are added benefits to paying, you at least want to unlock the free version. The Activity Section has certain tasks labeled as “Featured” that double the amount of XP you will earn. Do not claim Battle Pass awards until you hit a wall around level 30. You need a substantial amount of XP to level up at this point, but when you claim a Battle Pass reward it is based on the current level of your character. This means that you will still receive nearly a full level of XP regardless of how many points you need. 

5.   Chain Together Killstreaks 

Fighting monsters one by one is not an effective way to level up quickly. It slows down progression through the main quests and does not allow you to take advantage of bonus XP for killstreaks. After a kill, immediately attack another enemy to start a streak combo. The ultimate streak is 100 kills, which when achieved will see you rewarded you with a Massacre Bonus. The higher the streak, the more bonus XP you will receive. To start a streak, make your presence known to multiple enemies in an area to create a chase. Your character is fast enough to keep distance while herding enemies together. Dungeons are the best places to attempt the 100-kill Massacre Bonus. 

There you have five different ways to level up quickly in Diablo Immortal. Stick to the main story and unlock the Battle Pass to increase the amount of XP you earn early on. Bounties, rifts, and activities will make it easier to get to 60 once leveling up starts to require a lot of XP. 

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