Why Dr. Dre Almost Wasn’t a Part of GTA 5

If you’re a fan of Dr. Dre, then the Dr. Dre GTA 5 mash-up is going to rock your world.

Why Dr. Dre Almost Wasn't a Part of GTA 5 Explained

Anyone familiar with GTA 5 knows that Dr. Dre is a fan of the game. He makes a small cameo appearance in the Cayo Perico Heist and his music can be heard throughout the game.

Now, he is even more prominently featured in the Contract expansion, but did you know that Dr. Dre almost wasn’t part of the game at all?

That’s right. Dr. Dre GTA 5 is a connection that almost didn’t happen! Just how did Rockstar Games manage to get such a legendary rap artist and producer so involved in their game?

Dr Dre GTA 5: The Contract Expansion

As already mentioned, Dr. Dre has a more pronounced appearance in the game thanks to the new Contract expansion. This expansion includes a whole new slew of guns that you can use in GTA Online as well as a new series of Franklin-centric missions. In Contract, you have to help Dr. Dre find his phone.

Franklin will contact your GTA Online protagonist and have you met with him to discuss a new potential client – none other than Dr. Dre himself. If you make it to the end, Dr. Dre will play one of his new songs for you as a token of his gratitude.

The DJ Pooh Connection

There is a real-life connection between Dr. Dre GTA 5, and it comes in the form of DJ Pooh. DJ Pooh is the game’s radio presenter for the West Coast Classics station, and he and Dr. Dre have been buds for a long time. DJ Pooh was already working as a writer and creative consultant on the game and felt like Rockstar Games was a lot like how Def Jam was back in the day.

Pooh and Dre Play GTA 5

DJ Pooh went over to Dr. Dre’s house one time, toting a copy of GTA 5 along with him. DJ Pooh showed Dr. Dre all of the awesome things he could do within the game, which convinced Dr. Dre to put his work into the game as well. Rockstar obviously knew what was good for them and decided that a collaboration with the illustrious rapper was a “must.” That resulted in the Cayo Perico cameo, followed now by the Contract quest.

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If you’re a fan of Dr. Dre, then the Dr. Dre GTA 5 mash-up is going to rock your world. If you haven’t played Contract: Dr. Dre yet, it is a fun quest that ends with a nice payoff – hearing one of Dr. Dre’s new songs!

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