Is Dragon Ball Budokai Roblox Trello Still Working?

Wonder if Dragon Ball Budokai Roblox Trello is still available? Keep reading to find out.

Dragon Ball Budokai Fighting Game on Roblox

Being a popular manga and anime series, it’s no surprise that Dragon Ball games would be created using the popular gaming platform Roblox. That said, many people are wondering why they can’t find the Dragon Ball Roblox game Budokai which was released in 2021 using search terms like “budokai roblox trello.” Here’s a closer look at this game and figure out what went wrong.

Below, you will read:

  • An overview of Dragon Ball Budokai Roblox Trello
  • What happened to Budokai
  • Other Dragon Ball games you can play on Roblox

Dragon Ball Budokai Roblox Trello

What does Budokai mean? What is Trello?

Budokai: The name of an in-universe fighting tournament in the Dragon Ball series called the Tenkaichi Budokai, which roughly means “the strongest under the heavens.” Budokai was also the name of a Dragon Ball fighting game series from the 2000s.

Trello: An online platform for managing projects. It is sometimes used by developers to help make video games.

The Budokai Roblox game was made by a creator named Xeau and released on October 31, 2021. It was last updated on January 20, 2023 as of this writing. Did Xeau use Trello to make Budokai? This is unclear and searching “budokai roblox trello” doesn’t reveal any additional information.

What happened to Budokai on Roblox?

Looking at the info on the Budokai Roblox page, it is clear that while the game looked good, it never quite reached the heights of other Dragon Ball games like Dragon Blox. With only around 7K likes and 1.6M visits, Budokai didn’t take off as it could have. This could be because the server size was limited to one player while other Dragon Ball Roblox games offer a multiplayer experience.

In any case, Budokai is no longer available. The title of the game has even been changed to [BROKEN]Budokai and you can no longer play the game. However, the game still exists and the creator may be working on it since it was updated recently. There is a message on the main page that says “Sorry, this experience is private,” so who knows the true story.

Other Dragon Ball Roblox games

At this point, there isn’t much use in searching up terms like “budokai roblox trello.” Instead, you may want to check out other Dragon Ball Roblox games. Here is a quick list of some of the more popular ones to try:

There are tons of Dragon Ball games on Roblox, so finding one you like shouldn’t be hard. As for which one is the best, that’s up to you to decide, though Dragon Blox seems to be the most popular with a 91 percent like rating.

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