East Brickton Roblox

Get ready to control your own destiny in East Brickton, a roleplay simulator game on Roblox.

Explore the virtual city of East Brickton in Roblox .

East Brickton is a roleplay simulator game on Roblox which lets the player create and customize their own character as well as control its destiny. Influenced by Buffalo, a city in upstate New York, players must always play according to their character’s role, chosen at the start of the game.

The character can either be violent and tasked to rob banks, wreak havoc, start a shootout with other players, or start a business selling illegal drugs. They can also choose to fight crime by joining the East Brickton Police Department.

In this article, you will find:

  • East Brickton Roblox terminology
  • East Brickton Roblox Rules of engagement and robberies

Roblox East Brickton Terminology

Players must know the terminology in the game as you can receive a permanent ban from East Brickton for not understanding common role play words across numerous games.

  • Random Killing (RK) – Killing another player randomly without any reason
  • Random Brawling (RB) – Randomly punching another player or starting a fight for no reason
  • Car Hopping – Jumping into another player’s car without reason
  • Power Gaming (PG) – Roleplaying unrealistic actions
  • Meta Gaming (MG) – Not acting like you character
  • Fail Gun Fear – Ignoring a player when they have pulled a weapon on you
  • Fail Cop Fear – Ignoring police authority
  • Gun Begging – Randomly approaching a player and asking them for a weapon
  • Admin Interaction – Ignoring an admin or harassing them in the game.
  • Ban Evading – Running away from an Admin.

Rules of engagement

Players can only attack another player if there is a role play reason behind the action, which may include disagreements, gang retaliation, or other in-game conflicts.

Every confrontation must be initiated by the /me command, which indicates you are about to engage in combat. If combat has already been engaged, the other player does not need to use the command.

Rules of robberies

A player can only steal once a day in-game, hence robbing sprees such as robbing gas station employees will result in immediate bans.

Any player that is robbed must accede to the robber’s demands and act out Gun Fear while players are not permitted to steal stuff from the safe or trunks of other players. Players are prohibited from intimidating another player into using an ATM by holding them at gunpoint.

The maximum theft is $300 and after a successful robbery, a player cannot be killed.


The player must always use the /me command to declare where they are drawing out a weapon from before pulling out any type of weapon.

Safe Zones

The safe zones in Roblox East Brickton include:

  • Hospital
  • Police Station
  • Bank
  • Any workplace for jobs


It is important to quickly get familiar with the controls in East Brickton as a character can be controlled using the general keys to move the player (A, S, D, W). Communication is also key while playing the game. Remember to always play as your chosen role.

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