Evil Dead The Game: How to do Finishing Attacks

Here’s your guide on performing finishing attacks in Evil Dead: The Game.

The survival horror game Evil Dead: The Game is a bloody affair regardless of if you play as a human or demon. One of the exciting – and bloodier – aspects of the game is the ability to perform finishing moves with your chosen character. These finishing moves are flashy, gory kills that can also affect surviving enemies depending on active skills.

Below, you will find a step-by-step guide on performing finishing moves in Evil Dead: The Game. Each character has their own unique finishing move, but the mechanism is essentially the same in performing the move.

What are Finishing Attacks?

Finishing attacks are attacks with unique animations that can kill Demons. These are powerful attacks that take advantage of a staggered enemy to inflict damage. However, not all finishing attacks will actually kill a demon, contrary to what the name would suggest (more below).

Experiment with different melee weapons to find your favored finishing attacks.

How do you land finishing attacks in Evil Dead The Game?

A shovel finishing attack.

To perform a finishing attack, press R3 (right analog stick) when prompted with the icon above a Demon’s head. You will either have to damage the Demon enough or cause it to stagger from filling its balance meter to trigger the icon. You need to be close to level with the Demon as elevation causes the icon to disappear.

Land multiple finishing attacks on a Demon – for an added benefit

A chainsaw finishing attack.

If a finisher lands yet the Demon is still living – well, not defeated is probably more accurate – then the Survivor will land an attack with the melee and create some distance. Once the health is low enough for an actual finishing attack to trigger, the resultant scene will depend on the type of melee weapon equipped.

For example, with the shovel, you’ll either bash the head into the shovel, swing with mighty force to decapitate the Demon, or shove the shovel in their throats and force the head off of the body. With Ash’s chainsaw, you’ll drive them into the ground or saw them through both the front and back, among more animations.

Another benefit to using finishers is that you are invulnerable to attacks while performing the finisher. When surrounded by two or more Demons, always trigger a finisher to prevent any damage accumulation. If the Demon survives, keep landing finishing attacks in quick succession to save your precious health points.

Now you know all about finishing attacks in Evil Dead: The Game. Use different melee weapons to see all the animations and remember to use them to your advantage to avoid damage!

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