Evil Dead The Game: List of All Human Characters and Classes

Here’s your list of all playable human characters in Evil Dead: The Game.

Based on the Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead: The Game is a survival horror game that pits you as either a human or demon with the goal of killing your counterparts. The first game in the franchise, Evil Dead will make you jump as much for the scares as for the kills.

Below, you will find a list of all playable human characters in Evil Dead: The Game. A brief overview of the four human classes will precede the full list of playable human characters. The descriptions for each class will come from the game.

These will be the classes and characters at game launch for the Standard Edition. More characters can be unlocked through Missions and possibly through the Season Pass.

All human classes in Evil Dead The Game

There are currently four classes in Evil Dead The Game which all offer something a bit different.

1. Leader

The one Leader is described as having a “specific aura” that increases their stats and those of nearby survivors. The Leader is also more resistant to fear. Her Skills tree is geared toward strengthening her aura.

2. Warrior

Warriors are simply described as having more health and inflicting more melee damage. There are three Warriors. The Skills tree for Warriors is all about dealing damage and tanking damage.

3. Hunter

Hunters are built for ranged combat. They inflict more ranged damage while carrying more ammo. Their stamina also depletes more slowly than other classes. There are three Hunters. The Skills tree for Hunters is geared toward inflicting massive damage with ranged weapons and evasive ability against melee attacks.

4. Support

Support characters start with Shemp’s Cola and defensive amulet rather than having to scavenge them. They’re also able to carry more of each than other characters. When the two Supports use either, the effects also extend to those within the aura, acting as a form of group healing and defense. The Skills tree is geared toward extending the benefits of Shemp’s and amulets.

What follows are details for each human character within each class. The characters listed will follow the above with the Leader subclass first, Warrior subclass second, Hunter subclass third, and Support subclass fourth.

All human characters in Evil Dead The Game

There are currently nine playable characters in Evil Dead The Game.

1. Annie Knowby (Leader)

Annie Knowby is the sole Leader at launch in Evil Dead: The Game. She starts with two active skills. The first, Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts, increases ranged damage (100 percent) for all Humans within her aura when activated. Her second active skill, Howitzer, increases the ranged damage (ten percent) for allies within her aura.

At level ten, she unlocks the active skill Haymaker, which causes more damage to the balance bar (25 percent) of basic evil units – Deadite, Berserker, and Skeleton – for her and those within her radius. At 25, she unlocks Slugger, which extends the benefits of Haymaker to elite (25 percent) and boss (100 percent) evil units.

2. Ash Williams – Army of Darkness (Warrior)

Ash Williams – Army of Darkness version – is one of three Warriors to chose. His first initial active skill, Wiseman’s Potion, grants health restoration (250), fear reduction (30), and increases damage dealt (30 percent) while reducing damage received (50 percent) when activated. His second active skill, Shield Blast, triggers a small explosion that damages nearby enemies (200 health) each time a shield bar is depleted.

At level ten, he unlocks Finish Strong. A portion of the shield bar (40) recovers each time a finishing attack kills an enemy (R3 when prompted). At 25, he unlocks Weapon Master: Chainsaw. This increases the attack speed of the chainsaw while dealing more damage to health, balance, and dismemberment.

3. Scotty (Warrior)

Another Warrior, Scotty prefers axes. Of his two initial active skills, the first is Thunder Thrust, an explosive move that deals 100 damage to all enemies within the radius. The second, Collateral Damage, deals 13 percent of the damage you inflict to nearby evil units when you land a heavy attack (R2 or RT).

At level ten, Scotty unlocks Exposure Therapy. This active skill drains five fear from your fear meter with every kill. At 25, he unlocks Weapon Master: Lumberjack Axe. This increases attack speed and deals more damage to health, balance, and dismemberment when using an axe.

4. Henry The Red (Warrior)

Henry The Red enters with a sledgehammer. The knightly Warrior’s first initial active skill is Unstoppable. When activated, he is temporarily invulnerable (seven seconds) to sustaining damage to health and shield. Shields Up grants Henry The Red an additional shield bar at the start of a match. Henry The Red is the best tank of the three.

At level 10, Henry The Red unlocks Rebound. This active skill will reflect 30 percent of the damage you receive to your enemy. At 25, he unlocks Battle Hardened, which increases the maximum health and shield bar for Henry The Red by ten percent.

5. Ash Williams – Evil Dead 2 (Hunter)

The Hunter version of Ash Williams is from Evil Dead 2, carrying a long double-barrel. Of his first two active skills, Exorcist will exorcize the Demon possessing a Survivor or basic evil unit. It only drains some infernal energy (15 percent) when used on elite and boss evil units. The second active skill, Treasure Hunter, reveals supply crates through walls when near.

At level ten, he unlocks I’m The Guy With The Double-Barrel. This active skill has Williams start with the double-barrel rather than having to scavenge for his preferred weapon. At 25, Weapon Master: Double-Barrel unlocks. Like with the other Weapon Master active skills, this increases attack speed while dealing more damage to health, balance, and dismemberment.

6. Ed Getley (Hunter)

Hunter Ed Getley likes using the crossbow. His two initial skills include It’s A Trap and Enduring Light. It’s A Trap grants Getley a special flashlight that reveals traps laid by evil units for a limited time (40 seconds), such as trapped trees or supply crates. Enduring Light increases the flashlight’s battery life by 100 percent, or double.

At level ten, Getley unlocks Weapon Master: Crossbow, which increases attack speed and damage to health, balance, and dismemberment. At 25, Getley unlocks The Collector. This active skill increases the likelihood that enemies will drop items while also increasing the chances of finding rarer crates.

7. Kelly Maxwell (Hunter)

The final Hunter, Kelly Maxwell likes using the meat hammer. Of her two initial active skills, the first is Slipshot. For five seconds, dodging does not consume stamina and ranged attacks deal bleeding damage (20 percent). The second active skill is Weapon Master: Meat Hammer. This increases attack speed and increases damage to health, balance, and dismemberment.

At level ten, Maxwell unlocks Countershot. This skill will inflict bleeding damage (five percent per second) with a ranged attack after a successful dodge. At 25, Maxwell unlocks Battle Frenzy. This active skill increases melee damage (two percent extra damage per second) the longer you remain in sustained combat. This means you will need to chain your attacks together to maximize damage.

8. Ash Williams – The Evil Dead (Support)

The Evil Dead version of Williams comes well equipped with a shovel and double-barrel. One of the Support character’s first active skills is Reassuring Presence. This reduces the fear level (50) for anyone, including Williams, within its radius. Alternative Healing restores 35 health to anyone within the radius for every successful heavy attack landed.

At level ten, The Evil Dead version of Williams unlocks Marked Target: Damage. Once marking an enemy with a headshot, a follow up shot from a teammate will deal an additional 30 percent damage to the marked target, ideal for elite and boss units. At 25, Williams unlocks Marked Target: Healing. Rather than dealing 30 percent more damage to the marked target, 30 percent health will be restored to the ally who hits the follow up shot.

9. Cheryl Williams (Support)

The second Support character, Cheryl Williams carries a modified rifle. Healing Touch creates a healing zone for six seconds, restoring 80 health per second for anyone inside the radius. Cola Coaster allows Williams to carry more than the three Shemp’s Cola and begins a match with an extra in her inventory.

At level ten, Williams unlocks Contact Courage. When active, drinking a Shemp’s reduces the fear of Williams and allies in her radius by 25. At level 25, Williams unlocks Contact Healing, which heals 100 health to allies in her radius when drinking a Shemp’s.

It’s ideal to have at least one Support character in your group because of their default ability to carry more Shemp’s and the group healing abilities.

How to unlock characters in Evil Dead The Game

You can unlock other characters by completing Missions. There are five available Missions as of game launch with a sixth coming soon. They must be completed in sequential order. The characters you can unlock are:

  • Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead)
  • Amanda Fisher
  • Pablo Simon Bolivar
  • Lord Arthur

An added benefit to completing each mission is you will also unlock Annie Knowby’s recordings, which should help fill in the lore of the series for those unfamililar.

There you go, your full list of Survivor (human) characters and their active skills in Evil Dead: The Game. Which character meshes well with your playstyle? Don’t forget to always have a Support so you can heal!

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