F1 2020 Game: Five Best Classic Cars to Drive

F1 2021’s release may only be around the corner, but there is some great fun to be had with classic cars of F1 2020.

Part of the appeal of Codemasters’ Formula One games is the inclusion of classic cars. They first appeared in the series in 2013, but were absent in the following editions, until a triumphant return in 2017. Ever since, they’ve been a much-loved staple of the series.

The latest iteration of the game is just around the corner, and it will surely bring in some new classic cars as well. However, the current crop of classic cars in F1 2020 are perhaps some of the best that we’ve seen.

Here, we will look at the five best classic cars that you can drive in F1 2020

1. 1991 Jordan 191

Image Source: Codemasters

This car was part of the Michael Schumacher DLC for the game, and it’s an absolute classic. The Jordan 191 was the first car developed by the Jordan Grand Prix team, and is often considered to be one of the best looking F1 cars of all-time.

It is also the car in which Schumacher made his F1 debut, back at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix. It’s every bit as stunning as it was in real life in F1 2020, and provides plenty of thrills and raw power as you get to grips with a true classic from the early 1990s.

It’s easy to forget that, amid all of the excitement of that race in Spa, the Jordan nearly won. Schumacher retired on lap one after qualifying a stunning 7th, but teammate Andrea de Cesaris was running second in the latter stages and closing in on a limping Ayrton Senna. He could have won the race, if not for his engine blowing out just three laps from the end.

2. 2009 Brawn BGP001

Image Source: Steam Store

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular classic cars in the F1 game. The Brawn BGP001 first appeared in the F1 series in F1 2018 and, of course, was driven by Jenson Button to his one and only world title in 2009, with six wins out of the first seven races.

Teammate Rubens Barrichello also won a pair of races that year, helping Brawn to take their one and only World Constructors’ title before fully morphing into Mercedes for 2010.

The 2009 Brawn is less of a handful than the Jordan in F1 2020, but the increase in downforce means that you can carry plenty of speed through the corners and experience what this car is like on tracks that it never raced on, such as the Circuit of the Americas and Zandvoort.

3. 1990 Ferrari 641

Image Source: Codemasters

This car earns its place on this list in part thanks to a similar reason to the Jordan: because the Ferrari 641 is an absolute beauty of a car. It was driven by Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost in 1990, and the car represented in F1 2020 is that of Prost’s.

Prost took five wins in 1990, and was infamously taken out by rival Ayrton Senna at that year’s Japanese Grand Prix, on the very first corner. It was also the last Ferrari in which Prost and Mansell would win races.

Mansell moved to Williams for 1991, after initially retiring earlier in 1990. The 1991 Ferrari didn’t win a single race, with Prost being sacked by the team near the end of that year.

4. 2003 Williams FW25

Image Source: Steam Store

In terms of cars from the 2000s, the FW25 has to be the best one that Williams created. It was driven by Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya, the latter being perhaps one of the most exciting drivers to grace Formula One. It took four pole positions and won four races, and probably should have taken Montoya to that year’s title.

The BMW engine in FW25 was the most powerful on the grid by far, but a messy race in the United States took Montoya out of contention. Then there was also the slimmer tire design brought in thanks to Ferrari and Bridgestone protesting a possible advantage being exploited by Williams, which was really just sour grapes.

In F1 2020, the Williams is a V10 monster: a rocket ship in a straight line and a brute to handle, but that’s what makes it so good.

5. 2000 Ferrari F1-2000

Image Source: Formula 1 Game

For Michael Schumacher fans, the F1-2000 is a particularly special car. This was the car that started the era of dominance for Schumacher at Ferrari, as he won his first of four World Drivers’ titles with the famous team.

Teammate Rubens Barrichello also took a win for the team that year, at the German Grand Prix, and the car took ten pole positions and ten wins in total – nine of which went to Schumacher. He beat rival Mika Häkkinen in a thrilling Japanese Grand Prix to wrap up the title one race early.

Then, for good measure, he won the final race of the year in Malaysia to take his fourth win on the spin and give Ferrari the World Championship double. Schumacher became the first Ferrari World Drivers’ champion since 1979, with the last driver to do so being Jody Scheckter.

If you want to infuse some world-class legends into your F1 2020 racing experience, take a seat in one of these classic cars.

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