F1 2021: Best (& Worst) Teams to Start Career With

Thinking of embarking on a Driver Career but don’t know which team to join? These are the best and worst picks for you to start with.

Whilst Braking Point and My Team are the main focus of F1 2021, there is still a place for Driver Career. This is where you take on the role of yourself and drive for one of the current teams on the grid, be it Williams, Mercedes or Ferrari.

Each team on the grid has its good and bad points, and we are going to run you through a list of the worst and best teams that you can choose to drive for on F1 2021.

Worst teams to start with on F1 2021


Haas are undoubtedly the worst team that you could pick in F1 2021 to start your career mode. In real life, they are mired at the back of the pack and miles away from scoring points, and the same is true in F1 2021.

They have the worst aero, chassis, and other R&D features that you will find, and it will take a long, hard slog to get back up the order. Plus, unlike teams such as Williams, there doesn’t seem to be any potential for them to move forwards.

Alfa Romeo

On paper, in 2021, Alfa Romeo had come up with a good car. Whether the drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi are holding the car back is an intriguing point to ponder, but that appears to be the case.

The Ferrari engine in the back of your Alfa Romeo is good enough, but it isn’t a significant improvement over that of the Haas, and they just seem to be quite unsure of where to go in the midfield.

Still, in F1 2021, the Alfa Romeo team doesn’t make for easy competing. It should be at least a half-decent competitor, but the car just isn’t up to scratch in-game.


You might be wondering why we have chosen Alpine and not Williams. Well, for starters, the Renault engine is slower than that of the Mercedes found in the back of the Williams. Secondly, this is a team that has slipped back dramatically in real life from when it was the Renault team.

Most importantly, there is perhaps more of a sense of achievement at the end of a Williams career knowing that you have taken them back to the front. That aspect feels a bit lost with Alpine.

Best teams to start with on F1 2021

Red Bull

On paper, it should be Mercedes that is the best team to choose in F1 2021. While this is true, given how the game is currently setup, Mercedes are just miles ahead. Red Bull, though, are close and offer a unique challenge.

You need to find those few tenths to take yourself and either Sergio Perez or Max Verstappen to world title glory, and not have an easy road to victory onboard the Mercedes. Plus, it would be fun to give Honda a World Championship again, even if it is just a virtual one.


McLaren are a bit overpowered in F1 2021 right now, but that doesn’t matter. In real life, Lando Norris is taking this team to levels not seen for several years, and once Daniel Ricciardo adjusts to the car, the rest of the field will need to watch out. Taking the Papaya boys and girls back to the role of title challengers in F1 2021 just feels right.


Everyone loves Ferrari. As Sebastian Vettel said a few years ago, even if they don’t say they are, everyone’s a Ferrari fan. This year’s Ferrari SF21 has improved on the 2020 Ferrari with better aero and a much better power unit.

There is always something so special about driving the Scarlet Red machines, as it feels wrong whenever they aren’t winning in Formula One. Certainly, it’s a much more rewarding experience than an easy cruise to glory in a Mercedes.

Honourable mentions to consider

Aston Martin have had a shaky start to 2021, but teaming up with Sebastian Vettel and taking them to championship success is going to be a challenge that everyone loves.

Alpha Tauri are a small team with a big heart, and if you play your cards right, you could repeat Pierre Gasly’s 2020 Monza success on a regular basis.

If you pick Mercedes, well, it’s easy to win with them; but if you take Williams to the top, you’ll get a much greater sense of achievement.

Hopefully, this guide will give you an idea of who you should drive for in F1 2021’s Driver Career Mode. Out of the ten teams, we would say that McLaren is the ultimate choice, but there are so many other storylines that you could write for yourself with the other teams – just don’t go near the Haas.

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