F1 22: Best Teams To Start Career With

Thinking of embarking on a Driver Career but don’t know which team to join? These are the best picks for you to start with.

F1 22 is finally here, and as always people will be looking to start a new career mode. This year, things are very different compared to 2021.

While career mode might look quite similar to last year, in F1 22, there is a lot for players to consider before they hit the track. Formula 1’s radical new ground effect cars have shaken up the form book, and whereas last year Mercedes might be the car to have, this year that is no longer the case.

Below, you will find the best teams to begin your career with in F1 22.

1. Red Bull Racing

This year, Red Bull and their RB18 car are certainly the one to choose. The RB18 has racked up seven wins so far in 2022, with Max Verstappen taking six and Sergio Perez taking one. Early unreliability issues are seemingly negated now, and in F1 22 you will find a car with plenty of downforce in the corners and a lot of grunt from the Red Bull badged Honda powertrain.

2. Ferrari

Ferrari are also a good choice with the radical F1-75. This year has mostly been about Charles Leclerc vs. Max Verstappen, and if you want to run right at the front, this is the car where you will find yourself looking in career mode. The F1-75 looks very different to the RB18 with its bulging sidepods and deep red livery. However, it is a well-balanced car that seemingly suits every track, giving you a stable platform to launch your career mode.

3. Mercedes

Mercedes are not to be discounted in F1 22. They are, on average, the third best team in 2022, but have no wins thus far and just a smattering of podiums. They’ve had races where the likes of McLaren and Alfa Romeo have looked faster than them. Mercedes should be really in a class of their own, floating between the midfield and the front of the grid. If you want to start in a top team with a slight challenge, choose Mercedes.

4. Alfa Romeo

Based on the current state of play within the game, Alfa Romeo are probably the team you want to start with if you want a strong midfield car. The Alfa Romeo has that potent Ferrari engine, and the 2022 chassis has shown up very well this year with a big upturn in form for the Sauber ran outfit compared to 2021. The C42 is very well balanced, with a great power unit and with great looks to go with it. They’ve made big strides in 2022 compared to the 2021 Alfa Romeo.

5. McLaren

McLaren and Alpine also offer strong contenders for midfield teams in career mode, although McLaren need a bit of a performance update based on the current in-game order. This year’s MCL36 is a bit behind the MCL35M of 2021, but in real life they still sit fourth in the standings. The current state of the F1 22 game has them ranked lower than they really should be, but no doubt a future patch will boost their performance levels.

6. Alpine

Alpine in real life sit fifth in the standings right now. The A522 has a fantastic Renault engine that is very punchy and the car looks like it runs well on every track. It allowed Fernando Alonso to start second in this year’s Canadian Grand Prix! It’s not quite as potent as the Alfa Romeo in the game, but it’s not far behind, so it’s a good point to start within F1 22’s driver career while giving you a nice challenge.

7. Haas F1

Haas may have slipped further down the ranks in real life, but they provide a solid starting point within the game to get your career mode ball rolling. Weirdly, the game has them ranked lower than they actually were at the start of the 2022 F1 season. Haas should perhaps be around fifth or sixth quickest in-game, but having played the game, we can say you can drag the Haas into some good points positions.

Each team will provide a different challenge, whoever you drive for. It is up to you to decide what type of driving style works best for you as you seek to become a world champion in F1 22.

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