Farming Sim 19 [FS19]: Best Animals to Make Money

Money makes the world go around in Farming Simulator, and animals are a key way that you can earn some of your own.

Farming Sim 22 is just around the corner, but of course, there is still time to play some Farming Sim 19. Making money is the aim of the game; to earn more to expand your operation, buy better equipment and more beside. Animals are one way in which you can make money in Farming Sim, and these are the best animals to do so with. 

1. Pigs 

Pigs are the animals that demand the most in Farming Simulator, and the ones that demand the most attention from yourself. You have to keep up a high rate of production to make pigs work on your farm, and sell as many as you can when the time comes. Pig enclosures are required, with small and large holding 100 and 300 pigs respectively. Make sure plenty of food is given to your pigs, as they require an awful lot of it. Pig food requires a mixture of corn, rape, soya, sunflower, and wheat or oat. Food can also be bought directly from the store. 

2. Sheep 

Sheep are perhaps the next best type of animal to get some money out of in the game. The beauty of the sheep is that unlike pigs, they don’t require that much attention. They are easy to manage and don’t need an awful lot when it comes to food and water. Small and large pastures can be bought in-game for sheep, and then you will need a water tanker to be able to fill up the water tanks by the pasture for the sheep to drink. Grass or hay is all that they need to eat and this is easily sourced on your own farm. 

To get the money from your sheep, you will have to go and sell off their wool. Fortunately, this is easily done. Just check the quality of the wool as it decrease over time, so the sooner you sell off your collected wool the better. At peak yield, you can get 1,000 litres of wool in 24 hours. 

3. Cows 

Cows are another good way of making some animal money in Farming Sim 19, but they are expensive, at $2,500 each – and that excludes all your transporting costs too. The smallest cow pasture costs $100,000 and holds up to 50 cows. Milk is the main way in which cows make you money in-game, and each cow produces around 150 litres of milk each day. You can sell your cows too, with each cow breeding once every 1,200 hours, and a cow can be sold off for $2,000, excluding your transportation costs. A diet of total mixed ration is the best for cow milk production, and adding straw and cleaning the feeding area helps further. 

4. Horses 

Horses are slightly different to the other animals in the game. You don’t have any produce from them, nor are they sold off as a food product. How you make your money is by training them, with each small horse pen having enough room for eight horses. Straw or hay is all that’s needed to feed them, as well as water. To train a horse, all that you have to do is simply ride them until they reach a level of 100%. Don’t forget to groom your horse as well, as that will also play a role in how much you can get for one. 

5. Chickens 

Chickens won’t yield an awful lot off profit for your farm, but they are easy to manage, relatively fun to look after and will still net a nice bit of money for you that can be put in the bank. Again, small and large chicken pens are available and wheat is all that they require to eat, so feeding them is not going to be an issue. How you get your money from said chickens are from their eggs, and if you have 100 chickens they can yield up to 480 litres of eggs. Chickens lay their eggs in-game at a rate of one litre every 15 minutes.  

Each box of eggs will carry 150 litres of eggs, and when a box has reached that limit it will appear next to their enclosures in that box. They will then have to be transported to a collection point to be sold off, and can be taken easily in a pickup truck with straps over the pickup bed.  

These are all of the animals that you can make money from in Farming Sim 19, and each will have varying levels of success. Pigs certainly yield the most in profit, whilst chickens are the ones you will see the least money from. Caring for them and making money from all of these animals, however, is a different challenge from farming crops, and is certainly a nice way to break up the routine of farming in the game.  

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