Farming Simulator 22 [FS22]: Best Animals to Make Money from

Farming Simulator 22 is now out there for us all to purchase, and it sees the return of animals as well.

Farming Simulator 22 is not just about harvesting crops – it’s also about making money from animals. Farming Sim 19 featured a great range of animals, and they have made their return in Farming Sim 22 along with the introduction of bees. Out of all those animals, these are the ones that make the most money in Farming Simulator 22.

1. Pigs

Image Source: Farming Simulator, via YouTube

Once again, pigs are where the most money is made with animals in Farming Simulator. They demand the most attention from yourself, but equally that attention will be rewarded more than with all other animals. In order to earn this reward, you need to keep a high level of production rate up. Large and small pig enclosures can be bought, with a capacity of 300 and 100 pigs respectively. Keep the pigs fed, and you will get a good production run and make a tidy profit. Twelve pigs will give you around $3000 a day, so it’s well and truly worth your time and effort.

2. Horses

Image Source: Farming Simulator, via YouTube

Horses are a bit different in Farming Simulator 22, because they are the only animals which you can actually ride on and take control of. You don’t sell them off as food product, but you do ride them which equates to training them. Keep riding the horse to train it until its level has risen to 100%. That is then when the horse will reach its highest level of profitability, and also keep in mind that if you groom the horse, you can get a little bit more money out of it as well. A well-groomed and trained horse can fetch you a highly impressive $50,000, so it’s very much worth investing your time and effort into the venture.

3. Sheep

Image Source: Farming Simulator, via YouTube

Sheep are the final way in which you can make some really good money in Farming Simulator 22. That’s not to say that the other animals are not going to give you money, but they won’t be as profitable. Sheep are the easiest animals to breed in Farming Simulator 22. You can have pastures of 60 sheep or pastures of 250 sheep, whatever you feel more comfortable with. They are easy to look after, with bales of grass or hay being sufficient to feed them – just make sure you keep those pastures clean. The more you play the game, the more the wool production will gradually increase and you could see a profit of $1000 a day for every ten sheep with the wool you sell. Sheep are absolutely brilliant for making money with minimal effort.

4. Cows

Image Source: Farming Simulator, via YouTube

Cows are another sure fire way to make a reasonable amount of money in Farming Simulator, and they aren’t quite as attentive as the pigs are. To get a good profit they need a feed of grass, hay and silage and there is a special machine in the game that can mix those ingredients to the right ratio. To maximize the profit from cows you can sell off the milk that they produce, and of course make money from beef cattle as well. Your dairy cows will produce money as soon as they mature, and then you can sell the beef cows to get profit from them.

5. Chickens

Image Source: Farming Simulator, via YouTube

Chickens are certainly one of the easiest animals to look after in Farming Simulator 22. They will lay their eggs every 15 minutes or so, and two chickens will give you 11 eggs in the game. These eggs will then be produced into egg boxes that appear in front of the animal pens, and each box will contain about 1501 eggs each time. These can then easily be loaded into a trailer or pickup truck to be sold on for a decent margin.

6. Bees

Image Source: Farming Simulator, via YouTube

Bees are the exciting newcomers to the Farming Simulator animal world. However, don’t expect them to be even close to your biggest moneymaker. As you might expect, you will be able to make honey from the bees and all you have to do is leave your beehives next to the fields. Bees have an advantage in that they also increase the production yield of canola, sunflower and potato crops, so even though you won’t make a huge amount of money from them directly, they are certainly worth having around.

Pigs, horses and sheep are certainly the best way in which you can make money in the animal world in Farming Simulator 22. There are other animals too in the game, such as cows and bees, but they don’t quite allow for the profits that these do and certainly compared to sheep, they aren’t quite as easy to look after. Nonetheless, if you want more animals on your farm you should go for it. They’re fantastic fun and a nice break from the sometimes monotonous world of harvesting crops.

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