Farming Simulator 22 [FS22]: Best Crops to Farm Each Season

Farming Simulator 22 has now hit the shelves, and there is plenty of farming to be done.

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Farming Simulator 22 is a vast improvement on Farming Simulator 19, both graphically and in terms of gameplay. There are, of course, many similarities between the two, and you still have lots of crops to farm. These are the best crops you can farm in the game to make as much money as possible. 

Complete Farming Simulator 22 Crop List

There are 17 different crops you can farm in Farming Simulator 22 and they are planted and harvested at different times of the year. These are all the crops available: 

Crop Months to Sow Months to Reap
Barley  September, October June, July
Canola  August, September July, August
Corn  April, May October, November
Cotton  February, March October, November
Grapes  March, April, May September, October
Grass  March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November Any Month
Oat  March, April July, August
Oilseed Radish  March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October Any Month
Olives  March, April, May, June October
Poplar  March, April, May, June, July, August Any Month
Potatoes  March, April August, September
Sorghum  April, May August, September
Soybeans  April, May October, November
Sugar Beet  March, April October November
Sugarcane  March, April October, November
Sunflowers  March, April October, November
Wheat September, October July, August

What are the best crops in Farming Simulator 22?

Each crop will have a different time to be harvested, and the game will provide you with that information. Each will make a differing amount of money at any time, but we have listed the best all-round crops you can harvest; those that are perhaps the easiest and give you the best window to harvest. 

1. Wheat 

Wheat is one of the more basic forms of crop in Farming Simulator 22, and one that you will probably start off with on a farm if you pick the “easy” option in career mode. Wheat is planted between September and October, and then can be left until July or August to harvest, and when that time comes be sure to check which outlet will offer the most for your crop. Wheat doesn’t need any majorly complex equipment either, unlike potatoes, for example. 

2. Barley 

Barley is a crop that, like wheat, is not too difficult to deal with, can be farmed relatively easily, and sold for a reasonable amount of money. Barley falls under the Grains category, like most crops, and requires cultivation just like wheat does before you can plant the crop. Be sure to check that you have the appropriate header on your harvester before you do go out and harvest these crops. Barley can be harvested from June to July, and if you have wheat on your farm too, try to ensure you have the barley in first so you can then focus on the wheat. 

3. Oilseed Radish 

Oilseed radish has an advantage over wheat and barley that not all the crops have. This crop has a long planting window, from March to October, and an even longer harvesting window. Provided you’ve planted it properly and looked after the crops well, you can harvest oilseed radish all year long. Yes, you read that right. You have all year to harvest your radish. Just don’t leave it out in the field, as if you have realistic settings in your game your crop will die if just left for months on end. If you really want to, however, you could even harvest it in December! 

4. Soybeans 

Soybeans are another good crop, but they have a very different harvesting window to that of the rest. They are one of just a handful of crops that have an autumn harvesting window, and more specifically can only be harvested in October and November, after being planted in April and May. Again, be wary of the fluctuating prices that each crop goes for, as one day might have better dividends than the next for your soybeans. 

5. Canola 

Canola is a crop that players of Farming Simulator 19 will probably be quite familiar with, as it was a mainstay crop of that game too. You must plant your canola in August and September, but you will have quite a long wait before you can harvest it (game time acceleration notwithstanding). You won’t be able to harvest your canola until the following July or August, so keep an eye on it and the prices for which you can offload the canola.  


Olives are a new crop to Farming Simulator 22, and will certainly be one to watch out for as you play the game. These have a very specific farming window. Whilst the planting zone for olives is March through to the end of June – plenty of time – they have a very narrow harvesting window. You can only harvest your olives in June but you can get good money out of them, as they are used in products such as wine and food. They have the potential pay big dividends for you. 

7. Potatoes 

We have added potatoes into this list as, even though it requires more complex and tricky equipment, and is more time consuming, they go for big money. You will most likely be selling your potatoes to food-related outlets, and if you are able to grow a good, healthy crop of them, you are in a great position to make good money from them.

These are some of the best crops for you to farm with in Farming Simulator 22. The above list includes many of the crops that are easiest to manage, with the exception of potatoes, which are included as they can pay off quite handsomely for you and your farm.  

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