Farming Simulator 22 [FS22]: Best Trucks to Use

Explore which of the trucks in Farming Simulator 22 is the best for your next job.

Image Source: Farming Simulation, via YouTube

Farming Simulator 22 is finally out, and with it, we have plenty of new toys to play with in the fields. Whilst the likes of tractors and combines are the most important pieces of equipment, trucks are too, as they allow you to take your loads to sellers much faster.

Here, we’re taking a look at the trucks of Farm Sim 22, ranking them from the best to the worst.

1. Mack Super Liner 6×4

The Super Liner 6×4 is the embodiment of American trucks. It has that classic cabin shape and with 500 hp, and it’s a powerful brute, too. This is also perhaps the most enjoyable truck to drive in Farm Sim 22 just because it feels like you are a truck. The 6×4 is a very solid machine, and whilst it is the second-most expensive of the trucks, you absolutely get what you pay for. This is the best truck in Farm Sim 22 and the most enjoyable to use.

2. Man TGS 18.500 4×4

Whilst the Man TGS is the most expensive truck in Farm Sim 22, it’s for a good reason. It has a 500 hp engine, and it’s a versatile truck, just like the Super Line 6×4. It’s a bog-standard European truck, so if you’re playing either the Swiss or Mediterranean maps, it will fit in well. It’s not too big for the roads, and it only takes up ten slots on the farm – meaning that it’s easily stored.

3. Mack Pinnacle 6×4

There are three Mack trucks in Farm Sim 22, and the Pinnacle 6×4 is the second-best of the trio. The Pinnacle 6×4 is another that has a classic American cabin style, and it’s a few thousand euros cheaper than the Super Liner 6×4. Ironically, though, it takes up more slots when bought – 21 to the Super Liner’s 11. Still, coming in a bit cheaper at €93,500, it’s a bit more affordable, perhaps suiting those on a smaller farm, and it might be the ideal truck if you just want to keep some cash in reserve.

4. Mack Anthem 6×4

The Mack Anthem 6×4 is by far the ugliest truck in the game. Whilst looks aren’t that important in Farming Simulator 22, who wants a horrible-looking truck? The Anthem 6×4 is also the truck that takes up the most spots on the farm, with a whopping 17 slots required. It has a power range of 425 to 505 hp, as does the Pinnacle 6×4. Still, that means that more money has to be spent on upgrading the truck. That said, in the lower power setting, it’s a good truck for those on a smaller farm with perhaps smaller trailers for their crops.

Do you need a truck in Farm Sim 22?

While a tractor can carry some of your crops to be sold off, it can’t carry it very quickly, and it’s limited by its trailer size. A truck, on the other hand, with a large trailer behind it, could carry a few yields and sell them all off in one large lump sum. Plus, you will get there and back much quicker if using one of the best trucks.

What to look out for when buying a truck in Farm Sim 22

There are two things to look out for with the trucks in Farm Sim 22: horsepower and pulling power. These are, in effect, combined into one entity as the more powerful that the truck is, the more weight that it can pull. However, the truck speed itself isn’t that important. All of them in Farm Sim hit a maximum speed of 80 kph, and if you try to carry a large trailer fast, you might end up tipping it over.

So, those are the best trucks of Farm Sim 22 ranked by their worth in-game. With all of them, it’s worth looking at them in terms of their size and power to be certain that you have the right one for your farming venture.

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