Farming Simulator 22 [FS22]: Exploring the Maps

Farming Simulator 22 is finally here, and with it come three brand new maps for players to choose from.

Image Source: Farming Simulator, via YouTube

Farming Simulator 22, the long-awaited successor to Farming Simulator 19, has finally been released. The new game comes with much anticipation, especially regarding its new maps. Three new maps have been developed for this new release, and we are going to detail them for you right here. 


Erlengrat might just be the most beautiful location yet in a Farming Simulator, mods included. The map is set to simulate the European Alpine regions, and because of that you are in for some truly spectacular visuals. The map looks particularly exceptional on clear summer days and snowy winter ones, given that the snow is what most people think of when they picture the alps. Farming Simulator’s own trailer for the map did a great job in showing off the stunning detail which no doubt will look at its best on new generation consoles and an up-to-spec PC. 


Haut-Beyleron is just as beautiful as Erlengrat, and is ideally suited for summer days. Set in the Mediterranean, this location also brings in some Alpine features such as the rolling hills, and is perhaps most similar to Southern France. It is a truly idyllic location that has a lot to offer. Perhaps one of the highlights is something most people might not notice. The cars running around the map are old Citroen 2CVs and estate cars, that make you feel like you have travelled right back in time. The developers clearly went into a lot of detail with this map, with some French villages and even an observatory oozing European atmosphere.  


No Farming Simulator would be complete without an American map, and Farming Simulator 22 brings in a brilliant new American map that is called Elmcreek. It is set in the American Midwest, and as you might imagine has a huge amount of fields that you can explore. The map is quite different to the Ravenport map seen in Farming Simulator 19 in that it has no coastline, something its predecessor did have. There is an awful lot to discover across the map, such as a gas station, baseball stadium, fishing lake, and so much more.  

A step forward for Farm Sim 22 

We haven’t ranked the maps here, but the level of detail in all of them is truly something to behold. Farming Simulator 19 had some fantastic maps available at launch, but some of the mods that soon became available from the community showed just what could be done with a bit more attention to detail. For this latest release, it looks like the developers at GIANTS Software have really worked hard to ensure that the game has the best maps possible available from day one. 

We will of course keep an eye out for some amazing mod maps that will no doubt soon come available for the game. Modders were able to craft some stunning locations from all over the world in Farming Simulator 19, and no doubt they will do the same in Farming Simulator 22.  

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