Farming Simulator 22 [FS22]: Top Tips for Getting More Land

Here’re some top tips for when you’re looking at getting more land in Farm Sim 22.

Farming Simulator 22 is all about expanding your farm as you go along, and there are plenty of ways in which you can get more land and grow your farm.

When you start in Farm Sim 22, you will have a relatively modest portion of land, but as you get to grips with the game, you will undoubtedly be hoping to expand the farm and make the business grow.

So, here are some top tips to help you achieve exactly that and get more out of your farm.

1. Perfect what you have before expanding

The most important thing to do is make sure that the farm you have initially is all in order. You will have at least three fields to look after should you start the game by selecting the campaign where you have the equipment and a farm set-up already. It is important that you first find your feet in the game, get your house in order, get a good rotation of crops going, and then you can think about expanding. There isn’t any point in taking on more than you can handle. So, don’t seek to get more land until your starter field is running smoothly.

2. Take contract jobs for extra money to spend on more land

Contract jobs are a big moneymaker in Farm Sim 22. Now, they can take time away from your own farm, but they are worth doing. The best time to do them is when your own farm is virtually taken care of, with the crops planted and when you’re waiting for them to grow. Another good practice is to lease the equipment for the contract job if it’s a large field that you need to sort out. That will save you a bit of money in the short term as there isn’t any point in buying large equipment when you can’t afford to do so.

When you do look at expanding your farm, it’s best to try and stay as close to your original land as you possibly can. This will save on time when getting to and from the new field and means that you shouldn’t have to leave your equipment far away from your main section of land, your farmhouse, and possibly your storage areas. Keeping everything within sight will make it easier to manage.

3. Save until you can afford the equipment and land

Don’t spend that money on more land as soon as you get it. Suddenly splurging it all on more land because you can is not the right move. You need to evaluate whether you’re happy to take on all of the extra work first, but most importantly, you need to see whether or not you need more equipment to manage this field. If you upgrade your equipment on the current set-up that you have, you can at least utilise it and try it out before moving on to the next field.

4. Consider your new plot’s obstacles

Something important to note is that when you buy a field, you are also buying the surrounding land. This might not be a problem – it might just mean that you have a few surrounding bits that you could perhaps put buildings on – but there might also be obstacles in the way. There may be trees or even old buildings or hills around the land. Be wary of this when you look at the plot that you want to buy, as you might have to do some landscaping and alterations before you can get farming on the new area.

5. Make sure that your new land is close to selling points

As well as ensuring that the land isn’t too far away from your farm, factor in how far away it is from your selling points too. To simply save time and ensure that you aren’t away from the farm, try to buy more land that’s as close to these facilities as possible. This also includes making sure that it’s close to other key points, such as the shops, silos, and warehouses. Saving time where possible will make your whole operation smoother and maximise your daily potential for earning money

6. Avoid small and irregular fields

When you look at the map of the area and what fields might be available, not all of them will be a perfect shape. There will be plenty of fields across the map that are in a weird and irregular shape: avoid these plots of land and also avoid buying any fields that are quite small. If you are expanding the farm, you want a half-decent sized area of land.

7. Think of buying land for more than just fields

Whilst the main reason that you might want more land is to have more fields, you could also do so to add storage buildings for equipment, crops, or perhaps animal enclosures. So if you are happy with your fields and want to branch out, have a look and see if there are a few bits of land around your farm that can be bought to expand the farm in other ways. New ways of making money will also help to break-up the gameplay a bit.

8. Buy larger plots if you’re playing with friends

Something else that you should consider is whether you are playing the game on your own or with friends. If you play online with friends, investing in a larger plot of land with bigger fields might not be a bad idea. The more of you that there are to manage, the easier all of the jobs will be. Plus, if there are several of you working on the same farm, it can be an awful lot of fun, and each one of you can do different tasks to get those new fields ready.

9. Don’t buy land until it’s necessary

Above all else, just keep cool and don’t go spending money unnecessarily on the new land. It’s not the most important thing in Farm Sim 22, but it will certainly add another element to the gameplay process, even if it may pile on the stress of managing even more land!

Those are the top tips for you if you’re looking at getting more land in Farm Sim 22. As you work your way through Farming Simulator 22, there is plenty that you can do to expand the business and adding more land to your farming empire is one of those things.

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