Fiendish SBC FIFA 23 Solutions

The requirements may seem daunting especially if you are new to the advanced SBC in FIFA 23.

Best Fiendish SBC Squad Building Challenge FIFA 23 Solutions

Squad Building Challenge is always a fun way to gain new players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. While some challenges may be harder to complete, the rewards tend to be higher with some of the harder challenges.

Fiendish is a challenge that comes after the advanced SBC, it is the third Squad Building Challenge in the nation and league hybrid section of the advanced challenges. Fiendish is not necessarily the hardest challenge out there, but it can be rather tricky to solve.

Solving Fiendish gives you an untradeable prime gold players pack, consisting of 12 gold players with at least 6 rare players. Each pack has a coin value of at least 45,000 coins which makes the challenge worth the time and effort.

Requirements to finish Fiendish

Make sure to understand the requirements well so that you can maximize your team selection with the players you have. The requirements are as follows:

  • Players from exactly 4 leagues in the squad
  • Exactly 5 nationalities in the squad
  • Not more than 4 players of the same league in the squad
  • Not more than 3 players of the same nationalities in the squad
  • Team rating of at least 80
  • Squad chemistry of at least 25

The requirements may seem daunting especially if you are new to the advanced SBC in FIFA 23. However, there is no reason to worry as it is not that complicated. Yes, it may be a hassle to match the right players, but remember that you can link nationalities and leagues to maximize the outcome.

The real challenge is to maintain the squad chemistry at 25, which requires you to utilize nationalities across different leagues to make sure no players are left with 0 chemistry.

How much it will cost for you to build your Fiendish squad depends on the players you use, but you will spend at least 7,000 coins to keep the team rating at a minimum of 80.

Possible Solutions

  • GK: Kepa Arrizabalaga (Chelsea/Spain)
  • RB: Joao Mario (Porto/Portugal)
  • CB: Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea/Spain)
  • CB: Karim Rekik (Sevilla/Dutch)
  • LB: Lucas Digne (Aston Villa/France)
  • CDM: Pablo Rosario (Nice/Dutch)
  • CDM: Danilo Pereira (PSG/Portugal)
  • CAM: Ludovic Blas (Nantes/France)
  • CAM: Alex Fernandez (Cadiz/Spain)
  • ST: Gaetan Laborde (Nice/France)
  • ST: Youssef En-Nesyri (Sevilla/Morocco)

Above is one of the solutions that you can copy to complete the Fiendish Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 23. The squad above contains 4 players from Ligue 1, 3 each from the Premier League and La Liga, and 1 from Liga NOS.

Building the chemistry is the tricky part, but notice that the 2 Spanish players (Arrizabalaga and Azpilicueta) cross off 2 boxes by being from the same league and nation. You can plan and build your squad, but links like these are the ones that will help you complete the task faster.

Now that you understand how to complete the Fiendish SBC, time to plan your squad and reap the rewards! Remember to minimize your spending whenever possible as you will not be getting your cards back after completing an SBC.

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