FIFA 22: 6 Things We Want to See in Career Mode

Here are six additions to FIFA’s Career Mode that would take it to the next level in FIFA 22.

FIFA 21 brought more changes to Career Mode than we’ve seen for years. The ability to engage in training, simulate a game that you can jump in and out of, and the other developments were nice additions, but there are still many things that we still want to see.

The pessimist may suggest that less focus has been placed on developing FIFA’s Career Mode in recent years as priorities have shifted to other game modes – those that generate more profit for the publishers. However, this view doesn’t just apply to FIFA, with many Career Modes reportedly being left behind.

When it comes to new additions to FIFA’s Career Mode, half of the conversation is around bringing back lost features. In the list below, some of the things that we’d like to see are brand new additions. That said, other features are ones that we’ve previously seen in the series.

1. Create your own club feature

There is nothing like a road to glory Career Mode, taking Harrogate Town from League Two to the Champions League Final. However, it would be even better to take your home town or a place that you’ve made up from the bottom to the top.

It would be great to have the option to create your own club with its own name, its own kits, and perhaps even the ability to use an upload feature for its badge. Even if the custom club was filled with auto-generated players, before you utilise the youth system or bring in players from the transfer market, it would still offer an engaging and customised experience.

EA Sports have included a similar feature in their other sports games for years. In the NHL series, you can create your own franchise from the ground up, including its kit, stadium colours, badges, mascot, and everything else in between.

2. Bring in youth teams

In real life, all football teams have youth teams that play week in and week out. Currently, on FIFA 21, youth players and most of the reserves don’t have any way of staying sharp, and therefore don’t grow.

The addition of youth teams would allow you to see the club’s youth players develop in a more realistic environment. The players may pick-up injuries or grow exponentially if they play well, but just as importantly, they would stay sharp and be able to step into the first-team as and when necessary.

3. Make the playing styles easily identifiable

A match against Barcelona is a different beast to playing against Atlético Madrid. However, the difference in the styles of play isn’t reflected in-game. It would be great to see distinct styles of play that force you to adjust your own tactics to accommodate.

As one works their way through a Career Mode, playing more and more games, differing playing styles from the AI would add an element of variation that would be welcomed. It would be great if this extended to the lower leagues as well, adding a greater level of distinction to each match when partaking in a road to glory Career Mode.

4. Have an option to bypass repetitive training sessions

The inclusion of training in this year’s FIFA added some long-desired features to the game mode, such as being able to change a player’s position. However, for those who like to begin multiple Career Modes over the course of the FIFA cycle, having to partake in training sessions every time gets tedious very quickly.

An option on the set-up screen as to whether you would like to have the training matrix included in the game would be a welcomed addition to the game mode. Or, even better, having the ability to load your best results for each drill into subsequent Career Mode saves would keep the feature but hone it for those who wish to skip the sessions.

5. Bring back the sponsors and financial incentives

In certain previous FIFA titles, there was the option to have a sponsor that gives you money for signing with them, as well as subsequent funds depending on how your season goes. For an unknown reason, this feature has been removed from Career Mode.

How fun would it be to sign to a sponsor as a team fighting relegation and receive a big payout if you stay up? Or, you could play as a team that’s fighting for European football, achieve the goal, and thus get more money to spend to fill out the squad to accommodate for the increase in games.

6. Introduce an online Career Mode

Career Mode is loved by many players, but all too often, it has to be played as a solo campaign – which has become particularly apparent over the last year. Memories of playing Career Mode with a friend – even though they are few and far between – bring back some epic moments.

The ability to have an online Career Mode would change this and open the game mode to new heights. Ideally, this could grow to have multiple players, each managing their own team across the world of a single Career Mode.

Yes, FIFA would have to add in some restrictions so that teams would have to play at a similar time to stop one player from getting ahead of the others. Still, though, you could have all of your friends playing in one Career Mode, playing numerous games every weekend, with there naturally being some extra competition in the transfer market. You could even aim to snipe those top wonderkids from your best mate.

So, which features would you like to see included in Career Mode of FIFA 22? Let us know in the comments below.

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Tim is an avid football and basketball fan supporting West Ham and Toronto Raptors respectively. He also enjoys playing their digital counterparts FIFA and NBA 2K. When he’s not watching or playing, you’d find him relaxing in front of the tv with his fiancee and a glass of wine.
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