FIFA 23 Defenders: Fastest Left Backs (LB) to Sign in FIFA 23 Career Mode

We have all the fastest left backs (LB) on FIFA 23 Career Mode

Despite being regarded as primarily a defensive role, a good left back is required to pull their weights in attacks too. For that reason, speed is one of the key factors that sets quality left backs from the rest, especially considering how important speed is to outplay your opponents in FIFA 23. The essence of speed will be further broached on as we review some of the fastest defenders in FIFA 23.

This article will be looking at the fastest defenders (left backs) to sign in FIFA 23, such as Alphonso Davies, Alex Bangura, and Adryan Zonta. 

Players can only make the list if they possess a minimum of 70 Agility, 72 Sprint Speed, and 72 Acceleration, which are all key determinants when assessing speed in FIFA 23. 

At the bottom of the article, you’ll find a full list of the fastest left backs in FIFA 23.

Alex Bangura (Pace 94 –  OVR 69)

Alex Bangura (One of the fastest left backs) as seen in FIFA 23

Team: SC Cambuur
Age: 22

Pace: 94

Sprint Speed: 94

Acceleration: 93

Skill Moves: Two Stars

Best Attributes: 94 Sprint Speed, 93 Acceleration, 92 Stamina

Alex Bangura is the perfect player to kick off the list of fastest defenders (LB) to sign in FIFA 23 with his 94 Pace, 94 Sprint Speed, and 93 Acceleration. 

With 94 Sprint Speed and 93 Acceleration, the SC Cambuur’s left back is second to none when it comes to speed. Most importantly, Alex Bangura is capable of maintaining a steady pace throughout the game with his 92 Stamina. 

The 22-year-old player started his career playing for Feyenoord’s youth team until he moved on a free transfer to SC Cambuur U21 team in the summer of 2018. 

Bangura is known more for his speed than any other aspect of his game, but that does not mean he is not dangerous on the ball. The Dutch-based defender made 28 appearances for SC Cambuur last season which saw him netting three goals for the Eredivisie side. 

Alphonso Davies (Pace 94 –  OVR 84)

Alphonso Davies (One of the fastest left backs) as seen in FIFA

Team: FC Bayern München
Age: 21

Pace: 94

Sprint Speed: 93

Acceleration: 96

Skill Moves: Four Stars

Best Attributes: 96 Acceleration, 93 Sprint Speed, 87 Dribbling

Next up is one of the fastest defenders in FIFA 23, Bayern München’s Alphonso Davies with 94 Pace, 93 Sprint Speed, and 96 Acceleration. 

Alphonso Davies is the perfect player for this list given his 96 Acceleration and 93 Sprint speed to run through the flank seamlessly. His speed goes particularly well when combined with his 87 Dribbling, allowing him to outsmart even the best defenders. 

As a Canadian, Alphonso Davies has been playing for Vancouver Whitecaps since he was just 15 years old. He climbed his way up to the Whitecaps senior team and finally made a £9.00M move to FC Bayern München at the beginning of 2019. 

Davies is not necessarily the best goal-scoring left back as he did not register any goal last season, but he is still a threat up front as he managed to contribute 6 assists in 31 games across all competitions. 

Adryan Zonta (Pace 93  –  OVR 81)

Adryan Zonta (One of the fastest left backs) as seen in FIFA 23

Team: RB Bragantino
Age: 30

Pace: 93

Sprint Speed: 93

Acceleration: 92

Skill Moves: Two Stars

Best Attributes: 93 Sprint Speed, 92 Acceleration, 91 Stamina 

Adryan Zonta is one player that you should not miss if speed is top priority for you, especially with his 93 Pace, 93 Sprint Speed, and 92 Acceleration. 

Adryan Zonta may not be in the same tier as elite players such as Alphonso Davies, but his 93 Speed and 92 Acceleration always comes in handy in both attacking and defensive scenarios. The best part is that he has 91 Stamina to maintain his fantastic pace for 90 minutes.

Zonta is one of the premade players in FIFA 23, he is not an actual football player in real life. However, this should not be a factor to overlook him considering how fast he is. 

Zaidu Sanusi (Pace 93 –  OVR 76)

Zaidu Sanusi (One of the fastest left backs) as seen in FIFA 23

Team: FC Porto
Age: 25

Pace: 93

Sprint Speed: 93

Acceleration: 92

Skill Moves: Two Stars

Best Attributes: 93 Sprint Speed, 92 Acceleration, 91 Jumping

Zaidu Sanusi is the first player to represent the Portuguese league on this list of fastest defenders in FIFA 23, possessing 93 Pace and Sprint speed with 92 Acceleration.

He is just like any other Left Backs on this list with 93 Sprint Speed and 92 Acceleration. What sets the Nigerian left back apart is his 91 Jumping, which helps defend long balls and instil fear in attack. 

Sanusi spent his career playing for different Portuguese sides, including Mirandela, Gil Vicente, and Santa Clara until he signed for FC Porto in a £3.60M move from Santa Clara. 

FC Porto relies on Zaidu Sanusi’s speed as he became a key player. He was involved in 40 games across all competitions last season, where he managed to score three goals all within the Portuguese League. 

Theo Hernández (Pace 93 –  OVR 85)

Theo Hernandez as seen in FIFA 23

Team: AC Milan
Age: 24

Pace: 93

Sprint Speed: 94

Acceleration: 92

Skill Moves: Three Stars

Best Attributes: 94 Sprint Speed, 92 Acceleration, 90 Stamina

AC Milan’s Theo Hernández is one of the highest-rated players on this list with an overall rating of 85, possessing 93 Pace, 94 Sprint Speed, and 92 Acceleration. 

Theo Hernández’s game revolves around his 94 Sprint Speed and 92 Acceleration, which is always a good weapon in attack. He is also known for his tenacity in the flank with his 90 Stamina.

The Milan-based left back has an impressive profile having played for both Madrid giants in Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. He finally made his move to the Serie A after a £19.35M move from Real Madrid to AC Milan. 

Hernández is more than just a quick player, he is strong defensively but is even more impressive in attack. He played 41 games for AC Milan last season and contributed five goals and 10 assists to help AC Milan win the Serie A title. 

Matthew Hatch (Pace 92  –  OVR 56)

Mathew Hatch as seen in FIFA 23

Team: Perth Glory
Age: 21

Pace: 92

Sprint Speed: 92

Acceleration: 93

Skill Moves: Two Stars

Best Attributes: 93 Acceleration, 92 Sprint Speed, 67 Agility

Matthew Hatch is the only player on this list who is not playing in Europe. Despite a lower overall rating at 56, he makes up for it by possessing 92 Pace, 92 Sprint Speed, and 93 Acceleration. 

Hatch is certainly not the best player you can sign in FIFA 23, but he can be a good buy considering how helpful his 93 Acceleration and 92 Sprint Speed can be on the flank.

The young left back is a product of the Central Coast Mariners youth team, where he managed to climb up to the first team at the end of 2020. He made his move to Australia’s top side, Perth Glory, on a free transfer in the summer of 2022. 

Playing 15 games for Central Coast Mariners before his move to Perth Glory last season, Hatch banged in four goals which is pretty impressive for such a young left back. 

Ferland Mendy (Pace 92 –  OVR 83)

Ferland Mendy as seen in FIFA 23

Team: Real Madrid CF

Age: 27

Pace: 92

Sprint Speed: 92

Acceleration: 91

Skill Moves: Four Stars

Best Attributes: 92 Sprint Speed, 91 Acceleration, 90 Stamina

Concluding this list is Real Madrid’s left back Ferland Mendy, who is rated with 92 Pace, 92 Sprint Speed, and 91 Acceleration. 

Ferland Mendy is one of the fastest left backs you can sign in FIFA 23. He runs through the flank impressively with his 92 Sprint Speed and 91 Acceleration. Most importantly, he can maintain his pace for 90 minutes with his 90 Stamina. 

Mendy spent his youth career playing for Paris Saint-Germain before playing for multiple French sides in Ligue 1, before joining Olympique Lyon in 2017, and finally moving to Real Madrid on a £43.20M move in 2019. 

The 27-year-old left back is a key player for Real Madrid, having played 35 games across all competitions for the Spanish giant. He scored two goals and five assists in a successful campaign that saw Real Madrid win the La Liga and UEFA Champions League title.

All of the fastest left back in FIFA 23 Career Mode

You can find the fastest defenders (LB) you can sign in FIFA 23 Career Mode below, all sorted according to the players’ pace.

K. Mbappé
239195Paris Saint-Germain
2018 ~ 2024
M. Salah
2017 ~ 2023
S. Mané
308989FC Bayern München
2022 ~ 2025
Neymar Jr.
308989Paris Saint-Germain
2017 ~ 2025
Vinícius Jr.
218692Real Madrid CF
2018 ~ 2025
C. Nkunku
248689RB Leipzig
2019 ~ 2024
K. Coman
268687FC Bayern München
2015 ~ 2027
R. Sterling
2022 ~ 2027
Rafael Leão
238490AC Milan
2019 ~ 2024
F. Chiesa
2022 ~ 2025
A. Davies
218489FC Bayern München
2019 ~ 2025
L. Sané
268485FC Bayern München
2020 ~ 2025
Á. Correa
278384Atlético de Madrid
2014 ~ 2026
J. Cuadrado
2017 ~ 2023
298282SL Benfica
2016 ~ 2024
268283SL Benfica
2016 ~ 2023
L. Muriel
2019 ~ 2023
H. Lozano
2019 ~ 2024
D. Malen
237985Borussia Dortmund
2021 ~ 2026
Diego Essler
227979Clube Atlético Mineiro
2022 ~ 2025

Have a look at our list of the best LB in FIFA 23.





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