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The forums are important because they allow people with common goals to come together and achieve them, such as changing FIFA for the better.

FIFA 23 EA FIFA Community Forums

EA FIFA Forums started as a small group of people who needed an outlet to air their grievances and get feedback on how EA handled things. It is now one of the largest and most trusted FIFA communities.

The forums were founded in early 2006 when a group of players decided to form a support group for many of the same reasons as the Gameplay Tweaking Guide – namely, because EA couldn’t be bothered to read and reply to emails (which is still true today), and because there was no other way for many people to get their message across.

The forum’s aim was, and still is, to provide a reliable source of updated information on the FIFA franchise and to provide a thriving support community for the game. The forums are made up of players from around the world who have come together for one reason – to make FIFA better.

As well as providing information for the use of many players, the forums also act as an online department store – players can buy and sell items, get the latest news, and discuss all things EA in great detail.

The forums are a place to find information on how to play FIFA to its full potential, talk in-depth about different aspects of the game, get advice on playing FIFA, or discuss with other players. The forums are also a place where new ideas and suggestions can be posted alongside feedback from members, who can then act on them or improve upon them.

After years of dedicated members, the forums are still growing and evolving, improving themselves as time goes on. The forum rules have been updated to reflect this, and player conduct will be dealt with accordingly in the future.

The forum has a dedicated team of moderators who ensure that all players are defined by their actions and not by their appearance. Due to this, the conference has become a place where people can meet up and discuss things without being treated differently because they might not be “up-to-date gamers.”
They also have a team of volunteer forum moderators who are employed to enforce the forum rules and keep things running smoothly for everyone involved.

They are essential to the FIFA community because they allow the game developers to interact with the players and allow players to share their insights and ideas with others in a very efficient form. The forums are also important because they allow people with common goals to come together and achieve them, such as changing FIFA for the better.

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