FIFA 23: Fastest Strikers (ST & CF) to Sign in Career Mode

We have a list of ALL the fastest strikers in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

For all of football’s tactical and technical innovation, pace remains the great leveller. The game is determined by a need for speed in FIFA 23, therefore, a through-ball to one of the fastest strikers can easily lead to a goal regardless of the quality of your opposition defenders.

It’s absolutely essential to have a very quick attack and in most cases entire teams of fast players. In order to help you secure that pace up front, we’re looking at the fastest ST and CF players in the game, with the likes of Kylian Mbappé, Noah Okafor and Karim Adeyemi being among the top speedsters in FIFA 23.

Each of the strikers featured on the list boasts a pace rating (average acceleration and sprint speed) of at least 89.

And at the bottom of this article, you’ll find a full list of all the fastest players (ST & CF) in FIFA 23.

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Kylian Mbappé (97 Pace, 91 OVR)

Kylian Mbappé as seen in FIFA 23

Team: Paris Saint-Germain
Age: 23
Pace: 97
Sprint Speed / Acceleration: 97 / 97
Skill Moves: 5-Star
Best Attributes: 97 Acceleration, 97 Sprint Speed, 93 Finishing

Arguably the best young striker, Mbappe is also the fastest striker available in FIFA 23 with an incredible pace rating of 97. The 23-year-old is already a world class performer at 91 overall but he still has the frightening potential to improve with 95 potential.

The Frenchman possesses deadly movement and his ability to beat defenders is a wonderful advantage with 97 acceleration, 97 sprint speed, 93 agility, 93 reactions, 93 dribbling, and 93 finishing. Kylian Mbappé offers the complete package and is a must-have in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

The PSG talisman became just the third player to finish as Ligue 1 top scorer four seasons in a row and provided 17 assists last season, as he also became the first player to finish with the most goals and assists in the same campaign.

Following a protracted saga for his signature, Mbappe extended his contract for three more years to make him the highest-paid player in the world.

Frank Acheampong (93 Pace, 76 OVR)

Frank Acheampong as seen in FIFA 23

Team: Shenzhen FC
Age: 28
Pace: 93
Sprint Speed / Acceleration: 94 / 92
Skill Moves: 4-Star
Best Attributes: 94 Sprint Speed, 93 Agility, 92 Acceleration

Acheampong is one who has developed a reputation for his pace and ability to cover ground in the attacking areas.

Notwithstanding his 76 overall rating, the striker is efficient for his speed with 94 sprint speed, 93 agility, 92 acceleration, 92 balance and 91 stamina. If you want your ST or CF to get in behind defences then the 29-year-old is a shrewd option in Career Mode.

The Ghanaian has become a key player at Chinese Super League side Shenzen FC after moving to the Youth Army in 2021. It should be said that defenders must be sick of chasing after the former RSC Anderlecht man.

Elliott List (93 Pace, 64 OVR)

Elliott List as seen in FIFA 23

Team: Stevenage
Age: 25
Pace: 93
Sprint Speed / Acceleration: 92 / 94
Skill Moves: 3-Star
Best Attributes: 94 Acceleration, 92 Sprint Speed, 86 Agility

The Englishman is known for his pace across the lower leagues of English football and he has been recognised as one of the fastest strikers in FIFA 23.

List has lots of pace to burn, with 94 acceleration, 92 sprint speed, 86 agility, 83 stamina and 82 balance. He will be a good fit in a team that attacks spaces on the counter in Career Mode.

The 25-year-old has been a revelation for Stevenage of League Two as he finished as the club’s top goalscorer and won the 2021 Player of the Year award. List scored another 13 goals in 45 appearances during the 2021–22 season and his pace could be vital in your team.

Noah Okafor (93 Pace, 75 OVR)

Noah Okafor as seen in FIFA 23

Team: FC Red Bull Salzburg
Age: 22
Pace: 93
Sprint Speed / Acceleration: 93/ 93
Skill Moves: 4-Star
Best Attributes: 93 Acceleration, 93 Sprint Speed, 87 Agility

Known for his skills and pace, Okafor is an exciting striker who is smooth with the ball at his feet and he has immense margin to develop at 83 potential.

The 22-year-old is reliable on the ball and boasts incredible pace with 93 sprint speed, 93 acceleration, 87 agility, 83 potential and 83 strength. Okafor would fit right into an attacking team in FIFA 23.

The striker signed for Red Bull Salzburg in January 2020 and has been making history as he scored against Sevilla in the final group stage match to make them the first-ever Austrian club to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Having won the Austrian Bundesliga for the third season in a row, Okafor is looking to become one of the breakout youngsters of the World Cup with Switzerland.

Karim Adeyemi (93 Pace, 75 OVR)

Karim Adeyemi as seen in FIFA 23

Team: Borussia Dortmund
Age: 20
Pace: 93
Sprint Speed / Acceleration: 92/ 94
Skill Moves: 4-Star
Best Attributes: 94 Acceleration, 92 Sprint Speed, 88 Agility

On pure talent, Karim Adeyemi is as good as anyone on this list and one of the hottest young prospects in Europe is also among the fastest in FIFA 23.

The 20-year-old is a pacy performer which has been recognized by his 94 acceleration, 92 sprint speed, 88 jumping, 88 agility and 81 balance. The ST also has a wide scope to improve with 87 potential.

After an impressive spell that produced 33 goals and 24 assists for Austrian side Red Bull Salzburg, Adeyemi signed a five-year contract with Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund last summer.

The youngster has also made an immediate impact for Germany by scoring on his debut in the 6-0 win over Armenia in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifying.

Aiyegun Tosin (93 Pace, 69 OVR)

Aiyegun Tosin as seen in FIFA 23

This little-known striker is not one of the most illustrious names on this list but he is rated as one of the fastest in FIFA 23.

Despite his low overall ratings, Tosin more than makes up for it in the pace department with an incredible sprint speed of 93, 92 acceleration, 86 agility, 73 balance and 72 finishing.

The 24-year-old had an injury-hit 2021-22 campaign for FC Zurich but his performances in the latter part of the season saw him called up to the Benin national team as he scored on his debut in a 4-0 win against Liberia.

Kelvin Yeboah (92 Pace, 70 OVR)

Kelvin Yeboah as seen in FIFA 23

Team: Genoa
Age: 22
Pace: 92
Sprint Speed / Acceleration: 92/ 91
Skill Moves: 3-Star
Best Attributes: 92 Sprint Speed, 91 Acceleration, 91 Jumping

The Italian U21 international is a decent striker for his overall quality, but what makes him special is his speed, which enables him to get past defenders pretty easily and score.

Yeboah boasts 92 sprint speed, 91 acceleration, 91 jumping, 81 agility and 74 stamina, making him a talent who can do some serious damage in your Career Mode team and still improve his qualities in the game.

The 22-year-old left Austrian Bundesliga side Sturm Graz to sign for Genoa in January 2022 but he could do little to avoid relegation to Serie B where he would hope to improve his game in the following season.

All of the FIFA 23 Fastest Players (ST & CF) in Career Mode

For all of the FIFA 23 fastest players to sign in Career Mode, check out the table below. All of these speedsters are ranked by their pace rating in FIFA 23.

Name Pace Acceleration Sprint Speed Age Overall Potential Position Team
Kylian Mbappé 97 97 97 23 91 95 ST, LW Paris Saint-Germain
Frank Acheampong 93 92 94 28 76 76 ST, LW, LM Shenzen FC
Elliott List 93 94 92 25 64 66 ST Stevenage
Noah Okafor 93 93 93 22 75 83 ST, CAM, LM FC Red Bull Salzburg
Karim Adeyemi 93 94 92 20 75 87 ST Borussia Dortmund
Aiyegun Tosin 93 92 93 24 69 76 ST, RM FC Zurich
Kelvin Yeboah 92 91 92 22 70 77 ST Genoa

A pacy striker with an eye for goal could be all you need to dominate in Career Mode. So, get yourself one of the fastest ST or CF players shown in the list above.

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