FIFA 23: How Do Headliners Work?

Here’s a look at how FIFA 23 headliners will work including, but not limited to, what it will take to have one.

FIFA 23: How Do Headliners Work? Explained

Firstly, headliners are a unique type of card awarded to peak-performance players as a way to celebrate them in FIFA 23. This card is dynamic in that it relies on individual performance over the course of a season for it to be further upgraded.

It seeks to reward players in-game for their exceptional performance in real life. In a nutshell, headliners are unique cards designed by FIFA with the understanding that there’s a need to reward the performance of certain players throughout a season. You can also make use of the understanding that it is an item used to reward quality when it comes to building your FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

A FIFA gamer will focus on all aspects of their FUT squad building, comprising club name, kits selection, stadium, and even signing new players. This touches on the entire process of the FUT squad building and includes playing to win every single game.

How FIFA 23 Headliners work

Since the headliner card is awarded to players on an outstanding run of form that has kept their names in the mouth of many people, here’s a look at how FIFA 23 headliners will work including, but not limited to, what it will take to have one.

Every player comes with a card that contains basic information and attributes of the real-life footballer they represent. These cards come in different categories based on the player’s type and quality.

Now, based on performance in a season, impressive players are assigned a new type of card to replace their regular card. This new card is what is called a Headliner or FIFA Ultimate Headliner Card. This new card comes with permanently upgraded ratings and also gives room for further upgrades if the player continues on a good run of form. Headliner cards were first introduced for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team on February 1, 2019.

An event is usually hosted to award players that have made the headlines with a Headliner card. FIFA 23 headliners will come from the 2022 FIFA World Cup Tournament in Qatar. The best team in the 2022 World Cup — probably the winner — will be released into Ultimate Team, with the players involved rewarded with headliner cards.

For every player that earns a FIFA 23 Headliner card, the headliner card will immediately upgrade when they deliver an outstanding performance or if their club registers its first back-to-back local league wins.

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