FIFA 23 Ratings: N’golo Kanté

N’golo Kanté brings pace to the team, supports defenders, and assists in attack build-up on his good days.

FIFA 23 Ratings: N'golo Kanté Ultimate Guide

N’golo Kanté’s drop in form in FIFA 23 has seen his lovers in a state of unrest, causing them to compare his performance to FIFA 22. At first, it was thought that the one point off his ratings that saw his card rated 89 in FIFA 23 didn’t mean much, but his recent performance in games has a lot of his fans worried. The Frenchman, who is often referred to as a “Power House” for his defensive abilities and pace, had been failing in the job lately leading many FIFA gamers to go scouting for a replacement.

FIFA 23 is widely considered to be an upgrade of the game that is focused on reality. There are improvements in different areas — like the graphics, movements, etc. Accessing the real-life attributes of players will all be possible, but not without the personality points. The introduction of players’ professional personalities in FIFA 23 is to define the actions of players in game situations. For N’golo Kanté, his drop in form can be attributed to his recent injury woes which have seen him stay off the pitch for a long time.

Is there a possible N’golo Kante replacement in FIFA 23?

With N’golo Kanté perceived to be an underperforming injury-prone player lately, many central defensive midfielders (CDMs) have been considered as possible replacements with Franck Kessie and Dennis Zakaria making the list.

N’golo Kanté (CDM – 90 OVR)

N'golo Kanté FIFA 23 Stats Ratings Guide

Source: Forbes

Team: Chelsea FC
Position: Central Defensive Midfielder
Height: 1,68 m
Date of Birth (Age): March 29, 1991 (31)
Contract: £290,000 per week (i.e an average salary of £15,080,000 per year until June 30, 2023)
Citizenship: France
Preferred Foot: Right
Best Attributes: 95 Stamina, 93 Sliding Tackle, 91 Interception

Despite his poor run of form, he’s still the only Chelsea player that made it to the EA Sports list of the 23 highest-rated players in FIFA 23, making it to the number 19 position on the list. This milestone or any of his past glories that once helped many FIFA gamers see victory won’t stop them from looking for his replacement. “Even if he regains his top-notch abilities in the game like winning the ball, and getting the ball to safety afterward, would he be able to maintain his form?” a fan lamented. Another FIFA gamer said, “He’s a bit of a fraud this year when you compare his inputs against his wages and his market value.”

After taking a careful look at all the happenings, one would understand that the spirit of every gamer is to win. No true gamer will like to lose a game no matter the number of games he’s won. However, N’golo Kanté brings pace to the team, supports defenders, and assists in attack build-up on his good days.

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