FIFA 23 Player Ratings: Ousmane Dembele

He has an excellent passing range on the ground, and his final skill is good for getting past defenders.

FIFA 23 Player Ratings: Ousmane Dembele

Hailing from France, Ousmane Dembele is one of the best players for Barcelona. He is a forward, though he also can play as a second striker. He is known for his skills in dribbling and passing and shooting accuracy. In FIFA 23, Dembele becomes one of the most sought-after options among attackers, with a rating of 87 points and 1.5 chemistry in the attack. He is an excellent FIFA player, which is why he got his card in FIFA 23. He has 86 pace and 83 shooting which is quite good for a striker.

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Dembele has been the subject of controversy in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. After releasing his in-form card, it was marked down with some criticisms. Many people believed that he would unlikely return to his best form once Dembele had been marked down. However, in FIFA 23, it seems to have been the opposite, as he is now among the best players in FIFA Ultimate Team. He is still a relatively common card in packs.

The first rating stat is pace, he has the sprint speed stat very high, and his other stats are excellent. He can dribble better than others, his ball control is high, and he can change direction quickly. His dribbling is exceptional, and he can beat players easily with it. He can score long shots easily, as his finishing ability is outstanding.

The second rating skill is ball control which means he can trap the ball efficiently and start a move going. He can also do tricks to make space for himself. His third skill is agility, which means how fast he turns with the ball, how quickly he changes direction when taking on defenders, and how easy he makes it look. His passing ability is exceptional, and he can pass very well with his right foot. He can cross the ball quickly, and his ground cross is good. He also has a high long-shot stat and is best at this skill. In terms of defending, he has good marking stats and can also steal the ball efficiently.

He has three rating star skill moves: the step over, drag back, and Sombrero flick. These give him an advantage over defenders as they are more challenging to do than normal skill moves though still easy for him to beat players with as his dribbling stats are so high. He has an excellent passing range on the ground, and his final skill is good for getting past defenders.

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