FIFA 23 Player Ratings: Eduardo Camavinga

He is not scared to make the wrong decision so that he can help the team out by scoring goals or providing assists to his teammates.

FIFA 23 Player Ratings: Eduardo Camavinga

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) cards are one of the most important aspects of building your own FIFA 23 ultimate team. These cards represent your players. The cards can help build a strong defense and a potent offense. With many ways to win these cards, you could turn the cards into trophies if you time your game correctly and know what to look for.

Eduardo Camavinga is a French footballer who plays central midfield for the Spanish club Real Madrid. Eduardo Camavinga was born on 10th November 2002. His rating in FIFA 23 is 79, with a potential of 89. Eduardo prefers to shoot with his left foot. Eduardo Camavinga wears the number 12. His best stats are as follows:

Best Stats Eduardo Camavinga

Ball Skills

In FIFA 23, Camavinga has excellent ball skills. He has 4-star skills, and his weak foot rating is 3-star weak foot. This means that he can play on both right and left wing with ease. He is an excellent dribbler and can make precise crosses to his teammates while running with the ball. His potential growth shows that he can also make accurate through balls behind the defense.


The left-footed player is an excellent dribble player in FIFA 23. He has scored several goals in the game from left and right-foot dribbling. He is a player who can think quickly and make decisions for himself. His dribbling skills are incredible because he is very good at turning defenders with a couple of moves in advanced areas, making an inch-perfect pass to his teammates.


He has a height of 5’ 11” (182 cm), and his weight is 150 lbs (68 kg). He has an acceleration rating of 75 and a sprint speed of 76. He is also good at intercepting passes and giving clean passes to his teammates while attacking the opponents’ back lines. His tackling has improved a lot in these years, and now he can tackle with fewer chances of being tackled himself and getting fouled.


He can tackle quite well due to his strong climbing ability and heading accuracy. He is also good at marking his opponents with his height; he can get a firm grip on their shoulders or when they are falling upon him, does not let them get away easily.


In FIFA 23 Camavinga’s composure rating is 82. He can concentrate while making necessary passes and dribbling toward his opponent’s goal. He is also an excellent passer when needed. He is not scared to make the wrong decision so that he can help the team out by scoring goals or providing assists to his teammates.

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