FIFA 23 Ratings: Pepe

All things considered, Pepe's FIFA 23 card is one of the best in the game. With great base stats and impressive special attributes, he is sure to be a force on any virtual pitch.

Pepe Ratings in FIFA 23 Guide

Pepe is a name that most soccer fans are familiar with. He has been playing professionally for nearly two decades, and his skills have made him one of the top players in the game, both in Europe and around the world. This season, he is part of FIFA 23, and EA Sports has released an elite card to show off his incredible talents.

Pepe’s current rating on FIFA 23 is 82 overall, which is impressive considering the competition from other top-tier players. On base stats alone, Pepe rates quite well as an all-around player; he has good passing accuracy (80), dribbling ability (83), and defensive awareness (81). His physical stats are equally impressive; he has good strength (77) and agility (80). His leadership and experience are also notable, with his Mental stats rating at 75.

The real star of Pepe’s card is the special attributes that have been added to it by EA Sports. These include Dropback Tackling, which increases his defensive awareness; Long Throw-Ins, which boosts his passing ability; and Low Centre of Gravity, which makes him more agile on the pitch. All these attributes make Pepe a more dangerous player in FIFA 23, adding even more versatility to his already impressive skill set.
Pepe’s FIFA 23 card includes five special skills: Finesse Shots, Headers, Outside Foot Shots, Acrobatic Finishing, and Touch Pass. The Finesse Shot allows Pepe to place powerful shots from outside the box, while his Headers attribute increases the efficiency of his aerial duels. The Outside Foot Shot adds more accuracy and power to long-range efforts, while Acrobatic Finishing helps him score more goals in 1v1 situations. Finally, the One Touch Pass allows for quick passing combinations, which can catch opponents off guard.

All things considered, Pepe’s FIFA 23 card is one of the best in the game. With great base stats and impressive special attributes, he is sure to be a force on any virtual pitch. In addition, his versatility and experience make him an excellent addition to any roster as well. Also, his five special skills add a unique dynamic to his gameplay and make him even more dangerous when he has the ball.

If you are looking for an all-around player who can compete with the best, Pepe is your man in FIFA 23. With great base stats, impressive special attributes, and five special skills, he is undoubtedly one of the top players in the game this season. So don’t wait any longer – get him on your team today.

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