FIFA 23: How Road to the Knockouts Works

With this quick guide, you are now more knowledgeable on how upgrades work and how you can utilize them best as well as sell and buy.

FIFA 23: How Road to the Knockouts Works Guide

For FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the Road to the Knockouts is back, and the card roster is composed of superstars who are fantastic for the gaming meta and ideal for exchanging. These footballers can be enhanced based on how their team performs in the everyday world.

Several of these cards start with massive bonuses. Still, things get interesting if their clubs can win some games in actual situations, let alone go to the knockout rounds. It can be challenging to account for each teammate’s progress toward their upgrade, and there’s also the uncertainty of when the modifications will arrive.

This piece covers all the crucial tidbits regarding the Road to the Knockouts in FIFA 23. Keep reading to take advantage of the upgrades and transfers well.

How it works

Road to the Knockouts cards are enhanced versions of their basic cards by design. For instance, while Lionel Messi’s UCL Road to the Knockouts card in FIFA 23 has an essential rating of 92, his Rare Gold card in that game is ranked at 91.

These upgrades are awarded depending on the success of the club rather than the individual player; therefore, players can show up for their squad to be granted these upgrades. Additionally, games that are postponed still count toward the wins upgrade.

If their club accomplishes particular goals in actual European football, RTTK decks can additionally get two additional upgrades, and this is how a player gets an upgrade:

Qualification upgrade

The footballers will gain an additional +1 to their ratings if their team advances to the competition’s knockout stages. The squad can still get this upgrade even though they don’t get the victory upgrade. Please take note that this promotion does not apply to teams that finish third in their UCL pool before moving on to the Europa League.

Wins upgrade

Athletes will have their stats increased by one point if their team wins two of the final three games in their league. Depending on the day the promotion did go up, this represents the team’s last three group phase contests. Messi’s PSG, for instance, would have to defeat Benfica, Maccabi Haifa, and Juventus by a combined score of 2/3. PSG drew the opening game of that streak, so they need to beat Haifa and Juventus if Messi wants to guarantee an improvement in victories.

When to buy or sell

Knowing when demand for RTTK cards will increase, the goal is to purchase before that time when nobody considers them. In FUT, these cards are just as vulnerable to macroeconomic variables, with prices falling during market downturns and oversupplied by packs. It would be good to pick up any of these cards at that time. Just be sure to schedule your buy correctly and keep a close eye on their price movements on websites like Futbin.

Since everyone will be trying to sell cards when a team qualifies or wins, it would be best if you avoided doing so. If you purchased cards during a sale, aim to sell them around kickoff or during the first part of a game when play is fair because they will likely be at their best.

With this quick guide, you are now more knowledgeable on how upgrades work and how you can utilize them best as well as sell and buy.

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