FIFA 23 Starter Team

Adding the last spice to the team, how can one forget Lionel Messi?

Starter Team in FIFA 23 Complete Guide

Newcomers to FIFA 23 may be stumped when it comes to assembling their first team. In order to compete with other teams and progress through the different game modes, you’ll need to build a solid starting lineup.

Building the best FIFA 23 starter team

There are a few important things to keep in mind when assembling your FIFA 23 starting eleven. The first is the player’s overall ranking, which reflects their potential and skills on the field. There is a correlation between a team’s rating and its performance.Thus, it makes sense that a stronger team would have higher-rated members.

It’s not enough to just look at a player’s total rating; you also need to think about his or her position and individual skills. A striker, for instance, needs to have excellent shooting and speed, while a defender must excel in tackling and interceptions. Choose players who complement one another’s skill sets to build a versatile squad ready to handle any challenge.

Player suggestions on building a FIFA 23 starter team

Here is a special demo squad just for you. This starting lineup has a potent attack, solid defense, and dominant midfield. This side can beat anyone thanks to the likes of goalkeeper David de Gea, defender Sergio Ramos, midfielder Andrea Verratti, forward Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, and forward Lionel Messi.


The Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker is a top option for your FIFA 23 starting lineup. His 89 overall rating places him among the game’s elite goalkeepers. It does not end there. His diving, reflexes, and positioning are all top-notch, which helps him make saves and prevents goals from being scored.

Defenders & Midfielders

Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk, Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué, PSG’s Sergio Ramos, and PSG’s Marco Verratti feature on the squad.

You should definitely include Virgil van Dijk in your FIFA 23 starting lineup as he is largely regarded as the best defender in the world. Marking, standing tackle, and interceptions are three of his most notable abilities, and they also contribute to his 89 overall rating, which places him among the game’s highest-rated defenders.

Sergio Ramos, a defender for PSG, is an impressive athlete. Overall rated at 84, his power, tackling, and aerial ability make him an unstoppable force in the defensive backfield. Moving further, combining him with Gerard Piqué would make the team even more strong. He has a rating of 87 overall and excellent passing and defensive skills.

The PSG midfielder Marco Verratti is a popular option. His dribbling, passing, and control of the ball are so good that they contribute to his 88 rating. Additionally, with an 89 overall rating and world-class shooting, dribbling, and speed, Juventus teammate Cristiano Ronaldo provides a formidable complement in the center of the field.


Kylian Mbappé of Paris Saint-Germain is the icing on the cake; he is an attacking threat. The combination of his overall rating of 96 with his exceptional speed, dribbling, and shooting ability makes him a lethal attacker. Adding the last spice to the team, how can one forget Lionel Messi? When it comes to FIFA, the 35-year-old Argentine has a whopping 91 overall rating and unparalleled dribbling and shooting skills.

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Get your favorites in your FIFA 23 starter team

Almost all aspects of a football team are covered while keeping some slots empty for your favorite players. You can add them to the squad to uplift the experience of playing FIFA 23 even more. However, suggestions include Maxence Lacroix, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Simon Thorup Kjær, and the like.

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