FIFA 23: Timo Werner

You may use Timo Werner in your team since he is a great addition with impressive ratings on a solid team.

Timo Werner Attributes in FIFA 23

FIFA 23’s player selection is a mine of players with immeasurable abilities, talents, and strengths to capitalize on your fantasy football world to win even championships. This is all the information on Timo Werner in FIFA 23 that could be instrumental for your gaming.

Timo Werner attributes

Timo Werner is a German player who typically prefers playing the special teams/ team defense or the left-wing position. He is 180 cm tall, 76 kg heavy, and 26-years-old. Timo Werner prefersusing his right foot and is ranked to have a high and medium work rate in the game.

He holds a four-star rating on his weak foot and a three-star rating on skill moves to make him a supporting addition if you have other strong midfielders. His value stands at €34.000.000, and his wage is €1,500.

Skill set

This 26-year-old currently plays as a striker for RB Leipzig in Germany. He now wears jersey numbers 9 and 11 and his current contract with RB Leipzig ends in 2026. Here are all his best attributes according to the FIFA database:

Ball skills

Ball skills in football are basically how players handle the ball while participating in a match. Ball skills are then categorized as ball control and dribbling. Timo Werner scored in these two categories 83 and 82, respectively. These are pretty high, meaning he may make a good player on your team for sure.


Timo Werner’s physical entails quite a list of physical attributes like acceleration, stamina, strength, balance, sprint speed, agility, and jumping. Here are the specific attributes:

Acceleration 93
Stamina 81
Strength 64
Balance 76
Sprint Speed 88
Agility 79
Jumping 75

These ratings are pretty high. Adding him as a player will have him playing for longer, offering a consistent game throughout the league.


You cannot possibly want a player who cannot score you goals, no matter what position they play. That said, you will not be disappointed having Timo Werner on your team since his shooting ratings are also quite impressive.

His attributes are 75 heading, 85 shot power, 78 finishing, 77 long shots, 70 curve, 58 free kick accuracy, 78 penalties, and 82 volleys.


Another essential trait in football is a player’s ability to pass the ball to their teammates. An excellent passer can make well-calculated kicks to the net or offer valuable assists to get the ball to their teammates to make a goal.

Timo Werner has an overall 69 passing capability on a crossing. His short passes are a bit better at 78, 70 curve passes,  and 68 vision. Timo Werner’s long passes seem to be the weakest at a 55 rating.


A player’s mental acuity is also crucial in how they perform on the field. It shows that a player is manageable and can follow instructions and rules even when under pressure. Timo Werner’s mental health is reflected in the following attributes: 87 attack position, 85 reactions, 79 composure, 68 vision, 63 aggression, 37 interceptions. These numbers are also showing promising performance.

You may use Timo Werner in your team in FIFA 23 since he is a great addition with impressive ratings on a solid team.

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