FIFA 23: Cheapest Players to Sign in Career Mode

Here are the top players to sign on a tight budget in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

Setting up your squad in FIFA 23 Career Mode involves combining players’ key attributes, ratings, and scouting status. You usually have a considerable budget to work with as a manager. You must sign players considering their age, experience, ratings, career success, and cost. You also have full authority over personalizing club badges, kits, stadiums, and rivals. This article is a complete guideline to helping you create an empire while keeping an eye on finances.

Amazingly, Jesús Corona, Alexis Sánchez, and Alex Sandro are top picks in ratings yet a complete bargain considering their prices.

Nathan Aké (78 OVR)

Nathan Ake FIFA 23

Nathan Aké is a Dutch professional who plays for Manchester City, the reigning Premier League champions. His ability to play as a centre back and left back makes him a valuable member of Pep Guardiola’s team. Aké played for Chelsea as a youngster and spent time at Bournemouth before signing for Man City in 2020. Standing at 5 feet, 11 inches with 89 Jumping, 81 Standing Tackle, and Overall rating of 78, he can be a foundational piece of your defense. His price tag of €15 million means you should consider the 27-year-old a fair purchase.

Marko Arnautović (82 OVR)

Marko Arnautovic FIFA 23

Marko Arnautović is a proven goalscorer valued at just €19.5 million. He currently plays for Bolgona in Serie A and has made over 100 appearances for the Austrian national team. Arnautović offers 87 Strength, as well as 84 Ball Control and Shot Power, and an Overall rating of 82. The striker remains a quality option for managers working with a limited budget.

Jordi Alba (85 OVR)

Jordi Alba FIFA 23

Spanish international Jordi Alba is one of the most decorated left backs in the world. Having him in your squad provides an attacking threat with his ability to make overlapping runs and track back defensively. Alba is rated 85 Overall with 87, 86, and 84 in Agility, Acceleration, and Crossing, respectively. With all Alba’s positives, his €24 million value makes him a complete bargain.

Raúl Albiol (82 OVR)

Raul Albiol FIFA 23

Raúl Albiol excels in his defensive duties as a centre back with and Overall rating of 82. His 87 Defensive Awareness, 86 Standing Tackle and 86 Interceptions make him a pillar on the backline. He has two Copa del Rey title and a World Cup to his name having played most of his career in his native Spain. Albiol’s physicality and flexibility help him win aerial battles. He is currently valued at €5.5 million.

Toby Alderweireld (82 OVR)

Toby Alderweireld FIFA 23

Toby Alderweireld is a renowned footballer who plays for Antwerp and recently retired from the Belgian national team. Valued at € 14.5 million, Alderweireld has an Overall rating of 82 along with 87 Standing Tackle, 86 Composure, and 85 Defensive Awareness. His aerial prowess and passing ability allow him to significantly impact games from his centre back spot. Alderweireld reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup with Belgium in 2014 and 2018.

Oliver Baumann (83 OVR)

Oliver Baumann FIFA 23

Oliver Baumann is a perfect figure in his position as a goalkeeper. His experience as the top-choice goalie for TSG Hoffenheim since 2014 has awarded him some impressive statistics. Rated at 83 Overall, Baumann has 84 GK Reflexes, 83 GK Diving, and 82 GK Handling, making him an ideal addition to your team. He is valued at €18 million despite him being 32 years old.

Steven Bergwijn (80 OVR)

Steven Bergwijn FIFA 23

Steven Bergwijn is a well-versed winger who provides pace in attack. Bergwijn hails from the Netherlands and featured for the Dutch at the 2022 World Cup. With experience in the Eredivise and the Premier League, he offers 89 Balance, 87 Acceleration, and 85 Sprint Speed. He is a regular starter for Ajax and is valued at €32 million.

Jesús Corona (81 OVR)

Jesus Corona FIFA 23

Jesús Corona is a winger who plays for Sevilla in La Liga and the Mexican national team. He is a perfect fit for his position because of his ability to cut inside defenses and and his five-star skill moves. His 91 Balance, 88 Agility, and 86 Ball Control make him difficult to stay in front of. Corona is valued at €25.5 million, which makes him a bit expensive compared to the rest of the wingers in the article. 

Stephan El Shaarawy (77 OVR)

Stephan El Shaarawy FIFA 23

Stephan El Shaarawy provides excellent finishing, pace, and fantastic footwork thanks to his four-star skill moves and 91 Agility. The Italian international has 86 Acceleration and Sprint Speed as well. He helped Roma win the inaugural Europa Conference League in 2021/22 and is valued at €10.5 million.

Andrej Kramarić (82 OVR)

Andrej Kramaric FIFA 23

As a manager, you should have more than one striker to maximize your winning potential. Andre Kramarić is the perfect addition to improve your attacking depth. He currently plays for TSG Hoffenheim in Germany and the Croatian national team, helping lead his country to the 2018 World Cup final and the 2022 World Cup semifinals. Kramaric is rated at 82 Overall with 91 Penalties and 86 Balance.

Dries Mertens (84 OVR)

Dries Mertens FIFA 23

Having completed a move from Napoli to Galatasaray, Dries Mertens is now considered one of the best attackers in Turkey. Now 35 years old, Mertens still poses a major threat to defenses with 92 Agility and Balance plus 90 Acceleration, 88 Ball Control, and 88 Dribbling. Getting such a dynamic player for the €18 million he is valued at could provide a significant boost to your squad.

Alexis Sánchez (79 OVR)

Alexis Sanchez FIFA 23

The 33-year-old Chilean has played for some of the biggest clubs in the world, from Arsenal and Manchester United in the Premier League to Barcelona and Inter Milan. He won two FA Cups with Arsenal and a league title with Inter Milan before completing a move to Marseille in 2022. He has much to offer in career mode, with 88 Balance and and 85 Jumping being his top attributes.

Alex Sandro (80 OVR)

Alex Sandro FIFA 23

Alex Sandro is a Brazilian international who plays for Juventus as a left back. He is rated at 80 Overall with 82 Crossing as well as 80 Aggression, Ball Control and Standing Tackle. The 31-year-old was included in Brazil’s squad for the 2022 World Cup and is valued at €15.5 million. 

Building a squad in FIFA 23 Career Mode is a challenging task. Some players will cost an arm and a leg; others are way cheaper while providing considerable value in contributions. As a manager, you must adapt tactics such as player rotation to ensure fitness and squad depth. When faced with less tough fixtures, you can play less experienced players. This way, Career Mode will have enjoyable moments you can’t afford to miss.

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