Where to Find GTA 5 Spaceship Parts for the Far Out Quest

Check out how many Spaceship Parts Locations are, and where to find them?

Grand Theft Autp 5 Spaceship Parts

GTA 5 has several cool side quests that you can do, and one of the longest is called Far Out. You get sent around the entirety of Los Santos in search of 50 – yes, 50 – spaceship parts scattered about by aliens. You read that right, E.T. is apparently partial to Los Santos.

If this is a side quest you want to pick up, then here is how you can go about finding GTA 5 spaceship parts to complete it.

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Where to Pick Up the Quest

After Franklin completes the Fame or Shame quest for Michael, a question mark icon will appear on the Sandy Shores spot on the map. There, you’ll meet Omega, a prophet who is waiting for aliens to arrive. Omega tells you that there are spaceship parts scattered around Los Santos, and it is your job to find them. If you want to get a full 100% of the GTA 5 story, then, yes, you have to go find all 50 pieces.

How Many Parts Are There?

There are 50 pieces of the spaceship scattered all around Los Santos. You can collect them as Franklin, Michael, or Trevor even though this is technically meant for Franklin.

Spaceship Parts Locations

Here is where you will find the 50 GTA 5 spaceship parts:

  1. Los Santos International
  2. Los Santos Naval Port
  3. Elysian Island
  4. Rancho Towers
  5. Raton Canyon Bridge
  6. Cassidy Creek
  7. El Burro Heights
  8. Southern Island
  9. Murietta Oil Fields
  10. Davis Medical Center
  11. Strawberry
  12. Murrieta Heights Water Facility
  13. Vespucci
  14. Textile City
  15. Penris Building
  16. Underground
  17. Morningwood
  18. Rockford Plaza
  19. Vinewood
  20. Los Santos Golf Club
  21. Tatavium Mountains
  22. Land Act Reservoir Pipes
  23. Tatavium Mountains Cove
  24. Vinewood Lake
  25. Vinewood Lake Tower
  26. Galileo Observatory
  27. Parsons Rehabilitation Center
  28. Tongva Hills
  29. Banham Canyon
  30. Marlowe Vineyard
  31. Tongva Valley
  32. Great Chaparral
  33. Mount Haan
  34. Bolingbroke Penitentiary
  35. San Chianski Mountain Cave
  36. San Chianski Mountain Boathouse
  37. Sandy Shores Alien Playground
  38. Tremor’s Rock
  39. Sandy Shores
  40. Alamo Sea
  41. Sandy Shores Airfield
  42. Zancudo River
  43. Zancudo River 2
  44. Mount Josiah
  45. Paleto Bay
  46. Paleto Forest
  47. Paleto Bay Fire Building
  48. Donkey Punch Family Farm
  49. Mount Chiliad
  50. Grapeseed

Completing the Quest

Once you have gathered all of the GTA 5 spaceship parts, as Franklin, go back to Omega. Omega will build a spaceship that’s essentially just a weird off-roader. This earns you the Beyond the Stars achievement – a nice bonus for completing a relatively difficult and lengthy side-quest!

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