Football Manager 2022: Best Left Backs (LB) to Sign

We have ALL the best high-flying left backs (DL & WBL) on FM22 for you to sign.

Having evolved to provide an attacking option rather than purely defend, the roles of the modern full-back require technical skill and a defensive mind for a player to truly thrive; creating and denying chances are a vital part of a left back’s game now.

In this article, we inspect the current crop of players excelling in the left back position on FM22, shown as DL and WBL in-game.

Choosing the best left backs (DL & WBL) on FM22

Only the elite left backs of the footballing world feature on this page; see who can compete with the likes of Andrew Robertson, David Alaba, and Alphonso Davies in FM22.

For a player to make it onto this list, they need a minimum of 150 current ability (CA) with the seven best featured in the body of the page. They must also have a positional rating of at least 18 in either left back role.

At the foot of the page, you’ll find a full list of all of the best left backs (DL & WBL) in FM22.

1. David Alaba (164 CA / 174 PA)

Team: Real Madrid
Age: 29
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
164 CA / 174 PA
£358,000 p/w
Value: £68.5 million
Best Positions: D (LC), WBL, MC    
Best Attributes: 18 Natural Fitness, 16 Passing, 16 Positioning

Elite left back David Alaba has been consistently brilliant for years now, and claims the highest current ability with 164 CA and 174 PA. He’s also a versatile player who is capable of playing in centre-midfield or centre back.

Alaba’s incredibly all-rounded game translates into FM22, balancing attack and defence. On the defensive side of his game, he has 13 tackling, 16 positioning, and 14 marking, while his 16 passing, 15 pace, and 15 first touch all help him going forward. Alaba can also take a mean free-kick thanks to his 15 free-kick taking, 14 long shots, and the Curls Ball trait – making him a lethal marksman.

Signing for La Liga giants Real Madrid this summer, Alaba ended a trophy-laden 13-year spell at Bayern Munich, where he established himself as one of the best players in the world. In his final years at Bayern Munich, he had to shift into a centre back role due to the emergence of Alphonso Davies. Showing his class, Alaba proved very effective at centre-half.

2. Theo Hernández (159 CA / 175 PA)

Team: AC Milan
Age: 23
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
159 CA / 175 PA
£37,000 p/w
Value: £75 million
Best Positions: DL, WBL
Best Attributes: 18 Pace, 17 Acceleration, 17 Off the Ball

Only 23-years-old and he’s ranked as the second-best left back in FM22; TheoHernández’s 159 CA and 175 PA puts the attacking full-back in an elite category of player.

Blessed with fantastic 18 pace and 17 acceleration, Hernandez can cause all kinds of problems down the left flank, utilising his 17 off the ball and 15 crossing to punish the opposition. He’s also a very good defender equipped with 14 tackling and 12 marking, along with his speed to stop even the best wingers in their tracks.

Rising through the Atlético Madrid academy TheoHernández, made a transfer move not many would consider: switching to arch-rivals Real Madrid in 2017. After playing just one season for Real Madrid and the other out on-loan to Real Sociedad, Hernández sought pastures new, securing a move to current club AC Milan in 2019.

3. Andrew Robertson (159 CA / 165 PA)

Team: Liverpool
Age: 27
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
159 CA / 165 PA
£160,000 p/w
Value: £65 million
Best Positions: DL, WBL
Best Attributes: 18 Natural Fitness, 17 Stamina, 17 Work Rate

Known for flying forward on the attack, he’s cemented himself as one of the world’s best in the position over recent years, and that’s reflected in Andrew Robertson’s 159 CA and 165 PA.

Possibly the best area of Robertson’s game in FM22 is his athletic ability, sporting 17 stamina, 17 work rate, and 18 natural fitness attributes to keep him going full-throttle all season. When he’s on the attack, his 16 pace, 16 acceleration, and 16 crossing can be a real thorn in the most organised defences.

Robertson currently plays for Premier League big dogs Liverpool, where he’s developed into a key player on Merseyside. The 27-year-old started his journey with Queen’s Park, moving to fellow Scottish side Dundee United in 2013. One year later, and Hull City came calling. He spent three years with Hull, earning the admiration of Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.

4. José Gayà (159 CA /160 PA)

Team: Valencia
Age: 26
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
159 CA / 160 PA
£57,000 p/w
Value: £48 million
Best Positions: DL, WBL, ML
Best Attributes: 17 Acceleration, 16 Pace, 16 Off the Ball

Another attacking left back, José Gayà has the Gets Forward Whenever Possible trait, mirroring his love to attack in FM22. With a 159 CA and 160 PA, he’s very effective at creating opportunities.

Featuring solid 17 acceleration, 16 pace, and 16 off the ball, Gayà can burst forward down the left wing: accompanied with 16 decisions and 16 determination, he’ll often find the right option. Gayà possesses brilliant technical ability, showcased by his 16 technique, 15 first touch, and 15 vision, backed up by 14 crossing to make him an ever-present danger.

Lining up for La Liga side Valencia, the 26-year-old is one of only a few players who can claim to be a one-club man, having risen through the ranks of the Spanish team’s youth set-up. He made his debut for Valencia in 2012 at 17-years-old, quickly proving himself as an excellent crosser of the ball and nailing down a first-team place.

5. Alphonso Davies (156 CA / 176 PA)

Team: Bayern Munich
Age: 20
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
156 CA / 176 PA
£82,000 p/w
Value: £67 million
Best Positions: DL, WBL, ML
Best Attributes: 19 Pace, 19 Acceleration. 17 Determination

The youngest player of our featured seven has the potential to become one of the best to grace the left back position. Alphonso Davies has made a fantastic start to his career, represented in FM22 by his 156 CA and 176 PA.

Davies has a supernatural speed to his game with an outrageous 19 pace and 19 acceleration. He can burn past almost anybody, possessing the Tries Tricks trait and 16 dribbling to make it even easier for him to glide up the pitch. The defensive side to his game can improve with 13 tackling, 11 positioning, and 11 marking, which forge a great base to do so.

The mercurial 20-year-old burst onto the scene with Canadian side Vancouver Whitecaps, catching eyes worldwide with his stunning athleticism. This prompted Bundesliga powerhouse Bayern Munich to spend just £9 million on a player who is quickly proving to be a star. At just 15-years-old, Davies was making his MLS debut with Vancouver. It had been five years since then, and the Canadian has already won his third successive Bundesliga title.

6. Jordi Alba (156 CA / 166 PA)

Team: Barcelona
Age: 32
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
156 CA / 166 PA
£230,000 p/w
Value: £300 million
Best Positions: DL, WBL
Best Attributes: 18 Off the Ball, 17 Acceleration, 16 Work Rate

Spanish veteran Jordi Alba comes in at sixth among the best left backs in FM22 with 156 CA and 166 PA. He’s ranked among the top players in the position in the world for several years now.

The experienced full-back has a lot of tricks up his sleeve when advancing up the pitch, with his Plays One Twos and Knocks Ball Past Opponent traits being very effective when combined with his 17 acceleration and 16 work rate. True to the Barcelona ethos, Alba is more than capable of playing his way out of trouble or creating chances, boasting 15 vision, 13 passing, and 15 technique.

Arriving at Barcelona in 2012 after previously spending time at the club’s La Masia academy, the Catalan giants spent £12.6 million to bring the high-flying Spaniard back from fellow La Liga side Valencia. Now a seasoned veteran at 32-years-old, Alba still plays a vital role in the Barcelona machine, playing 49 games last term, chipping in with five goals, and setting up a further 15 as they triumphed in the Copa Del Rey.

7. Alex Sandro (155 CA / 168 PA)

Team: Zebre (Juventus)
Age: 30
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
155 CA / 168 PA
Value: £29 million
Best Positions: DL, WBL, ML
Best Attributes: 18 Composure, 16 Technique, 16 Tackling

Capable of playing in almost any position down the left flank, the Brazilian benefits from a 155 CA and 168 PA, making Alex Sandro a nightmare to face for opponents.

Possessing 16 tackling and 16 positioning, Sandro is a tough customer to get past, dispossessing even the best wingers. On the flip side, his fantastic 16 technique enhances the potency of his 15 crossing and 14 passing, keeping the ball with ease due to his 14 dribbling, 18 composure, and 15 first touch ratings.

An injury-ridden season last year kept Sandro out for 17 games as Juventus’ league dominance came to an end. Despite this, the attacking full-back managed 34 appearances, scoring twice and assisting two more as his side secured the Italian Cup.

All the best left backs (DL & WBL) on FM22

In the table below, you can find all of the best DL and WBL players in FM22, sorted by their current ability ratings.

Player CA PA Age Position Team Wage p/w Value
David Alaba 164 174 29 D (LC), WBL, MC Real Madrid £358,000 £68.5 million
Theo Hernández 159 175 23 DL, WBL AC Milan £37,000 £75 million
Andrew Robertson 159 165 27 DL, WBL Liverpool £160,000 £65 million
José Gayà 159 160 26 DL, WBL, ML Valencia £57,000 £48 million
Alphonso Davies 156 176 20 DL, WBL, ML Bayern Munich £82,000 £67 million
Jordi Alba 156 166 32 DL, WBL Barcelona £230,000 £300 million
Alex Sandro 155 168 30 DL, WBL, ML Zebre (Juventus) £182,000 £29 million
Kieran Tierney 155 164 24 DL, WBL Arsenal £75,000 £55 million
Luke Shaw 155 162 25 DL, WBL Manchester United £150,000 £55 million
Ben Chilwell 154 165 24 DL, WBL Chelsea £190,000 £147 million
Robin Gosens 154 162 27 DL, WBL, ML Atalanta £24,000 £29 million
Ferland Mendy 154     160 26 DL, WBL Real Madrid £152,000 £38 million
Raphaël Guerreiro 154 159 27 DL, WBL Borussia Dortmund £81,000 £35 million
Lucas Hernández 153 160 25 D (LC) Bayern Munich £197,000 £37 million
Leonardo Spinazzola 153 155 28 DL, WBL, ML Roma £91,000 £24 million
Lucas Digne 150 157 27 DL, WBL Everton £110,000 £46 million
Nicolás Tagliafico 150 155 28 DL, WBL, ML Ajax £45,000 £31 million
Javi Galán 150 155 26 DL, WBL Vigo £43,000 £27 million
Marcos Acuña 150 152 29 DL, WBL, AML, ML Sevilla £49,000 £34 million
Daley Blind 150 152 31 D (LC), WBL, DM Ajax £38,000 £300 million

Find your next superstar left back for your FM22 team in the table above.

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