Football Manager 2022 Wonderkids: Best Young German Players to Sign

We have ALL the best young German players on FM 22 for you to sign.

One of the most prominent names on the international scene, the German national team is a renowned powerhouse in world football, with four World Cups and three European Championships under its belt.

They’re constantly churning out world-class players every year, and here, we’re looking at the next crop of young talent boasting the highest potential ability (PA) and hailing from Germany in FM22.

Choosing the best young German players on FM22

This page consists of only the best wonderkids originating from Germany, with Karim Adeyemi, Youssoufa Moukoko, and Nico Mantl being among the brightest stars in FM22.

These German wonderkids had to possess a 138 PA minimum, be 21-years-old or younger, and have Germany listed as their footballing country.

At the foot of the page, you’ll find the full list of all of the best young German players in FM22.

1. Youssoufa Moukoko (121 CA / 170-200 PA)

Team: Borussia Dortmund
Age: 16
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
121 CA/ 170-200 PA
£5,100 p/w
Value: £35 million
Best Positions: ST
Best Attributes: 16 Technique, 16 Determination, 16 Acceleration

One of only three players bestowed a -10 (170-200) PA range, Youssoufa Moukoko is one of the most sought-after talents worldwide; he also boasts a 121 CA at just 16-years-old.

The left-footed wonderkid is already an adept striker despite his age. His 16 technique, 15 finishing, and 15 dribbling ensure his success in the final third. Moukoko is a very athletic forward, possessing 16 acceleration, 16 agility, and 15 pace, so he can easily be moulded into a speedster as he develops.

Borussia Dortmund’s crown jewel, Moukoko has been a top prospect of the Bundesliga giant’s academy since he left St. Pauli’s youth setup back in 2016. Moukoko made his Bundesliga debut last season in November and went on to feature 15 times, scoring three goals despite missing 14 games through injuries – which have continued to plague him into the current 21/22 season.

2. Jamal Musiala (147 CA / 160-190 PA)

Team: Bayern Munich
Age: 18
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
147 CA / 160-190 PA
£82,000 p/w
Value: £47 million
Best Positions: MC, AM (RLC)
Best Attributes: 18 Flair, 17 Technique, 17 Dribbling

Bayern Munich’s wonderkid, Jamal Musiala, could line up for some of the best teams in the world at 18-years-old. With his excellent 147 CA backed up by an even better -95 (160-190) PA, the sky’s the limit for this German youngster.

Pulling the strings from midfield, Musiala’s 18 flair, 17 technique, and 17 dribbling truly reflect his technical prowess with the ball at his feet. Developing the young AMC’s 13 passing and 13 vision will increase the potency and impact that he can have on a game, creating chances for fun.

The 18-year-old Musiala currently plays for Bundesliga behemoth Bayern Munich, whom he joined as a youth product from London-based Chelsea in 2019. Last season was Musiala’s breakthrough season with the Bundesliga champions; he featured heavily in the Bavarians’ midfield, playing 39 times, scoring seven goals, and assisting one more.

3. Karim Adeyemi (134 CA / 160-190 PA)

Team: RB Salzburg
Age: 19
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
134 CA / 160-190 PA
£7,000 p/w
Value: £11.5 million
Best Positions: AMR, ST
Best Attributes: 19 Determination, 17 Acceleration, 16 Pace

The lightning-quick Karim Adeyemi is another of the best wonderkids in the game thanks to his 134 CA and impressive -95 (160-190) PA: his £11.5 million value makes him even more appealing.

The main weapon in Adeyemi’s arsenal is his blistering pace. With 17 acceleration, 16 pace, and 15 off the ball, he can cause all sorts of problems going forward. The 19-year-old also presents himself as a lethal finisher, boasting 14 finishing and 13 technique.

Adeyemi finds himself in safe hands at RB Salzburg, with the Austrian outfit earning a great reputation for developing young talents. He got his first full season of football last term in Austria, during which he scored nine and assisted 12 goals in the 39 games that he played for Salzburg. The wonderkid’s impressive displays earned him a call-up to the German national team in September 2021.

4. Nico Schlotterbeck (128 CA / 158 PA)

Team: SC Freiburg
Age: 21
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
128 CA / 158 PA
£3,300 p/w
Value: £10.5 million
Best Positions: D (LC)
Best Attributes: 15 Teamwork, 15 Composure, 15 Jumping Reach

A great defender in the making, 21-year-old Nico Schlotterbeck’s 128 CA and 158 PA make him one to keep an eye on if you need to shore up your defence.

The ball-playing defender relishes tense match situations. His 14 tackling, 15 composure, and 14 decisions make dispossessing opponents easy before launching counter-attacks with his 14 passing and 13 visions. At 6’3’’, the young German’s 15 jumping reach, 14 bravery, and 13 heading give Schlotterbeck a platform to develop into a domineering aerial presence.

The towering defender joined his current club, Freiburg, from fellow German side Karlsruher in 2017. Just two years after joining Freiburg, Schlotterbeck had earned his Bundesliga debut. Continuing his development last season, he opted to go on-loan to Union Berlin, where he played 17 games and scored twice along the way.

5. Nico Mantl (119 CA / 155 PA)

Team: RB Salzburg
Age: 21
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
119 CA / 155 PA
£3,900 p/w
Value: £8.8 million
Best Positions: GK
Best Attributes: 17 Jumping Reach, 15 Stamina, 15 Balance

Nico Mantl’s 119 CA and 155 PA put him on the verge of being a first-choice goalkeeper for most top sides, with the 21-year-old’s low wage and transfer value making him a top pick.

The ability of Mantl is undeniable. Sporting 14 reflexes, 14 one on ones, and 13 handling, he has fantastic base attributes, but his nine composure, ten concentration, and ten decisions need to develop significantly if he is to make it at the highest level of football. Along with his ability, Mantl’s physical attributes are very impressive, with his 17 jumping reach, 14 strength, and 15 balance all being key components to life as a goalkeeper.

Another product of the Unterhaching youth academy, Nico Mantl signed for his current club RB Salzburg in January 2021 for £1.8 million. Before his move last season, Mantl had made 18 appearances, keeping four clean sheets for German third-tier side Unterhaching. In Austria, however, he’s had to be patient, featuring just twice at the tail end of last season.

6. Florian Wirtz (142 CA / 150-180 PA)

Team: Bayer Leverkusen
Age: 18
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
142 CA / 150-180 PA
£41,000 p/w
Value:  £51 million
Best Positions: MC, AMC
Best Attributes: 16 technique, 15 Passing, 15 Dribbling

Florian Wirtz is one of the hottest properties in German football right now. The 18-year-old’s 142 CA shows his quality, while his -9 (150-180) PA reflects a star in the making.

The attacking midfielder’s 15 first touch, 15 dribbling, and 16 technique enable him to manoeuvre between even the tightest marking before utilising his 15 passing and 15 vision to pick out a teammate. Wirtz also possesses a great 14 work rate and 14 stamina, which provides a brilliant foundation to keep Wirtz covering every blade of grass.

Bundesliga side Bayer Leverkusen have high hopes for their enigmatic playmaker. Wirtz began his career in the academy of FC Köln before being snapped up by Leverkusen in 2020. He clearly impressed during his first six months with the club as last season he played 38 games, scoring eight goals and assisting eight more to earn a national team debut in September 2021.

7. Angelo Stiller (124 CA / 150 PA)

Team: Hoffenheim
Age: 20
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
124 CA / 150 PA
£12,800 p/w
Value: £7.2 million
Best Positions: DM, MC
Best Attributes: 15 First Touch, 15 Composure, 15 Determination

At 20-years-old, Angelo Stiller’s 124 CA and 150 PA showcases the class that this tenacious central midfielder possesses.

Stiller already holds several player traits, including Dictates Temp, Tries Long Range Passes, and Likes Ball Played into Feet, proving his determination to control the midfield for his team. When it comes to ability, his 14 technique, 14 vision, and 15 passing represent a keen eye for a pass, while his 14 work rate, 15 first touch, and 15 composure show his class on the ball.

Angelo Stiller grew up in the academy of Bayern Munich. Still, he left for regular football, joining fellow Bundesliga side Hoffenheim on a free transfer at the start of the current season. Last season, Stiller was a mainstay in Bayern Munich’s second team, playing 33 games in Germany’s third tier but did also make three appearances for the senior team.

All of the best young German wonderkids on FM22

In the table below, you’ll find all of the best young German wonderkids in FM22, sorted by their potential ability (PA).

Player PA (Range) CA Age Position Team Wage (p/w) Value
Youssoufa Moukoko 170-200 121 16 ST Borussia Dortmund £5,100 £35 million
Jamal Musiala 160-190 147 18 MC, AM (RLC) Bayern Munich £82,000 £47 million
Karim Adeyemi 160-190 134 19 AMR, ST RB Salzburg £7,000 £11.5 million
Nico Schlotterbeck 158 128 21 D (LC) SC Freiburg £3,300 £10.5 million
Nico Mantl 155 119 21 GK RB Salzburg £3,900 £8.8 million
Florian Wirtz 150-180 142 18 MC, AMC Bayer Leverkusen £41,000 £51 million
Angelo Stiller 150 124 20 DM, MC Hoffenheim £12,800 £7.2 million
Jan Boller 147 111 21 D (RC), WBR, DM, MR Linzer ASK £1,600 £850,000
Louis Beyer 145 126 21 D(RC), WBR Borussia Mönchengladbach £3,800 £650,000
Felix Agu 145 126 21 D (RL), WB (RL) Werder Bremen £7,700 £5.2 million
Luca Netz 140-170 123 18 DL, WBL, ML Borussia Mönchengladbach £32,800 £23 million
Josha Vagnoman 140-170 122 20 D (RL), WB (RL) Hamburger SV £6,500 £15.5 million
Nnamdi Collins 140-170 95 17 DC Borussia Dortmund £6,400 £60,000
Tom Bischof 140-170 85 16 MC, AMC Hoffenheim £55 £140,000
Ismail Jakobs 140 128 21 WBL, ML, AML AS Monaco £12,750 £5.6 million
Finn Becker 140 123 21 DM, MC, AMC FC St. Pauli £1,600 £275,000
Luca Kilian 140 120 21 DC Mainz 05 (on-loan to  Köln £3,300 £400,000
Nick Bätzner 140 116 21 M (RC), AMC KV Oostende £2,800 £5.8 million
Jean-Manuel Mbom 139 122 21 DR, DM, MC Werder Bremen £,2,100 £1.1 million
Jessic Ngankam 139 118 21 AM (RL), ST Hertha Berlin (on-loan to Greuther Fürth) £2,100 £4 million
Tobias Raschl 139 113 21 DM, MC, AMC Borussia Dortmund £4,000 £450,000
Lukas Mai 138 118 21 DC Bayern Munich (on-loan to Werder Bremen) £6,300 £400,000
Jonas David 138 115 21 DC, DM Hamburger SV £2,000 £120,000

If you’re looking for the next Müller or Beckenbauer in FM22, you’ll find them in the table above.

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