Football Manager 2023: Best Strikers in the Game

Are you looking for the most formidable finishers who can bag you 20 or more goals a season? Well you’re in the right place.

FM23-Best Strikers

This article examines the best strikers in FM23 based on their attributes, player traits, and cost. This is a list of elite strikers but there may be some wonderkids along the way. Don’t worry though – there will be nothing but the very best.

These forwards have been selected due to their above 155 current ability (CA) and can play the striker role.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a table containing all the best-rated strikers (ST) in FM23.

1. Kylian Mbappé (188 CA/197 PA)

Kylian Mbappé as seen in FM23

Team: Paris Saint-Germain
Age: 23
Current Ability / Potential Ability: 188 CA / 197 PA
Wage: £900,000 p/w
Value: Not for Sale
Best Positions: AM RL, ST
Best Attributes: 20 Acceleration, 20 Pace, 18 Dribbling

It comes as no real surprise that Kylian Mbappé is the best striker in FM23. The incredibly talented Frenchman has explosive pace, as can be seen in his 20 Pace and Acceleration, giving him the ability to fly past the opposition. His 18 Dribbling is also immense with player traits like Tries Tricks Often and Runs with Ball Often. Defenders will struggle to play against him and wonder just how to stop him.

The 23-year-old’s 18 Composure ensures he is clinical in front of the goal, especially when combined with his 17 Finishing. Mbappé is still yet to reach his 197 PA so is very likely to become unstoppable.

If you had last year’s edition of FM you’ll be aware that if you had the luxury of the funds, Mbappé could be picked up in a free transfer deal. In reality, the Frenchman was offered an eye-watering amount to remain at PSG which he duly accepted after rumours he could be tempted to move to Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Last season the PSG superstar made 46 appearances across all competitions with 26 assists and scoring an outstanding 39 goals. Internationally Mbappé has made 59 appearances for France finding the net on 28 occasions.

2. Robert Lewandowski (186 CA/190 PA)

Robert Lewandowski as seen in FM23

Team: FC Barcelona
Age: 33
Current Ability / Potential Ability: 186 CA / 190 PA
Wage: £300,000 p/w
Value: Not for Sale
Best Positions: ST
Best Attributes: 20 Penalty Taking, 20 Natural Fitness, 20 Determination

Another familiar name in European football’s elite Robert Lewandowski has been amongst the top strikers in the world for a fair while now. The Polish captain has an astounding 186 CA with amazing attributes to go with it. He has fantastic 19 Finishing, 17 Heading and 17 Composure making him a threat aerially as well as with the ball at his feet in front of the goal.

The Barcelona man has ice in his veins when it comes to a penalty shootout with 20 Penalty Taking. His 20 Natural Fitness ensures that he will always be prepared for games and will never lack in match fitness.

Lewandowski made a move from German juggernauts FC Bayern München to FC Barcelona this summer in a deal worth £39m. The 33-year-old joins Barça at a turbulent financial time for the club but had requested the move.

Last campaign for Lewandowski saw him make 46 appearances for FC Bayern scoring an astonishing 50 goals with seven assists. For the Polish national side, the striker has made 134 appearances and scored 76 goals making him their all-time top goal scorer.

3. Erling Haaland (185 CA/195 PA)

Erling Haaland as seen in FM23

Team: Manchester City
Age: 21
Current Ability / Potential Ability: 185 CA / 195 PA
Wage: £350,000 p/w
Value: Not for Sale
Best Positions: ST
Best Attributes: 20 Determination, 19 Pace, 19 Natural Fitness

Alf Inge Haaland son is making quite the stir across the world and is a striker who is sure to fill defenders’ hearts with dread when they see his name on the team sheet. Erling Haaland is an absolutely phenomenal striker who seems to have very little weakness in his game; this is reflected in his attributes.

His extraordinary 185 CA at 21-year-old is impressive in itself but his 20 Determination helps to guarantee that he will reach his 195 PA. Haaland is speedy and likes to beat the offside trap with his 19 Pace and 17 Acceleration. He is also potent with his back to goal with his 17 Strength.

The Norwegian is confident in front of the goal – this can be seen in his 18 Composure and 18 Finishing. He is a nightmare for defenders aerially too with 18 Jumping Reach and 15 Heading which can only improve as he heads towards that lofty 195 PA.

Haaland joined Manchester City from Borussia Dortmund in a transfer deal worth £51m and has carried his outstanding form with him into the Premier League. At the time of writing, the City striker has made 17 appearances for the Citizens and scored 23 goals providing his teammates with three assists.

Last season for Borussia Dortmund he made 30 appearances across all competitions and scored 29 goals adding 8 assists. For the Norwegian national side, he has made 23 appearances and scored an impressive 21 goals.

4. Mohamed Salah (185 CA/187 PA)

Mohamed Salah as seen in FM23

Team: Liverpool
Age: 30
Current Ability / Potential Ability: 185 CA / 187 PA
Wage: £350,000 p/w
Value: Not for Sale
Best Positions: AM RL, ST
Best Attributes: 18 Acceleration, 18 Pace, 18 Off The Ball

Liverpool’s lethal Egyptian is next on the list. Mo Salah was the joint league top scorer last season but has had a more quiet start in front of goal this campaign. Salah has some truly brilliant attributes. He is blessed with speed with 18 Acceleration and 18 Pace, and add to that his 18 Off The Ball.

You are sure to find Salah in dangerous areas looking to exploit defensive weaknesses or bursting into space to create an opportunity for his team or himself. The 30-year-old’s Technique, Dribbling, First Touch and Finishing all are at 17 which makes him frightening for opponents. With the ball at his feet, he is able to cause serious issues. He can also control the ball with ease before picking out a shot.

Salah is no stranger to the Premier League having played for Chelsea before making the move to Italy with AS Roma and then returning to England with Liverpool in a deal worth around £34.5m. He has never looked back since.

Last season saw Salah made 51 appearances for Liverpool on their way to a domestic cup double, scoring 31 goals and providing 16 assists. Salah is the captain of the Egyptian national side and has made, at the time of writing, 83 appearances scoring 45 goals.

5. Karim Benzema (185 CA/185 PA)

Karim Benzema as seen in FM23

Team: Real Madrid
Age: 34
Current Ability / Potential Ability: 185 CA / 185 PA
Wage: £275,000 p/w
Value: £49m-£147m
Best Positions: ST
Best Attributes: 20 Technique, 20 First Touch, 18 Passing

The Real Madrid captain and last season’s Ballon D’or winner Karim Benzema has some tremendous attributes, especially for a player in the latter stages of his career. Benzema’s 20 Technique and 20 First Touch make him cool and calm in possession with a fantastic ability to control the ball in tight situations.

The Frenchman also has the ability to pick out a pass with his 18 Passing and can read the game well with his 18 Vision especially given one of his player traits is Tries Killer Balls Often. He’s a useful player in the attacking third. His 18 Composure and 17 Finishing should work hand in hand to help him find the net with ease.

Benzema left Olympique Lyonnais for the Bernabeu in 2009 for a fee of £31m. He has made over 600 appearances for Madrid scoring 329 goals and has won a plethora of trophies during that time. Last season saw the 34-year-old striker win the coveted Ballon D’or trophy as well as UEFA’s Best Player in Europe award following his 46 appearances for Madrid and his 44 goals as well as 15 assists to cap off a fantastic season.

The Ballon D’or winner also helped the Spanish capital side lift the La Liga and Champions League trophies. For France, Benzema has at the time of writing played 97 games for the national side scoring 37 goals.

6. Harry Kane (183 CA/185 PA)

Harry Kane as seen in FM23

Team: Tottenham Hotspur
Age: 28
Current Ability / Potential Ability: 183 CA / 185 PA
Wage: £200,000 p/w
Value: Not For Sale
Best Positions: AMC, ST
Best Attributes: 20 Penalty Taking, 19 Finishing, 19 Determination

England Captain and Spurs vice-captain Harry Kane is world-renowned for his goalscoring prowess and his attributes in FM don’t disappoint in that regard. He is clinical from the spot with his 20 Penalty Taking something which England may rely on heading into this year’s World Cup in Qatar.

Other stand-out stats is his lethal 19 Finishing and 18 Composure which make him a constant threat in the final third. Kane also has 19 Determination which gives him the drive to succeed and will help him reach his full potential.

His player traits of Tries Long Range Passes as well as Tries Killer Balls Often will be massively boosted by both his 18 Passing and 18 Vision. In addition, Kane also has 18 Decisions so more often than not, he’s going to pick out the right man.

Kane is a Tottenham Hotspur academy graduate and has worked his way up through the ranks spending time out on loan with the likes of Leyton Orient, Millwall, Norwich City and Leicester City before breaking into the first team.

The England captain has made at the time of writing 408 appearances for Spurs scoring 261 goals and supplying 62 assists for his teammates. On the international stage, Kane has been capped for England on 75 occasions and has found the net 51 times for his country.

7. Antoine Griezmann (162 CA/180 PA)

Antoine Griezmann as seen in FM23

Team: Atlético De Madrid
Age: 31
Current Ability / Potential Ability: 162 CA / 180 PA
Wage: £230,000 p/w
Value: Not For Sale
Best Positions: AM RLC, ST
Best Attributes: 17 Flair, 17 Technique, 17 Determination

Antoine Griezmann is currently plying his trade for Atlético De Madrid returning after a brief spell with Barcelona, a move that saw him make a Lebron-esque decision video.

The Frenchman has some decent attributes at his disposal most notably his 16 Dribbling along with his 17 Flair so he has plenty of tricks to dazzle defenders. His 17 Technique means he has the ability to command control of the ball and is capable of a tricky pass or cross-field ball to really kickstart the attack.

Griezmann is a smart player who can read the game well but has a 17 Off The Ball which gives him an added ability to find space in dangerous positions to cause the opposition no end of headaches.

The 31-year-old has spent his career in Spain starting at Real Sociedad before joining Atlético Madrid. As mentioned before he controversially joined Barcelona for two seasons before returning to the capital initially in a loan deal that was made permanent.

Last season for Diego Simone’s side, he made 39 appearances across all competitions scoring just eight goals and creating seven for his teammates. For France, Griezmann has made an impressive 110 appearances scoring 42 goals during that time.

Below is a table with all of the Best Strikers in FM23.

Name Age CA PA Position Team Wage (P/W) Value
Kylian Mbappé 23 188 197 AM, RL, ST Paris Saint-Germain £900,000 Not for Sale
Robert Lewandowski 33 186 190 ST FC Barcelona £300,000 Not for Sale
Erling Haaland 21 185 195 ST Manchester City £350,000 Not for Sale
Mohamed Salah 30 185 187 AM, RL, ST Liverpool £350,000 Not for Sale
Karim Benzema 34 185 185 ST Real Madrid £275,000 £49m-£147m
Harry Kane 28 183 185 AM, FC Tottenham Hotspur £200,000 Not for Sale
Antoine Griezmann 31 162 180 AM, RLC, ST Atlético De Madrid £230,000 Not for Sale
Romelu Lukaku 29 162 176 ST Inter Milan (On Loan from Chelsea) £170,000 £65m-£194m
Gabriel Jesus 25 162 175 AM, RL, ST Arsenal £120,000 £122m-£366m
Lautaro Martínez 24 161 170 ST Inter Milan £185,000 £10m-£30m
Paulo Dybala 28 160 177 AM, RC, FC AS Roma £140,000 £8.6m-£26m
Ciro Immobile 32 160 165 ST Lazio £125,000 Not for Sale
Cristiano Ronaldo 37 158 196 ST Manchester United £475,000 £7.8m-£23m
Memphis Depay 28 158 161 AM, LC, ST FC Barcelona £160,000 £22m-£65m
Victor Osimhen 23 157 171 ST Napoli £96,000 £42m-£125m

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