Unlocking Success in Football Manager 2023: A Deep Dive into Coaching Badges

Unlock your team’s potential in Football Manager 2023 by mastering the game’s updated coaching badge system.

Coaching badges are essential for success in Football Manager 2023

Are you struggling to develop your players and achieve success in Football Manager 2023? The key to unlocking your team’s potential might lie in the game’s updated coaching badge system. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of coaching badges, the new “Elite” level, and how you can use this knowledge to climb the ranks and dominate the competition. Let’s get started!

TL;DR: Coaching Badges in Football Manager 2023

  • Updated coaching badge system with a new “Elite” level added to existing badges
  • Miles Jacobson emphasizes the importance of coaching badges in the game
  • 72% of players try to improve their coach’s qualifications, according to a survey
  • Higher coaching badges result in better player development and tactical acumen
  • Investing in your coaching staff is essential for long-term success in FM 2023

A Comprehensive Look at the Updated Coaching Badge System

In Football Manager 2023, the coaching badge system has been revamped to better reflect the real-life requirements and standards for coaches. In addition to the existing “National A,” “National B,” and “UEFA Pro” badges, a new “Elite” level has been introduced. This change aims to add depth and realism to the game, as coaching badges play a crucial role in the development of players and the success of a team.

The Impact of Coaching Badges on Player Development and Tactics

Coaching badges directly influence a coach’s ability to develop players and implement effective tactics. The higher the coaching badge, the better the coach will be at training and nurturing young talent. Additionally, coaches with higher badges will have a better understanding of advanced tactics and can effectively implement them in matches.

According to Miles Jacobson, the director of Football Manager, “the coaching badge system is an important part of the game, and we wanted to make sure that it accurately reflects the real-life requirements and standards for coaches at different levels.” This attention to detail ensures that the in-game experience is as close to reality as possible, providing players with an authentic football management experience.

Investing in Your Coaching Staff: The Key to Long-Term Success

It’s no secret that investing in your coaching staff is essential for long-term success in Football Manager 2023. In fact, a survey conducted by Sports Interactive revealed that 72% of players always try to improve their coach’s qualifications, highlighting the importance of coaching badges in the game.

By upgrading your coaching staff and ensuring they hold the highest possible coaching badges, you can unlock your team’s potential and stay ahead of the competition. From developing promising youngsters into world-class stars to outsmarting your rivals on the pitch with innovative tactics, a top-notch coaching staff is the backbone of any successful football club.

How to Upgrade Your Coaching Badges in Football Manager 2023

As a manager, you can request your board to enroll you in coaching courses to improve your qualifications. Keep in mind that these courses take time to complete and may impact your ability to manage day-to-day tasks. Nevertheless, the long-term benefits of upgrading your coaching badges far outweigh any temporary inconvenience.

Get ahead in Football Manager 2023 by earning coaching badges

Furthermore, when hiring new coaches, always consider their coaching badges alongside other essential attributes such as determination, level of discipline, and motivating ability.

A well-rounded coaching staff with high qualifications will significantly contribute to your club’s overall progress and development, so don’t hesitate to invest in their growth.

Coaching Badges and Real-Life Football

Football Manager’s dedication to replicating the real world of football management extends to its portrayal of coaching badges. In reality, coaching badges are a critical aspect of a coach’s career, determining their expertise and knowledge of the game. By mirroring this in Football Manager 2023, the game becomes a more immersive and authentic experience for players.

The “Elite” Coaching Badge: What Does It Mean for Your Club?

With the introduction of the “Elite” coaching badge in Football Manager 2023, the game now recognizes the very best coaches in the world. Managers and coaches who hold this prestigious qualification possess unrivaled knowledge and experience, allowing them to extract the maximum potential from their players and implement cutting-edge tactics.

Securing an “Elite” level coach for your club can be a game-changer, giving you a significant edge over your competition. However, keep in mind that these top-tier coaches will likely demand higher wages and may be harder to attract, especially if your club isn’t already at the pinnacle of the football world.

How to Prioritize Coaching Badge Levels for Different Coaching Roles

Not all coaching roles require the same level of expertise. To maximize your coaching staff’s efficiency, it’s essential to prioritize coaching badge levels for different roles within your team. Here are some suggestions on how to allocate coaching badge levels for various roles:

Goalkeeper Coaches

Goalkeeper coaches should ideally possess a high level of coaching badges, as they are responsible for the development of your goalkeepers. While you may not need an “Elite” level coach for this role, a “UEFA Pro” or “National A” badge will ensure your goalkeepers receive top-notch training.

Fitness Coaches

Fitness coaches play a crucial role in maintaining your players’ physical condition, preventing injuries, and improving their overall fitness levels. A coach with a “National A” or higher badge level is recommended for this role, as they will have a deeper understanding of sports science and player conditioning.

Attacking and Defensive Coaches

Attacking and defensive coaches are responsible for developing your players’ offensive and defensive abilities, respectively. Since these aspects of the game directly impact your team’s performance, it’s essential to hire coaches with a “UEFA Pro” or “Elite” level badge for these roles.

Head of Youth Development

The Head of Youth Development oversees your club’s youth academy, nurturing young talent and ensuring they progress through the ranks. Given the importance of this role, it’s recommended to hire someone with a “UEFA Pro” or “Elite” level coaching badge to maximize the potential of your future stars.

The Importance of Other Coaching Attributes

While coaching badges are a significant factor in determining a coach’s expertise, it’s essential not to overlook other coaching attributes. The combination of badge level and specific coaching attributes will determine a coach’s overall effectiveness in Football Manager 2023. Some of the crucial coaching attributes to consider are:


A coach with high determination will be more committed to their role and work harder to improve players’ abilities. This attribute is especially important for youth coaches, as they need to be persistent in developing young talent.

Level of Discipline

Coaches with a high level of discipline can enforce strict training regimes, ensuring that players maintain their focus and work ethic. This attribute is particularly relevant for fitness coaches, as they must keep players in peak physical condition.

Motivating Ability

A coach’s ability to motivate players can have a significant impact on their development and performance. Highly motivated players are more likely to improve their skills and perform well in matches, making this attribute critical for all coaching roles.

Tactical Knowledge

Tactical knowledge is a crucial attribute for coaches responsible for implementing your team’s tactics, such as attacking and defensive coaches. A higher tactical knowledge rating will allow a coach to better understand and teach advanced tactical concepts to your players.


Coaching badges play a pivotal role in Football Manager 2023, impacting player development, tactical acumen, and your team’s overall success. By investing in your coaching staff, upgrading your qualifications, and targeting top-level coaches, you can unlock your club’s true potential and dominate the footballing world. Remember, a strong foundation starts with a well-qualified coaching staff, so make this aspect of your game a priority.


What are the coaching badge levels in Football Manager 2023?
The levels include “National B,” “National A,” “UEFA Pro,” and the new “Elite” badge.

How do coaching badges affect player development?
Coaches with higher badge levels are better at training and nurturing young talent, resulting in improved player development.

Do coaching badges impact tactics in Football Manager 2023?
Yes, coaches with higher badges have a better understanding of advanced tactics and can effectively implement them in matches.

How can I improve my coaching badges in Football Manager 2023?
Request your board to enroll you in coaching courses to upgrade your qualifications. Keep in mind that courses take time to complete.

What should I consider when hiring new coaches?
Look for coaches with high-level coaching badges and essential attributes like determination, level of discipline, and motivating ability.


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