Master the Mic Football Manager 2023 Press Conferences and Media Guide

Want to be a pro at press conferences and media interactions in Football Manager 2023? Our in-depth guide has insider tips to master the mic!

Take your team to the top with our Football Manager 2023 press conferences and media guide

Ever wished you could handle press conferences and media interactions in Football Manager like a pro? You’re in luck! Our in-depth guide to Football Manager 2023 press conferences and media interactions will help you become the master of the mic and make your virtual managerial career even more immersive.


  • Discover the improved press conference system in Football Manager 2023
  • Learn the art of managing media interactions effectively
  • Get insider tips on how to handle tough questions and maintain a strong public image

The Enhanced Press Conference Experience in FM23

Fact: Football Manager 2023 will feature an improved press conference system, allowing managers to interact with the media in a more realistic and engaging way. As Miles Jacobson, Studio Director at Sports Interactive, explains, “Press conferences are an important part of a manager’s job, and we wanted to make sure that the experience in Football Manager 2023 was as authentic as possible.

With 70% of Football Manager players enjoying the press conference feature and finding it to be a realistic representation of real-life experience, it’s evident that this aspect of the game is crucial for immersion.

Tips for Handling Press Conferences Like a Pro

Managing media interactions effectively can be the key to maintaining a positive public image and keeping your players motivated. Here are some tips to help you handle press conferences like a seasoned pro:

  • Be honest but diplomatic when answering questions
  • Stay consistent with your answers and messaging
  • Keep your emotions in check and stay composed
  • Use humor and wit to diffuse tense situations

Managing Media Relations: Building a Positive Image

Effective media management goes beyond press conferences. Cultivating positive relationships with journalists, providing insightful interviews, and sharing exclusive stories can boost your club’s profile and keep fans engaged. Remember, a good public image can translate into increased fan support and better player morale.

Master the art of Football Manager 2023 press conferences and media with our expert guide!

Jack Miller’s Insider Tips and Tricks

As an experienced gaming journalist and Football Manager enthusiast, I’ve picked up a few tricks to navigate the treacherous waters of press conferences and media interactions. Here are some of my personal insights and secret tips:

  • Use the pre-match analysis to prepare for potential questions about tactics and opposition.
  • Pay attention to the tone of the journalist’s questions – it can provide hints on how to respond.
  • When facing controversial questions, try to give a balanced answer that avoids fueling speculation.

Conclusion: Embrace the Art of Media Management

By following our Football Manager 2023 press conferences and media guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of the mic. Embrace the challenges and rewards of media management, and watch your managerial career reach new heights!


  1. Q: How do I access press conferences in Football Manager 2023?
    A: Press conferences are automatically scheduled as part of your in-game calendar. You’ll receive notifications when they are approaching, and you can participate by clicking on the relevant event.
  2. Q: Can I skip press conferences if I don’t enjoy them?
    A: Yes, you can delegate press conferences to your assistant manager. However, doing so might result in less control over your club’s public image and potential media miscommunications.
  3. Q: How do press conferences affect my players’ morale?
    A: Your responses during press conferences can influence your players’ morale, either positively or negatively. Praising a player’s performance or defending them in the media can boost their confidence, while criticizing them might harm their morale.
  4. Q: Can media interactions have an impact on transfer negotiations?
    A: Yes, your comments about potential transfer targets or outgoing players can impact negotiations. Expressing interest in a player might make the selling club more demanding, while publicly stating a player is not for sale can discourage other clubs from bidding.
  5. Q: What are some consequences of poor media management?
    A: Poor media management can lead to damaged relationships with journalists, negative public perception, decreased fan support, and lower player morale. It’s essential to strike a balance between honesty and diplomacy when dealing with the media.

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