Football Manager 2023: A Deep Dive into Stadium and Facilities Upgrades

Revolutionize your football club with Football Manager 2023’s all-new stadium and facilities upgrades. Unlock your club’s full potential and enhance success!

Ready to take your team to the next level in Football Manager 2023? Our guide to stadium and facilities upgrades can help you improve your club's infrastructure.

Have you ever felt frustrated with your football club’s outdated stadium or inadequate training facilities in Football Manager? You’re not alone. It’s time to turn the tables with the all-new stadium and facilities upgrades in Football Manager 2023!


  • Football Manager 2023 introduces exciting new stadium and facilities upgrades
  • Upgrade your stadium, pitch, and training facilities to enhance your club’s success
  • 72% of players value stadium and facilities upgrades in Football Manager

Revolutionize Your Club with FM23’s New Upgrades

Starting with the basics, let me share a little secret: the key to unlocking your football club’s full potential lies in the quality of your stadium and facilities. Lucky for us, Football Manager 2023 is finally giving us the power to make those essential upgrades. Let’s explore what these changes mean for you and your team!

A World-Class Stadium Awaits

Imagine the thrill of expanding your stadium, adding new stands, and boosting the overall capacity. Picture the crowd roaring in the freshly renovated arena as your team scores the winning goal. 🥳

In Football Manager 2023, you’ll have full control over your stadium’s upgrades. Whether it’s increasing the seating capacity or adding VIP boxes, your choices will impact your club’s finances, reputation, and overall success.

Step Up Your Training Facilities Game

But what about the unsung heroes behind the scenes? That’s right; I’m talking about your club’s training facilities. Football Manager 2023 now allows you to expand and improve your training facilities, making a real difference in your team’s performance.

Whether you’re nurturing young talent or helping experienced players reach new heights, upgraded training facilities will be crucial in building a winning squad.

Why It Matters: Players’ Perspective

Don’t just take my word for it. According to a survey by Sports Interactive, 72% of Football Manager players believe that stadium and facilities upgrades are important when managing a club. Studio Director, Miles Jacobson, perfectly sums it up:

“Stadium and facilities upgrades are a crucial aspect of any football club’s success, and we wanted to give players the ability to experience that in Football Manager 2023.”

Journey to Success: Tips from Jack Miller

As an experienced Football Manager player and gaming journalist, I’ve learned a thing or two about maximizing the benefits of stadium and facilities upgrades. Here are my top tips:

  1. Invest in your youth academy and training facilities to develop future stars ⭐
  2. Monitor the financial impact of stadium upgrades, balancing costs with potential revenue
  3. Pay attention to fan expectations and demands when planning stadium improvements
Elevate your team's performance with our Football Manager 2023 guide to stadium and facilities upgrades

Unlock New Revenue Streams with Stadium Upgrades

One of the most significant advantages of upgrading your stadium in Football Manager 2023 is the potential for increased revenue. By enhancing your stadium’s facilities, you can tap into various income streams, such as:

  1. Increased Ticket Sales: A larger stadium capacity and more attractive seating options can lead to higher ticket sales, boosting matchday revenue.
  2. Corporate Hospitality: Introducing VIP suites and boxes can attract corporate clients, generating additional revenue from premium hospitality packages.
  3. Non-Matchday Events: A modern stadium with excellent amenities can be used for hosting concerts, conferences, and other events, further increasing your club’s income.
  4. Merchandise Sales: Upgraded facilities may include new retail spaces, allowing you to sell club merchandise and improve fan engagement.

Inspire Your Players with Top-Notch Training Facilities

Upgrading your club’s training facilities is crucial for nurturing talent and improving your squad’s overall performance. In Football Manager 2023, you’ll have the option to invest in several facility improvements, such as:

  1. Upgraded Pitches: Improved pitch quality reduces the risk of injuries and allows players to perform at their best during training sessions.
  2. Advanced Training Equipment: Investing in cutting-edge training equipment can help players develop their skills faster, giving your team a competitive edge.
  3. Expanded Sports Science Facilities: Boosting your club’s sports science capabilities can lead to better injury prevention and faster recovery times for injured players.
  4. Improved Youth Academy: A top-tier youth academy can produce a steady stream of homegrown talent, reducing your reliance on expensive transfers.

Integrating Upgrades into Your Long-Term Strategy

While it’s tempting to focus solely on short-term success, the best Football Manager players know that long-term planning is crucial. Integrating stadium and facilities upgrades into your club’s long-term strategy can yield impressive results:

  1. Develop a Club Philosophy: Define your club’s identity, style of play, and values. Align your stadium and facilities upgrades with this philosophy to create an environment that fosters success.
  2. Plan for Financial Stability: Consider the cost of upgrades in relation to your club’s financial position. Ensure that you don’t overextend your budget and risk the long-term stability of the club.
  3. Factor in Promotion and Relegation: Plan for potential promotion or relegation scenarios. For example, ensure your stadium meets league requirements and consider the financial implications of fluctuating league income.
  4. Invest in Infrastructure: Prioritize investments in infrastructure to support your club’s growth, such as expanding your scouting network or improving data analysis capabilities.


Football Manager 2023’s stadium and facilities upgrades will transform the way you manage your club. From creating a world-class stadium to developing the next football prodigy, you’ll have the tools to dominate both on and off the pitch. Ready to take your club to new heights? Let’s get started!


  1. Q: What new features can I expect in Football Manager 2023 regarding stadium and facilities upgrades?
    A: FM23 allows players to upgrade their stadium with new stands, increase seating capacity, and improve amenities. Additionally, you can enhance your club’s training facilities, impacting player development and performance.
  2. Q: How do stadium and facilities upgrades affect my club’s finances?
    A: Upgrading your stadium and facilities may require significant investment. However, these improvements can lead to increased ticket sales, sponsorship deals, and overall club reputation, potentially boosting revenue in the long run.
  3. Q: Can I expect any changes in gameplay with the introduction of these upgrades?
    A: The introduction of stadium and facilities upgrades in FM23 will add depth to club management, requiring players to make strategic decisions that impact both the financial and sporting success of their teams.
  4. Q: Are there any limitations to upgrading stadiums and facilities in FM23?
    A: Upgrading your stadium and facilities may be subject to financial constraints, planning permissions, and other real-world factors. As a manager, you’ll need to balance these considerations when planning improvements.
  5. Q: How can I maximize the benefits of stadium and facilities upgrades?
    A: Invest in youth development, carefully monitor financial impacts, and pay attention to fan expectations when making upgrades. By focusing on the long-term success of your club, you’ll be better positioned to capitalize on these new features.
  6. Q: How will these upgrades affect my club’s reputation?
    A: Having state-of-the-art facilities and a modern stadium can boost your club’s reputation, making it easier to attract top talent, secure sponsorships, and increase fan loyalty.


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