Football Manager 2022: Best Assistant Managers

We have all the best assistant managers in FM22 right here.

Football Manager 2022: Best Assistant Managers

The right-hand man to any manager is the assistant manager. Their role is vital for a team as they share the manager’s workload, from offering a different perspective to taking training sessions or advising players on tactics.

They’re just as important in FM22, and you’ll need a great one by your side. So here, we’ve got all of the best assistant managers in the game.

Choosing the best assistant managers in FM22

The assistant managers appearing in this list all have a high current ability (CA), with the minimum being 150 CA and at least an 18 job role rating as an assistant manager.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a full list of all of the best assistant managers in FM22.

1. Hermann Gerland (170 CA / 174 PA)

Football Manager 2022 best assistant manager Hermann Gerland

Team: Free Agent
Age: 67
Best Staff Role: Assistant Manager
Best Attributes: 20 Working with Youngsters, 19 Judging Player Potential

Hermann Gerland has a three-star reputation in FM22, and the highest CA of any assistant manager. His 20 working with youngsters and 19 judging player potential are just a couple of his impressive attributes.

The three attributes mainly leant on by assistant managers are a few of Gerland’s best, possessing 16 people management, 16 judging player ability, and 19 judging player potential. Assistant managers will often take training sessions, making use of Gerland’s 18 fitness, 18 level of discipline, and 17 motivating.

A free agent at the start of FM22, Gerland’s most recent role was with the Germany under-21s. He began coaching with VfL Bochum after a long playing career with the club, working his way up to manager. Next, he left for Nurnberg, spending two years there before moving on to Bayern Munich’s youth set-up.

2. Rui Faria (170 CA / 170 PA)       

Football Manager 2022 best assistant manager Rui Faria

Team: Free Agent
Age: 46
Best Staff Role: Assistant Manager
Best Attributes: 20 Level of Discipline, 18 Fitness

Possessing a four-and-a-half-star reputation, Rui Faria comes in at number two on our featured seven, armed with 20 level of discipline and 18 fitness.

Another free agent begging to be signed, Faria’s equipped with 18 fitness and 18 mental attributes – making him a great fitness and possession coach in training sessions. He also boasts 17 motivating and 16 determination to counter-balance his lacklustre ten judging player ability and 13 judging player potential.

Starting his career as a fitness coach with Leiria before joining FC Porto, where he formed a good relationship with José Mourinho, the pair left together for Chelsea in 2004. Faria followed Mourinho to Inter Milan in 2008, added Real Madrid to his CV in 2010. Later, he had a spell as Manchester United’s assistant manager and then tried his hand at management with Al-Duhail.

3. Brian Kidd (168 CA / 168 PA)      

Football Manager 2022 best assistant manager Brian Kidd

Team: Free Agent
Age: 72
Best Staff Role: Assistant Manager
Best Attributes: 18 Judging Player Potential, 16 Mental

Possessing a two-and-a-half-star reputation, Brian Kidd is equipped with 18 judging player potential and 16 mental, amongst his great coaching attributes.

More than adept as an assistant manager, Kidd sports 15 people management, 15 judging player ability, and 18 judging player potential. The veteran is a great coach to have on the training ground as well, boasting 15 attacking, 16 defending, 14 tactical, and 15 technical.

Having enjoyed a 20-year playing career, Kidd was appointed Barrow manager in 1984, but in the space of two years, he’d left for Swindon and then Preston. He later joined Manchester United, quickly rising to assistant manager and most recently found himself in the employ of Manchester City, where he stayed until 2021.

4. Peter Hermann (165 CA / 165 PA)

Football Manager 2022 best assistant manager Peter Hermann

Team: Free Agent
Age: 69
Best Staff Role: Assistant Manager
Best Attributes: 18 Judging Player Ability, 20 Judging Player Potential

Free agent Peter Hermann weighs in at fourth, also possessing a two-and-a-half-star reputation and an incredible 18 judging player ability and 20 judging player potential.

Hermann fits the bill in terms of being an assistant manager with his 18 judging player ability and 20 judging player potential next to perfect for the role. Another assistant manager who can take a key role on the training field with 17 tactical and 17 mental attributes, he makes for a very effective possession-tactical coach.

Hermann has spent his entire career in Germany; his first appointment was with Bundesliga side Bayer Leverkusen, where he spent 19 years as assistant manager. He’s also enjoyed spells with Bayern Munich, Schalke 04, Hamburger, Düsseldorf, and Bayern Munich, circling back to Bayer Leverkusen in 2021.

5. Hans-Dieter Flick (165 CA / 175 PA)

Football Manager 2022 best assistant manager Hans-Dieter Flick

Team: Free Agent
Age: 55
Best Staff Role: Assistant Manager
Best Attributes: 18 Judging Player Ability, 17 People Management

A well-known name due to his recent performances in the Bayern Munich hot seat, Hans-Dieter Flick has a three-and-a-half-star reputation in FM22, and fantastic 18 judging player ability and 17 people management attributes.

With his lowest attribute for the assistant manager role being his 15 judging player potential, you can find far worse than Flick in the football world. Flick’s 17 tactical and 16 tactical knowledge attributes highlight his astute mind; he can also rally the team with 17 motivating and 17 people management ratings.

Flick spent fours years at the helm of Bammental, where his performances caught the eye of Hoffenheim. Five years later, and after a brief stint with RB Salzburg, he joined up with the German national team before coming to Bayern Munich in 2019 – following a short stop as Hoffenheim’s sporting director.

6. Peter Krawietz (165 CA / 165 PA)

Football Manager 2022 best assistant manager Peter Krawietz

Team: Liverpool
Age: 49
£35,000 p/w
Best Staff Role: Assistant Manager
Best Attributes: 17 Level of Discipline, 16 Judging Player Ability

One of the younger members on this list at 49-years-old, Peter Krawietz has a three-and-a-half-star reputation and a good knowledge of Europe. He’s also got 17 level discipline and 16 judging player ability in his arsenal.

A jack of all trades on the training ground, Krawietz’s versatile attributes consist of 15 attacking, 15 defending, 15 fitness, 15 mental, and 16 tactical, making him excellent at spreading the workload of your other coaches. He’s a man of discipline with 17 level of discipline, keeping your squad in check and focused.

Currently a coach under Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, he began his career as the chief scout at Mainz 05 in Germany. He must’ve made an impression on his current manager because he brought Krawietz with him to Borussia Dortmund in 2008, and then to Anfield.

7. Jesús Solana (159 CA / 160 PA)

Football Manager 2022 best assistant manager Jesús Solana

Team: Real Madrid
Age: 56
£8,700 p/w
Best Staff Role: Scout
Best Attributes: 17 Judging Player Ability, 17 Judging Player Potential

A decent assistant manager, Jesús Solana can also operate as a scout – boasting 17 judging player ability and 17 judging player potential –with a three-and-a-half-star reputation in his back pocket.

You’ll always get a great valuation of your players with Solana at your side. His exceptional 17 determination can only improve his ability to judge players. The Spaniard is a fan of a fluid counter-attacking style in 4-2-3-1 sides – implementing this tactic will benefit from his 16 tactical knowledge.

Having had a successful playing career at Real Madrid and Zaragoza, Solana joined the latter and became Zaragoza B’s manager. He spent 14 years in-and-out of the club, taking various roles before signing for Real Madrid as a scout in 2015.

All of the best assistant managers on FM22

Below you’ll find all of the best assistant managers in FM22, sorted by their current ability ratings.

Assistant ManagerCAPAPeople ManagementJudging Player AbilityJudging Player PotentialTeamWage (p/w)
Hermann Gerland170174161619Free AgentN/A
Rui Faria170170141013Free AgentN/A
Brian Kidd168168151518Free AgentN/A
Peter Hermann165165141820Free AgentN/A
Hans-Dieter Flick165175171815Free AgentN/A
Peter Krawietz165165151615Liverpool£35,000
Jesús Solana159160141717Real Madrid£8,700
Mauro Biancardini158170121616Zebre£18,300
Santi Aragón158165171717Real Madrid£11,200
Angelo Peruzzi156168161414Free AgentN/A
Raúl Valbuena156165101612Real Madrid£11,800
Víctor Mañas155160171415Villarreal£4,000
Albert Capellas155160161515Barcelona B£1.900
Alfred Schreuder155165151615Barcelona£7,800
Seppo Eichkorn153155151211Schalke 04£2,500
Sidnei Lobo153174131818Al-Nassr FC£1,400
Michael Lindeman152155121413Antalyaspor£3,100
Les Reed15016561717Wrexham£2,000
Steve Holland150150141515Free AgentN/A
Joan Barbarà150160141516Barcelona£1,900
Colin Pascoe150155121310Free AgentN/A
Pablo Villa150155151114Villarreal£5,600
Carles Planchart15015091713Manchester City£3,500
Rui Pedro Silva150156131716Free AgentN/A
Zsolt Lőw150160141413Chelsea£30,000
Nelson Vivas150155181415Atlético Madrid£22,000

If you need a new right-hand man in FM22, you’ll find the best assistant managers in the table above.

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