Franco Acosta FIFA 23

Across the board, Franco Acosta's FIFA 23 ratings indicate that he is a fast, muscular forward who can create havoc for opposing defenses with his dribbling.

Franco Acosta in FIFA 23 Complete Guide

This article is about the great forward who won everyone’s hearts at a young age. Here is more on Franco Acosta, the soccer world’s next great thing.

Franco Acosta career overview

Franco Acosta Machado was an Urugyuan forward who formerly played for Villarreal. It was obvious that Franco was going to be the next big thing in soccer. Unfortunately, Acosta died in 2021 at 25-years-old from drowning..

However, due to EA, he lives on in the virtual world of FIFA, where players can still enjoy his skills and draft him into their teams.

Franco Acosta player card

At the time of writing this, Acosta’s total rating on his player card in the latest installment of the EA Sports FIFA franchise is 78 OVR.

In particular, Acosta’s speed stands out; he has a rating of 83 in acceleration and 82 in sprint speed. It also makes him a dangerous player to have on the counterattack, as his speed will be able to outrun the opposition’s defense. His dribbling is particularly remarkable, as he has a 78 agility rating and a 75 ball control rating.

The accuracy of Acosta’s shooting needs a bit of work. In spite of this, his finishing rating is only 66, and his shot power of 50 and long shot rating of 54 are less than stellar. This indicates he may have difficulty finishing opportunities in front of the goal. His passing is likewise unconvincing, with a short passing rating of 64 and a long passing rating of 38.

Franco Acosta is beyond what you think

Acosta has been given a 71 on the potential scale. This suggests that he can develop into an elite forward.

For a player of his age and potential, his current rating of 65 may appear low. Just to offer a glimpse, his last encounter was in 2019, and despite this, his ratings are still quite high.

Bottom line

Across the board, Franco Acosta’s FIFA 23 ratings indicate that he is a fast, muscular forward who can create havoc for opposing defenses with his dribbling. Nonetheless, his effectiveness in front of goal may be limited by his lack of clinical finishing and subpar passing abilities. He has the potential to raise his rating, but for now, it’s not high enough for most online teams to warrant including him.

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