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Looking to get free Robux on Roblox? While there are no guaranteed ways to get them for free, there are legitimate ways to earn them, such as creating your own game, using Microsoft Rewards, and entering giveaways.

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There is a large community of avid gamers on Roblox who enjoy its user-oriented approach, mainly the ability to create games for other users. Hence, many players are looking for ways to leave an impression on virtual friends with the game character representing their personality.

There are different ways to stand out with upgrades to your avatar with a t-shirt, hat, accessories, and even weapons. Typically, it costs Robux to get these Roblox items, which means spending real-life money, but a lot are also gifted for free by the developers. What about getting the in-game currency for free?

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How to get Robux for free

Note that there are no ways to get free Robux and any sites promising such are scams that only want to get your personal information. Roblox frowns at so-called Robux generators and will suspend any accounts found engaging with them.

Nevertheless, below are some ways you can earn your Robux by working for them on Roblox.

Create a Roblox Game

Making an entire game in Roblox is a difficult task that can also be a lot of fun as it teaches you skills that could be useful to you later.

An obby (obstacle course) or a simulator are the easiest games to create, and you will need to include certain items or abilities for players to purchase for Robux. You will also make Robux whenever a Roblox Premium player plays your game for a period of time.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft can get players Robux when they sign up for activities, which can earn them points if completed. These include signing up for various Microsoft programs or playing games to get bonus points when they complete a daily set of tasks each day in a row.

You will need to accumulate 1,500 points to grab the Roblox Digital Code that you can redeem for 100 Robux. Note that you can rack up an impressive amount of Robux if you do this on a daily basis.

Enter Giveaways

Twitter is a safe way to enter a Robux giveaway as long as the person doing the giveaway isn’t a scammer. Search for “Robux Giveaways” on Twitter and you should find a lot so all you just need to do is like, retweet, and follow the account to enter.

It doesn’t take a lot of time and remember to avoid anyone who asks for your Roblox login details.


The craving for Robux is very great on Roblox, so it’s important to know legitimate methods of obtaining them and which ones should be avoided. Consider any of the steps provided above to build your Robux reserve.

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