Gardenia Prologue: Complete Controls Guide for PS5, PS4, and Gameplay Tips

Here is your complete controls guide and tips for the free game Gardenia: Prologue.

Gardenia: Prologue is a free game on the PlayStation Store that, as its name suggests, serves as the prologue to the full Gardenia game – yet to be released on PlayStation.

In Gardenia proper, you must clear out polluted areas and restore them to their pristine setting, as well as improving areas aesthetically with various crafted items. In Prologue, only one area needs clearing, but you can still harvest materials and craft items throughout your days.

Below, you will find complete controls for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Gameplay tips will follow. There will be separate guides on obtaining some key items and crafting.

Gameplay controls for Gardenia: Prologue (PS5 and PS4)

  • Move: L
  • Rotate Camera: R
  • Sprint: L2
  • Jump: X
  • Multi-Jump: X (in midair)
  • Fly: X (hold in midair)
  • Crouch: Circle
  • Fly Down: Circle (hold in midair)
  • Use Selected Item: Square
  • Throw Selected Item: Triangle
  • Pick Up Highlighted Item: Square
  • Change Items: L1 and R1
  • Open Inventory: R3
  • Camera for Photos: L3
  • Menu: Options

Note that the left and right analog sticks are denoted as L and R, respectively. L3 and R3 represent the actions when pushing down on each stick.

Before jumping in and whacking away with your stick, read the below tips to maximize your time while playing Gardenia: Prologue.

Understanding the day and night mechanic in Gardenia: Prologue

A random item for ten coins! Notice the bars to the right?

As you begin, you will be asked if you would like to play the tutorial, always recommended. If you want to bypass the tutorial, simply enter the hot air balloon by pressing Square.

In Prologue, your day always begins in the early morning and ends at night. The amount of sunlight also follows this pattern. You will know how much time is left by looking at the orange sun meter on the bottom right. The lower the bar, the closer it is to the end of your day.

The green bar doesn’t diminish in Prologue, but in Gardenia proper, it is an indication of the cleanliness level of the area.

Utilizing your items with Square (primary action) depletes the bar quicker than just walking around. Using a stick or axe to harvest items tires you out quicker than just walking around, which makes sense. Basically, the orange meter is akin to your stamina meter, with no way to replenish it during the day. Once your bar runs out, you cannot smash resources nor collect them, but don’t fret as the materials will remain in the same place.

The only way to refill the meter is to head to your little house on a hill above Mr. C and over a stone bridge, across from Moxie’s house in the distance. Approach the house and hit Square to sleep. It is recommended to do this only after you are unable to perform any more actions.

When you sleep, you will be presented with your Day Summary. It will include how many mushrooms you found, how man seedlings you planted, and how many recipes you found, among others.

Starting the initial mission in Gardenia: Prologue

Once you make it to the start of the actual prologue, you should go up to the odd orange creature directly in front of you. Speak to Mr. C to be given a mission to beautify a beach and return to him with the materials. The beach is straight ahead from Mr. C to the opposite end of from where the balloon is resting.

At the beach, you will notice it has toxic smoke coming from the discarded items there. Collect them, and once you do, you’ll notice the plants suddenly spring to life. Return to Mr. C with the items.

Along the way, you may encounter Moxie walking along the path. Speak to her to gain a simple yet important mission that will be expanded upon elsewhere.

Once you beautify the beach and speak to Mr. C, you really can do whatever you want for the remaining days. How you use your time is up to you.

However, read below for tips on how to complete the next mission he gives you.

Locating the eight mushrooms in Gardenia: Prologue

The polluted beach that needs clearing.

Mr. C then tasks you with retrieving alien artifacts for him. The only issues is that they’re at the highest point in the game: a floating island! He informs you to find two types of magic mushrooms to reach that point: blue and black mushrooms.

Blue mushrooms allow you to multi-jump in midair (using X), allowing you to reach higher points. The more mushrooms, the more jumps you can perform. There are five blue mushrooms in the game, allowing for a total of six jumps. The location for each are:

  • On the immediate hill to the right from Mr. C’s research area, tucked behind a thicket of trees.
  • Behind Moxie’s house, on top of a stone platform on the lower level of land.
  • On the stone platform high above your house.
  • In a cave just past Zorky’s statue.
  • On the lowest flying island.

Black mushrooms allow you to “fly,” which basically is just a long glide (holding X in midair). There are three black mushrooms in the game, all on three of the four non-floating islands. The location for each are:

  • The separate island with the windmill, tucked behind some rocks.
  • The isolated sandy island to the left of your house.
  • The island to the left of the large floating rock behind the beautified beach.

Note that for quick transfer back to the mainland from any of the non-floating islands, simply jump into the water. You will be immediately transported to the nearest shoreline.

You will need to collect a few blue mushrooms and at least one black mushroom to reach the more distant ones. Once you have all eight, proceed up the floating islands.

On the second-to-last island, jump onto the rock nearest the highest island. Aim yourself at an angle to the island, then begin your multi-jump, holding X as soon as you hit your last one. If done right, you will fly into the side of the island and glide up and over the side. You may get caught and able to jump over, but it may take a few tries. Try floating down to the immediate island for a retry.

Grab the relics, which end up being a teleportation set. Mr. C will reward you with the flag and items to initiate the teleportation. Simply plant the flag and use one of the bottles to be teleported to the flag. It might be best to plant it next to your house so you can immediately teleport home when your day is complete.

Finding the five gnomes in Gardenia: Prologue

Gnomes rule!

You may come across one of five unique gnome statues while traversing through Prologue. You will receive a mission to collect all five and place them near your hut once you nab the first gnome.

The five gnomes are John, Tim, Sid, David, and Quentin. The location for each is as follows:

  • John is located on a small ledge a little past Zorky’s statue and next to the crafting table, to the right of the large stone cliffside. He is playing the guitar.
  • Sid is located across from your hut and the stone bridge on an elevated hillside. He is skateboarding.
  • Tim is located on the lima bean shaped floating island. He is holding a bottle.
  • David is located on a ledge along the large stone cliffside behind your house. He is the only gnome laying down.
  • Quentin is located on a stone ledge behind Moxie’s house. He is holding a gun.

Place the five gnomes in front of your house to complete the mission. All you get are some nice garden decorations.

There you go, everything you need to begin your journey in Gardenia: Prologue. Now go and smash some snail shells and harvest some materials!

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